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Nomie's Interview with a Siren

Posted on Fri Sep 27th, 2019 @ 6:30am by Nomie Kajal & Michelle Cohen

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Warehouse
Timeline: 09/08/2018 1830

White Lily,

You don't know me, I don't know you. But what I do know is that I'm afraid of what has happened to me. I was there, in the middle of all of it. I stayed hidden, healing everyone I could before I couldn't anymore. It takes so much energy, I did what I could to keep up but...

What happened to us? It isn't that I don't want to help people, because I do. But I don't know how to handle this. All of this is so new to me, I didn't even know about the existence of this until it happened.

Please, help me with this...


Lily read the message twice. She could not believe her luck. Not only did she finally find someone with enough brains not to use either of his or her names in the email, this person recognized that he/she would need help in developing his/her abilities, and on top of that, was a healer! That would be so useful after any battles to preserve the secret identities of her group! For the first time since she got this assignment, she believed that she could actually pull it off.

OK, that was not a correct thought, Michelle lectured herself. You would find a way to pull it off regardless. You do not know failure and you will do anything to win. This will just make it so much easier.

A few moments later, she wrote back, "Dear N.K., I will be able to assist you. Meet with me today at 6:30 p.m. I will be in the supply warehouses at the end of the dirt rows.We shall discuss more then. - White Lily"

Having received the message, Nomie waited until she knew it would take her just long enough to get to the warehouses. She then made her way along the dirt rows and got the the supply warehouse just before 6:30 p.m. Glancing inside, she hoped showing a few minutes early wasn't a bad thing.

Inside, sitting calmly on some crates, with her legs crossed was a woman with long light brown hair. She wore a knowing grin on her face. She was dressed completely in white. Her body was in some sort of leotard. Her shoes were little more than gymnastic flats. A white mask covered her eyes. Was there glitter on her face or was that the light from the warehouse reflecting on dust? There was not any sun to cause that effect. But most striking were her lush white wings that were relaxing behind her. They flapped once and she was in the air. "Please come in, shut the door behind you, and tell me your name."

Making sure the make-shift mask she'd had the other day was at least semi-decently on, Nomie stupid inside and closed the door. "I sent you a message as N.K."

"Interesting. I think you have been the smartest person that I've met so far." There was a note of condescension in White Lily's voice for the others that she had met thus far. "But, we shall see if my first and second impression were incorrect soon enough." She smirked at N.K. "So, tell me about yourself and what you can do."

"What I can do? Healing, though it's mentally and physically exhausting right now." Nomie caught the tone of voice, but didn't react. "As for about me? Other than my accent giving away that I wasn't born here, I didn't even know about the ability for anyone to have any type of powers until all of this happened. I guess I was more sheltered than I realized."

"Ignorance is curable," White Lily told Nomie frankly. "I'm afraid that I have to make you prove your abilities. Since there is nobody else here, that means I am going to have to trust you a bit before I agree to participate in that demonstration. Tell me your name first, N.K."

Debating for a moment, at this point, it was likely this woman would figure out who she was anyways. "Nomie."

"Alright, Nomie. I want you to come right here. I'm going to cut myself and you're going to heal me. Ready?"

"Okay," Nomie said as she walked over, "Healing a cut, should be able to handle that."

The angelic figure held her breath and slammed her left wrist against one of the crates, opening up a vein. Blood started to flow freely. She held her arm away from her body, as if it was something disdainful. "Do it now!" she ordered Nomie.

She had to hit the vein, Nomie thought to herself as she focused, placing her hand over the wrist. She didn't care too much if she was getting covered in blood.

Lily watched her arm intensely. At first, she could not see anything different. The blood continued to flow. However, her arm started to itch and blood started becoming darker. She peered into Nomie's eyes and said, "I definitely have uses for you."

Though she heard the voice, Nomie was still focused. Though she was sure this would still leave a scar, she soon pulled back her hand covered in blood, noticing that Lily's arm was stained but not bleeding anymore. She felt a little light headed, but no near the same as the first time.

"So, you will meet me on the roof of Crockett Hall tomorrow. 10 p.m. Do not tell anyone where you are going. Do not tell anyone of our meeting. Do I make myself clear?" Lily's eyes were stern and serious.

Catching Lily's eye, Nomie nodded. "I..wait the roof?" She finally was thinking clearly again. "Okay...the roof. 10 p.m. I'll be there."

"Are you concerned about the roof?" Lily asked, concerned.

"No, not concerned. Just surprised by the meeting place is all. Not heard of anyone meeting on the roof before. I will be there."

"There's many things that I am certain that you have not heard about or done before. This, most likely is just the first. Remember, nobody finds out about this meeting." The last sentence with deadly seriousness.

Nomie nodded, "I won't let anyone else know. I know how to keep my mouth shut if necessary."

With deadly seriousness, White Lily told Nomie, "It is absolutely necessary."

"I understand completely. No one will know I am going there. If my roommates asks, I'll just tell her I need some air and am going on a walk."

"That's the best you can come up with?" White Lily asked incredulously.

"You don't know my roommate. She won't ask questions if I go to take a walk. As long as I end up back sometime that night. Besides, she'll sit and read her religious things or...whatever."

Doing her best not to laugh, a snicker still escaped Lily. "I see." She composed herself and continued, "Well, she sounds just, um, delightful. I will see you tomorrow, then."

"Tomorrow night. And the snicker is warranted, she is what you think she is," Nomie said with a shrug. "Do I bring anything or just myself?"

"Just you."

Nomie nodded, "Just myself, roof, 10pm, and tell no one." She started to head out but looked over her shoulder, "Anything else, or can I go?"

"You may go." Lily gave Nomie what she hoped was a comforting smile and then gave Nomie a light shooing motion, further encouraging Nomie. Why are all the healers the nervous ones?

Leaving and heading back to her dorm, Nomie still wasn't sure about this. Was it worth actually going? Or did she hide with only now two people knowing about her new ability?


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