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Just between us (Joint Post between Kit & DRew

Posted on Sat Oct 12th, 2019 @ 4:44pm by Katherine Rankin
Edited on on Sun Nov 10th, 2019 @ 4:17pm

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Stairwell of Crocket Hall
Timeline: 09/09/2018 2230ish

Kit really wasn't the most outspoken kind of person given the way her father had always treated her mother and siblings, especially her twin it was understandable. She had never been comfortable with confrontations, but she hadn't gone far, just down the first half flight of steps where she sat down, trying to figure out how to deal with White Lily's overt nastiness. When the door up above opened a few minutes later, she smothered a cry of dismay, looking up to see that it was just Drew. Kit blinked, "Drew? Is the meeting over?" She asked nervously since she had hoped to have some more time to think before the others started making their way back down.

"For me, it is, I saw you leaving and knew you were upset," he replied as he sat down beside her, "she's kind of a bitch isn't she?"

Kit smiled a little, then leaned her head so it rested on his shoulder for a moment, “What would I ever do without you?” She murmured quietly. Not being the type to call people things like assholes or bitches, all she said was, “She really is a horrible person isn’t she?” It occurred to Kit then that Lily was far too like their father though she would never bring that up to Drew, not after all he’d endured at their father’s hands growing up.

“I don’t know if she’s trying to be, or she’s just naturally good at it. But yeah, she is. She might mean well, but she just has to be in control. It’s like a power trip to her.”

“I just don’t get why people have to try tearing down others to make themselves seem better.” Kit sighed, looking over at him with a troubled expression in her eyes. “It’s not like it really works….” She trailed off clearly unhappy about the way the meeting with Lily had gone. “I mean, the guy who showed up late really seemed to want to help people. He didn’t deserve to be treated that way.”

“No, he didn’t. No one does. I think one of us, any of us would make a better leader. Mistakes and all. I think Nate would be a good choice.”

“To lead?” Kit blinked, “But…. I… What about being trained? By the others who can do what we do?” Getting her powers under control was all that really mattered to Kit, since she had never dreamed of being a hero like Wonder Woman or Supergirl growing up. Her dreams had been much simpler, a nice quiet life with good friends and her family doing what she loved.

“We may need to hold our nose and let her be in charge or think she is anyway until we get some training. But that doesn’t have to be for long We can pair up, test each other. We can do a lot of it ourselves.”

“And yeah, to answer your question Nate would make a good leader. Don’t you think?”

“I don’t know. I never gave it any thought. It all happened so fast y’know?” She inhaled sharply, then let it out slowly. “I do think that Nate’s a nice guy at least. Unlike White Lily, so in that regard, he’d be a better choice. I just don’t know if he’d want to be in charge. I know I wouldn’t.” Her mouth twisted into a rueful little smile. “Would you?”

“I’m sure not going to campaign for it. That’s for damn sure. And no I don’t want it. Would I turn it down if offered? I kind of doubt that it would be offered, but I guess I would. Assuming it came down to a choice between White Lilly and me.”

Kit bit her lip since her first reaction would’ve been to say she would turn it down if it were offered to her. She just wasn’t the kind of girl who would ever likely to be comfortable in any sort of leadership position. “I think that a warthog would make a better leader than she.” She teased him, this time her smile was almost like her normal sort. “Thanks for being you.”

“I couldn’t be anything else you know. Not now anyway. And you’re a big part of that. You and Hayden I just can’t believe he’s gone now too. I…” he let his voice trail off.

Kit laid her hand over his offering what comfort she could for the loss of her twin’s first love. “I’m so sorry Drew.” She said gently, squeezing his fingers.

She looked at her watch, then up the stairs. “Since we’re not going back I think we should go. I’d just as soon not still be here when she comes down.” Pushing herself to her feet, Kit offered him her hands, pulling him up if he accepted.

He managed a small smile, mostly for her benefit and allowed himself to be pulled up. “Yeah, you go. I’m just going to hang out here a bit and then head back to my dorm. “It will work out, I guess. I’ll be okay.”

Kit looked dubious at this news, “If you’re sure.” She didn't have any intention of hanging around so Lily would harass her again that was for sure. Trotting down the steps, Kit headed back to her dorm room, feeling better and better about things the further she got.


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