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Nate's Interview with a Siren

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 10:14pm by Nathan Sinclair & Michelle Cohen

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Warehouse
Timeline: 09/08/2018 1530

Dear Ms. White Lily,

I understand from the Provost's letter that you were making yourself available to any student who may have had strange powers manifest during Friday's incident on the campus.

Though I am concerned about my safety and that of my friends, I wish to take you up on this offer. I would prefer to provide details only in person.


-Nathan Sinclair

A simple reply came back nearly immediately from White Lily's official email from the RBA, "I will be waiting for you in the school supply warehouse. I will see you there at 3:30 p.m."

Nate had done his best to keep the email concise and to the point. Whether he succeeded or not was unclear, but when he saw White Lily's reply, he was ecstatic. He had read some of the exploits of the Ranch Bonito Alliance before the meeting. He was shocked that he remembered at least one incident, a major terror plot that had been foiled in Austin, which had made the news North of the border.

To keep some amount of anonymity, he didn't want to be seen entering the building where she had been given a temporary office. So he found a secluded area where he could see into a window and jumped in directly. He exited the random empty office he was in, made his way to her workspace, and knocked right on time.

"I'm not in there," Lily replied with a sweet giggle. "Wouldn't that have been silly of me to just be where you expected me?" She floated in the air casually flapping her wings. "So, where's your costume, boy?" she asked in an amused tone.

Nate couldn't help but stare. Not just that she was gorgeous, not just that she was famous, not just the cuteness of her laugh, and not just that she was fucking flying. A combination of all four factors, he guessed.

"C-costume?" he stammered out. He hadn't thought this through at all. He hadn't expected to be talking with a real superhero about his powers, or what to do with them. He assumed he'd just keep it quiet, maybe helping the occasional person when he could.

Now bored, Lily asked, "Oh, so you're just another boy who wanted to meet a superhero, then? Well, if that's the case, I know what to do with you." She started to hum. The tune was enchanting and would draw anyone's attention to it. She stopped the humming for a moment, debating, "Do you have powers or not, boy? If so, this is the time to demonstrate them."

This is your moment, Nate thought. Your life goes down one path or another depending on what happens right now. Don't get stage fright. He closed his eyes a second to calm himself, took a deep breath, and when he opened his eyes, he looked around Lily to a point just behind her.

A split-second later, he was no longer in front of Lily, but rather behind her. He gave the back of her neck a gentle tap.

Lily whirled on Nate. "Cute," she growled, wrinkling her nose, her voice trying to stay away from a growl. "Very cute. Don't pull that again on me. Clear?" She gave Nate a lazy smile.

Surprised by her sudden aggression, he took a small step back. “Clear.”

"So, when did you develop these unique abilities?" she wondered aloud to Nate. "And what are your plans for using them?"

“Um, I first learned I could jump — I’ve been calling it jumping — the night after the rave that got attacked,” Nate explained. “I still don’t know what happened there. Anyway, I was walking with my roommate. We got mugged. I put my hand on his shoulder and instinctively jumped us a block away, out of danger. I’ve been practising since then, trying to figure out my limits.”

"Practicing?" Interesting. He takes it seriously to learn what he has. "How and with whom?" she asked curiously.

"At first on my own," he answered. "Then with my roommate. He already knew anyway. A few others have seen me do what I do, but not too many. As for how, I tried jumping further and further away, trying to get more and more precise. I can go as far as I can see, but it's hard to be precise far away unless there's an easy landmark."

"Who is your roommate?" the Siren asked curiously.

“I’m not prepared to tell you that right now,” Nate said firmly. He was confident she could find that information out anyway, but he wouldn’t name names when he didn’t know what she might do with them.

White Lily laughed at Nate. "Now you get smart?" She shook her head at the boy. "You do realize that I can just ask the Provost, right? Why not just give me the information now? Make it less of a hassle for both of us."

“I’m afraid you’ll need to ask the Provost then,” Nate said firmly, before moving on.

“As for what I plan to do?” Nate have a half-hearted shrug. “I’ve not thought too much. I like the idea of helping people, or disarming them. The other night I grabbed some guys’ weapons and jumped away with them, so the girls I was with could knock them out or whatever. I don’t really like the idea of hurting people though. What do you think?”

Great, an idealist! We will have to work on breaking him from this thought process to be fully effective. "Do you know those girls?" Lily asked curiously, making mental notes. "Have you done anything with them like this before?"

"I met one of them before," he said. He couldn't hide a smile. "I took her to lunch. We had a brief connection." He shook his head to clear his reverie. "I've never met the other girl though."

"Well, if you like helping people, then I may have an opportunity for you; however, that discussion is for later," Lily told him sincerely. Her voice then took on a slightly more professorial tone, "You say that you do not like the idea of hurting people. Even those that would hurt you or your friends or others that do not deserve it? Let me ask you, Nate, what would you do if the only way that you could save a child from being killed by a hostile person was to kill that person? It may not be a pleasant choice but it is one that you could face." She tried to put a sympathetic face on for the pacifistic college student.

Before Lily mentioned the child, he thought briefly about the incident at the rave. He couldn't bring himself to wield the gun that Hayden told him to pick up. But since then he had made friends. Aiden. Drew. Kim. He thought about if someone had threatened Kit. He barely knew her, but what was he willing to do if someone directly threatened her, and she couldn't fight back?

"I...I don't know," he finally said. "I'd like to think that there are always possibilities. Always other avenues. But I'm reminded of something I read once in a comic. About how many people Green Goblin had to kill before it became Spider-Man's fault for not putting him down." He took a deep breath. "So to answer your question, I don't know what I'd do, and I hope to never find out, but if you're telling me to be prepared, then I guess I'll need to be prepared."

Michelle held a deep breath and despite wanting to roll her eyes, did not. Oh, my God! He's a nerd! Just like Robert! God, I'm going to have to lead him about by his nose. I bet he and Robert met at one of those stupid conventions, too. She exhaled and replied, "Yes, that's exactly it. I am telling you to be prepared. One never knows what one might encounter when trying to keep the public safe."

“Well, how?” Nate asked pointedly. “You can’t just tell someone ‘be prepared to kill.’ Maybe you’re used to it, but I’m going to guess that no one who’s calling on you today has ever killed anyone. This is something you’ll need to help us with. We’ll also probably need help with things like codenames and costumes. Some might try to make their own, but they’ll probably look stupid compared to something you guide us on.”

"One person was killed," Lily corrected Nate. "So, someone was willing to do it." She smirked. "Obviously, it was not you." She flapped up and told Nate, "If I decide you are worthy, then, you are right, you will need all of those things and you most definitely will need my guidance."

The siren smiled wider. There was something hidden behind that pleasant facade. What it was, could be anyone's guess. "Do you have any further questions?"

Nate couldn’t make much of her smile, except that it wasn’t the least bit sincere. “When do we start?” he asked.

She started to sing to the tune of Annie's "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" to Nate. There was something enchanting and irresistable tomorrow. Nate knew instantly, that he would follow her instructions without question, as the song was sung, "The meeting'll be, Tomorrow. On the roof of Crokett Hall, Tomorrow. 10 p.m. Just thinking about Tomorrow, Nobody but yourself and powered others, Tell no one. When I'm stuck with a bunch of horny college students, I just stick up my chin, and grin, and say... Oh! The meeting'll be, Tomorrow. So ya gotta hang on 'til Tomorrow! Come what may! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'll see ya tomorrow! At 10:00 p.m. OK?!"

Nate was mesmerized by her beautiful voice. How could he not do exactly as she asked? It would be criminal! "Okay!" he replied, a big stupid smile on his face. "See you tomorrow night at ten!" He turned around and starting walking toward the hall, ready to meet her later. At 10pm. Tomorrow. Roof of Crokett Hall.

Lily gave a dainty wave at Nate and replied. "Remember, big secret. No talking to anyone about it except anyone else who is unique, like us."

Nate nodded and headed off, the tune from Annie in his head.


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