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Des' Interview with a Siren

Posted on Sun Oct 6th, 2019 @ 9:27pm by Michelle Cohen & Deserae Freely

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Warehouse
Timeline: 09/08/2018 2130

After reading the Provost's email, Des battled with herself about responding to meet White Lily. In the end, she knew that if she didn't at least learn to control her new powers, she would be a risk to herself and others. Poised in front of her laptop, she struggled to find the words. Eventually she typed out a short message.

"White Lily,

Strange events led to stranger discoveries. I have a ton of questions and while I don't want to be a hero, or appear crazy, I need answers before I accidentally hurt someone. So, I guess that means I need your assistance?

- Des F."

Des stared at the screen, wondering if she should send that message. She was about to delete it when Candy waltzed in. "Hey stranger! Where have you been? I've been looking all over campus for you! Did you get the Provost's letter? White Lily is going to come here! How cool is that! I wonder if I could get an interview with her... oh! What're you working on? Anything fun?"

In a panic, Des clicked and nearly gulped when she realized she'd hit send instead of delete. 'Guess I don't have a choice in this anymore...' she thought. "Nothing important, just reading some emails from friends back home," she said, closing the lid of her laptop before Candy could snoop. She hoped that White Lily would pass her off as just a crazy wanting to meet her, and not move forward with a meeting.

"I'm starved, I'm going to head to that bookstore cafe for food and to find the last of my textbooks. See ya," she said, shoving her laptop into her messenger bag and launching herself off her bed. She was out the door before Candy could respond.

Des' cell phone buzzed, indicating that she had an email.

Feeling her phone buzz, Des fished it out of her pocket and hit the button to turn on the screen. "That was fast," she muttered to herself as she went through the door to the stairwell. As she jogged down the stairs, she opened the email.

The email read,

"Des F. -

I will give you what answers I can. However, I will have many questions for you, too. I will look forward to our meeting at the school supply warehouse located off the dirt road at 9:30 p.m. your time.

White Lily" After her name appeared a heart with an arrow through it.

"Not ominous at all..." she muttered, coming to a stop at the bottom of the stairs. This was supposedly a hero they were meeting, but something felt wrong about this whole situation. She turned off the screen and shoved her phone back in her pocket.

Several hours later, Des, dressed in all black, made her way up the dirt road toward the warehouse. She was moving quickly, though still paying full attention to her surroundings. When she reached the door of the warehouse, Des reached up with shaking hands to grab the handle. She hesitated for a moment, then gripped it, turned the knob, and pushed the door open.

Inside, sitting calmly on some crates, with her legs crossed was a woman with long light brown hair. She wore a knowing grin on her face. She was dressed completely in white. Her body was in some sort of leotard. Her shoes were little more than gymnastic flats. A white mask covered her eyes. Was there glitter on her face or was that the light from the warehouse reflecting on dust? There was not any sun to cause that effect. But most striking were her lush white wings that were relaxing behind her. They flapped once and she was in the air. "Please shut the door and tell me your name."

Creeped out by the angelic look of the woman before her, Des hesitated before closing the door. "Des," she said after a moment of silence. Her brow furrowed as she watched the woman in white. "Y'know there are ghost stories about women in white..." she said, tilting her head to the side.

"Are there?" White Lily asked shrugging. "I would not know. Is 'Des' short for Desire or Desiree?" White Lily asked with a smirk.

"Deserae," she said flatly. She didn't like this White Lily already. The woman was too cocky and full of herself.

"So, your email said that you wanted my help but don't want to be a hero. Can you explain why I should help you, then? That is, assuming that you do have powers. I will require a demonstration, you know. I've had a few folks already that appeared claiming to have powers, having none, just so that they could meet me. That was a silly mistake. I trust you did not make the same one."

"Because I discovered this," Des said, holding up her hand and causing arcs of electricity to jump from finger to finger. "While having drunken sex with a frat boy... Not my finest moment, but I could have accidentally killed him if I hadn't run away in panic."

White Lily laughed boisterously. "Well, that was certainly much better than my first experience." She stopped laughing and grinned at Des. "Very well, you pass for now. When did you get these abilities?"

"Uh... couple of days ago, I think? I mean, I didn't have them when I arrived. I went to that warehouse party, I was kind of drunk so maybe my memory's hazy, but some strange people came in and started shooting up the place, but then left pretty quickly without killing anyone that I know of. They were all in black, I think they were all male. Looked like Hollywood mercs. I dunno, it could have all been a drunken dream?" Des shrugged and shoved her hands into her pockets.

"The next day, said drunken sex took place," she added. "And yeah, first time I'd ever experienced that."

"You should stick to water," Lily replied disapprovingly. "But, regardless, you have given me something some good information and I appreciate that. So, can I trust you to come to a meeting tomorrow night and not breathe a word of this to anyone?" She gave Des a measured stare, her green eyes looking deeply into Des' soul.

"My roommate is a journalism student, no way am I telling her anything, and I have no friends," Des shrugged. "And I plan to stick to water... alcohol has never been big on my list..." she shook her head and stared back at Lily, wishing the woman would stop staring holes through her head.

"Journalism?" White Lily asked curiously. "That could be very dangerous for you." Even as she uttered that sentence, White Lily's smile grew as ideas started forming in her head. "I don't believe you about having no friends. Surely you have at least one. Alibis are helpful...."

"Well, lets see, there's Kyle, the boy I nearly electrocuted, and Violet, the girl I drunkenly fucked in the girls showers the night of the warehouse party. I come from Indiana. I know no one here," Des said with a shrug. "I have a friend back in Indiana, but our schedules don't match up for long conversations. Besides, how do you tell your long time friend that 'Hey, I can suddenly shoot sparks of electricity from my hands?' and not get thrown in the looney bin?"

White Lily laughed at that. "You might be surprised," Lily told Des. "But I'll accept your point for the moment."

"I wouldn't even know how to explain it to my friends," Des admitted. "Oh, but Violet knows. She and a guy named Nate were with me when I used my powers against the people attacking the students in the quad!"

"Hopefully they will contact me, as well, then." Lily sighed. "I wish there was an easier way that would maintain all of your security to contact them but we shall have to trust that they have as much sense as you."

"Ha! Violet have sense?" Des laughed. "The woman believed she's invincible before this event happened all because she somehow survived a few accidents that killed or seriously hurt others." She shook her head and then shrugged. "So, now what?"

"Maybe she is," Lily replied shrugging. "Most likely, you're right. But, who knows? There's a lot of crazy mutations out there." The petite woman flapped her wings and rose lightly into the air. "As to what's next? You've passed to the next stage, which is tomorrow night, as I said before. 10 pm. Roof of Crockett Hall."

"Uh... alright... so I guess I'll see you there?" Des said with a shrug, not at all impressed with the woman now flying in front of her.

"You will. Thank you for coming. I will see you tomorrow night," the siren replied, wondering what was going through Des' head.

Nodding, Des turned and pulled the door open. She then stalked down the dark road, not sure if she wanted to return to her dorm or go somewhere else. Since the attack on the campus, she didn't really like being there. So she opted for finding a bookstore or cafe. Hopefully reading would help keep her mind off her newfound problems. 'I wonder if I could talk to Violet?' she thought, but then shook her head. No. That would not go well.


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