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Kasper's Interview with a Siren

Posted on Fri Oct 11th, 2019 @ 7:08pm by Michelle Cohen & Kasper van Acker
Edited on on Fri Oct 11th, 2019 @ 7:10pm

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Warehouse
Timeline: 09/08/2018 2230

Kasper didn't take much convincing. The recent events had shaken him to his core, upended a life he'd pretty much had figured out for a while now, made him question everything he thought he knew about himself at the world at large. Surely no one would blame him if they knew, it had all been so much to go through and in too short a time. He'd had those doubts for all of five minutes.

Of course Kasper wanted to find out more about the heroes that were coming to the school after the attack, wanted to find out more about himself and what he could do. What he'd seen already was both frightening and exciting, made him wonder if maybe he could be more than a paramedic someday. Helping people had always been a natural impulse for him, maybe that had been why he'd been able to protect himself and another student from the shooters. Maybe there was something else going on. Kasper knew he knew next to nothing at this stage, but he hoped...

So he'd set an appointment with this White Lily from the provost's announcement and headed out early when the time arrived, reminded himself to try to keep his cool over and over. That was hard just from going to see a real life superhero in the first place without the tiny hope inside that he might become one too continuously threatening to bubble up.

White Lily was tired. She had been interviewing students all day. Of course, she was not about to let anyone see weakness from her. She wondered if this last person that she had was going to be another person with real abilities or another person that just wanted to meet the heroine in person.

She sighed and wondered why she volunteered to do this. Yes, she liked the power. Yes, she liked the recognition. But my God, the students these days seemed to be dumber than she was in high school and that was now, a very long time ago. It certainly did not feel like it, though. Ah, the days when being a cheerleader and a gymnast seemed like the most important things in the world.

Once the warehouse door opened, the woman flapped her wings once and rose into the air. She asked sweetly, though there was a hint of threat in her sweet voice, "Who is it?"

"Hello?" The young man walked in with an awkward step, partly hesitant, partly eager. Seeing the winged-woman, floating feet above the floor of the warehouse, made his jaw drop for a moment. The young man swallowed hard. This was so real. So cool. His mouth felt dry. "My name is Kasper."

"Let me guess," she replied with a snicker that turned into a chuckle. "You can ghost."

"I guess I should have been expecting that," as he walked a little closer a small smile appeared on his face. He'd heard the Friendly Ghost bit a few times before. "No, nothing like that." Kasper looked up at her with no small amount of wonder, seeing her wings keeping her aloft. It was a struggle to explain it, what had happened, when he wasn't exactly sure in the first place; everything had happened so fast. "When we were attacked, those guns? I...deflected bullets."

"Can you, now?" Too tired to play her usual word games, Michelle merely pulled out her bow and arrow. In a smooth motion, she drew it and fired straight at Kasper's right knee cap. If worse came to worst, she knew that she could always find Nomie, have him fixed up, and then charm them into forgetting any of this ever happened. Of course, she would also know that Kasper was a fraud and that would make one less problem for her to deal with.

"Well, I think-" Kasper barely had time to start to speak before he saw death coming his way. With no time to think even instincts took over and the boy fell backwards, his hands came up to protect himself, and - There was a flash of blue light, more a fitful flicker really, and the arrow slammed into something, shattered all the way to the fletching as it smashed into what might have looked like a ghostly shield.

It was all over and done with in an instant, before Kasper had even fallen on his backside. The remains of the arrow clattered to the ground and the light vanished. Kasper's eyes were wide with shock and he breathed hard.

"Not bad," White Lily told Kasper. "I think you will do," she told him and looked at him as if he were an odd specimen under a microscope. "Tell me why you decided to contact me."

Kasper got back to his feet, his hands smacked at his jeans to dust them off. "Rotzooi," he swore under his breath in Dutch. His heart felt ready to pound out of his chest; it didn't help at all that he was going to school to be a medic and knew just how bad that could have been.

There was anger in his face but he kept it under control, his voice tight with forced calm, "I've always wanted to help people. I'm training to do that at school." Kasper had thought a lot about his reasons, about nothing else really. He'd never thought that I might be more than a paramedic though. "My power can protect people so it's not like it's a hard decision here. I should use it to do exactly that, and if you can show me how, White Lily, I want to learn."

Giving Kasper an amused smile, she said, "Of course you do." After several seconds passed, White Lily finally asked, "Who knows that you are here?"

Now he felt like he knew the right answer, "No one." Kasper hadn't spoken to anyone about this since the attack, and the person he'd saved had been so traumatised he doubted she remembered enough to identify him.

"Good. We have another meeting tomorrow. You and others that I have gathered. 10pm, roof of Crockett Hall. Tell nobody about the meeting. Do you know anyone else that has any unique abilities?"

Kasper had suspected as much. Though he hadn't seen it during the attack on the school that there really were others. 10 PM. He could do that, no problem. "No..." Kasper thought through the people he hung around, tried to think if anyone of them had been acting weird, done anything out of the ordinary. "No, I don't think so. What's this meeting about?"

White Lily tried to compose herself. Was it not obvious? She refrained from shaking her head. Weighing her options, she told Kasper. "You will see tomorrow night. Just be there."

The boy nodded slowly, still looked like he held her in some mix of fear and awe. It was hard not too! A real life superhero...and he just might get to be one too. "Right. Um..." He glanced around the warehouse, still empty save for the two of them, then back to the heroine. "I guess that's it?"

"For now," Lily told him with a weak smile.

Kasper backed up a couple of steps, still watched White Lily with that mingled caution and awe, before he turned around to walk out. The woman gave him goosebumps, and not just because of how mysterious she seemed. Why did she have to be so secretive, anyway? He had a lot to think about.

Lily watched Kasper go and then cursed herself. She was clearly very tired. Boys needed special attention. She should have charmed him to forget everything about this meeting and show up tomorrow. Trust was not something that she did easily. However, he seemed fairly positive. Perhaps he would not disappoint her.


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