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Drew's Interview with a Siren

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 8:59pm by Michelle Cohen & Andrew(Drew) Rankin

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Equipment Warehouse
Timeline: 09/08/2018 1730

Drew Rankin had gone over his essay for his English Lit class one final time, checking for both factual and grammatical errors, before pressing send to submit it. It counted a full 25% of his grade and if he did well he'd bring his grade up from a mediocre C to a B or B-. If he did poorly, well he'd be in serious trouble.

Once he had done so he checked the time on his phone. He had just enough time to get to his appointment with White Lily. He wasn't sure what to expect so he knocked on her door with more than a bit of wariness.

From inside, an alluring voice that simultaneously put Drew at ease called from behind the door, "It is open. Come on in."

With raised brow and raised curiosity, he crossed the entrance and stepped deeper inside.

The room appeared to be nothing more than a warehouse. There was quite a high ceiling in it and numerous boxes and equipment stored everywhere. Sitting atop several crates was a woman with light brown hair that cascaded over her shoulders. She wore nothing more that what appeared to be a solid white leotard and soft white ballet-like shoes. More striking was her lush wings that hung behind her and rippled with an unseen breeze, feathers lifting every now and again. Over her eyes was a white mask. Her hands were covered by sleek white gloves.

From a dozen feet above Drew, she cooed. "Come on, don't be shy. I will not bite. I promise. Just close the door behind you. Are you alone?"

He closed the door behind him. "So far, I'm alone," he replied before concentrating reconfiguring his atoms into an ethereal state and floating up towards her.

"So far?" she asked, surprisingly a bit humored. "Do you mean that as a threat or something else?" She smiled even wider at Drew. "Well, it seems that you have passed part 1 of the test without my even asking. Though, I must ask how did you get your abilities and how do you do that? Also, why are you not costumed?"

"I got my power when my ex-bo... when I was at a party before school even officially started. Some asshole, probably some Trump appointed asshole spiked the punch. Others were affected too.

I probably should get a costume, but I can turn invisible, that's a lot better than wearing a mask."

"As to your first question, something else. The way you asked that I thought you might have been expecting others."

"I can manipulate my molecules. At least to a certain extent. I can turn invisible, but not just that. When I am..." he took a few seconds to come up with the right words, "am phased out. People can't hit me. I'm not sure what else I can do. I'm still experimenting with my powers."

"May I ask why you wanted to meet with us?"

"You may," Lily answered with a seductive voice, but did not answer his question at all. Instead, she mused over Drew's story. "So, you've been experimenting with your powers. that you suspect that you recently obtained at a party. That is quite the story. I would like to know why you suspect that. As to a costume, that would be wise, especially if you intend to use your abilities." She then cackled, "Are you a good witch or are you a bad witch?"

Drew gave a short laugh at her last comment and answered it first. Oh' I'm a very very good witch, Dorothy."

"There were a bunch of us that went to the party. My sister, my ex, a friend I met, when I first got here, who I think is now dating my sister And a bunch of people I don't know. They all seem to be exhibiting these powers. That's why I suspect what I suspect.'

He cocked his head to one side as her voice began to pull at certain cords in his mind. "Are you, are you trying to seduce me, ma'am?"

"Don't flatter yourself," Lily replied with a pretty laugh. "So, Mr. Good Witch, you have a theory, and perhaps a viable one. Are you certain that you never exhibited these abilities before the party?" Her tone was light and calm but there was a seriousness to it.

Drew shook his head, "I'm positive. I've think I would remember something like that. I've always been good at gymnastics and martial arts. But I've had to work hard for those things. So, no. No powers before the party. Same thing with my sister."

"A male gymnast?" Lily looked at Drew intrigued. "Tell me more about that... and your sister...." Her voice lingered on the last word, her mind apparently working on another problem.

"Well, if you're going to get a personal, a gay male gymnast. Though I've been fascinated by gymnastics a lot longer than I've known I like guys. And I'm pretty good at it too. That's how I got here. When I came out to my dad, he kicked me out of the house. So I'm here on a scholarship. I might even try out for the Olympics in 2020."

"Kat, my sister and I are twins. But her powers are much different than mine, but she should be the one to tell you about them. IF she wants to."

When Drew mentioned that he was gay, White Lily nodded. She knew that her own mother would be extremely embarrassed by her bi-sexuality if she ever found out about it. Frankly, she was never completely comfortable with it, despite her first girlfriend having been what turned out to be an amnesiac elven princess. Sandra, as she was known, had been there when her powers were manifesting. Sandra had seduced her. There was just something about her dance, her figure, her je ne sais quoi.

"I agree that Kat should tell me about her powers. I also think that you should convince her to do so if you have not talked to her about emailing me for a meeting already. I hope that your chances for the Olympics will not die out or that you have to choose between it and heroing." There was a slight tone of pain in her voice, remembering how her own Olympic dreams were ruined by her powers manifesting. Then again, she did have fun becoming a high school cheerleader, ruling the school and doing the same in college. When one door closes, another opens for greater things.

"I will talk to her and ask her to send you an email. I think I can talk her into it. And thanks for your thoughts about my Olympic hopes. However, if I don't make it, it will be more about my talent or lack thereof more than my time playing hero."

"Are you alright, I'm no telepath, but it seems that something is off with you."

Michelle wanted to laugh at Drew. In so many ways, he reminded of her as a high schooler. She wondered if he would suffer the same growing pains as hers. Ignoring Drew's last statement, she straightened up and lofted into the air lightly. "I will look forward to that email."

She smiled lazily and in an enchanting voice started to sing. The melody was haunting but it was no song that Drew had ever heard before, "Tomorrow, you will meet me at the top of Crockett Hall at 10:00 p.m. You will bring your sister. It is very important that you come and are not seen. You will not talk about this meeting with anyone else."

Knowing that Drew was in her powers and would do exactly as she said, she dismissed him. "It was nice meeting you, Drew. I look forward to seeing you again."

To Drew, who thought a woman could ever seduce him her words sounded quite logical and he wanted to comply. They just made sense to him."


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