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Gathering the Heroes

Posted on Sun Nov 3rd, 2019 @ 10:01pm by Violet Vines & Deserae Freely & Katherine Rankin & Andrew(Drew) Rankin & Nomie Kajal & Nathan Sinclair & Kasper van Acker

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Roof of Crockett Hall
Timeline: 09/09/2018 2200

White Lily had arrived early. She had spent much of the previous day separating the wheat from the chaff. She knew the people with real powers now. Those who did not, well, they would never remember having met her and only replying to the provost's email as a joke or those who just wanted to meet a real hero.

She shook her head disbelievingly. Had she been this stupid in college? Lily had decided that the answer was no. Maybe high school. She smiled wryly at her thoughts of Rancho Bonito High School and how she first resented her powers appearing. The Lord knew, if there was such a being, she got herself into enough trouble - so much so that she was practically tethered to the Federal government for some time. She supposed in some ways, she still was. But, now, she had the opportunity to form her own hero group in this pathetic, dinky college town. At least I will not have to worry about winter clothing or my wings freezing. I look so much better like this.

Lily had taken precautions. Crockett Hall was the tallest building on campus. She also waited behind the brick wall where the stairs to the roof led. Unless someone knew to look for her and the potential heroes from a particular angle, they should have a great deal of privacy at their meeting. And, if there was trouble, in case she made a miscalculation, she could fly away.

But for now, she waited for her victims, er, students...

There were a lot of things young Drew Rankin was dealing with. He and his sister had developed rather unusual powers literally overnight, but dealing with that blessing/curse was going to take much longer to figure out and come to terms with. Despite his best efforts most of his classes were kicking his ass and while he wasn't in danger of being put on academic probation his grades were nothing to write home about, even if he wanted to write home about them or anything. His long-term boyfriend had moved back to Stockton and they had broken up.

He wasn't particularly thrilled about this new opportunity the email from the provost had provided, but he figured it couldn't hurt to at least check things out. So here he was at the appointed hour.

Nate was the next to arrive. He had met the day before with White Lily and while he wasn't sure how this meeting was going to go, he was curious about what next steps the hero had for them.

He recognized Drew and decided to stand next to him. "Good to see you, man. How're you doing?"

Drew turned to the boy who he knew liked his sister and smiled, "I'm adjusting. It is hard, Hayden and I broke up. Now I have superpowers and, and, well, I've had better days. How about you?"

Nate simply nodded his understanding, not really knowing what to say beyond that.

Kit wasn't sure that coming was a good idea, but she didn't want to have Drew there without her, so she may have dragged her feet over it but she did show up fairly early, the third one to arrive as it turned out. She climbed the stairs, pushed the door to the roof open and stepped through it, staying well away from the roof's edge. Not being a huge fan of heights. Spotting Drew and Nate, she managed a small smile but stayed by the door leading back down.

Nomie had debated, many many times, even on her way here, whether or not to come. She'd been the one to do some of the healing, but did she want the others to know that?

She stayed back near the back of everyone, hidden away in the shadows for now.

Violet had skin-tight black lycra pants on and a dark black t-shirt that showed off her every curve. She had found a black eye mask in a thrift store and had that on for the time being. She wondered if she could figure out something that was not just so flimsy. Perhaps this White Lily could help with that. Though, she had to wonder why she was listening to this petite, cupid like woman. Should she not have been wearing a diaper rather than that stretch outfit? Regardless, she recognized Nate and stood away from him. She wondered if Des was going to appear.

Lily observed the students. How many were in costume? How many were not? Who was talking to whom? She wanted to know everything about these kids. It might come in handy at some point. One thing she knew is that they looked lost. Could they have all developed powers so suddenly and late? If so, how? And why? Too many questions and she did not like lacking answers. Knowledge is power, she reminded herself.

Des arrived, finally, after working up the courage to appear in public in the outfit she'd chosen. Earlier that day, after scouring her dorm room for anything she or her roommate owned that would be totally out of character for her, she gave up and went to spend some of her meager funds at a thrift store. She bought a pair of tight-fitting black jeans, and an oversized dark grey t-shirt with a lightning bolt on it, a pair of black boots, and a flimsy masquerade mask in their Halloween display. It didn't hide her face that well, so she also bought a makeup kit and had applied black and silver across her upper face in such a way that the mask was accented quite well. Though, having looked in the mirror of the public bathroom she'd used to change in, she knew it didn't do a very good job at hiding her identity.

Pretty certain that Violet recognized Des, she maneuvered closer to her and whispered, "So, if my boy toy's asleep, we're going to have some fun after this, right?"

Rolling her eyes, Des simply shook her head. She wasn't about to be the side chick in any relationship. And while Violet had been fun, she wasn't prepared to get into any sort of relationship. Especially after the incident with Kyle.

Violet's eyes went wide. She silently fumed and pointedly ignored Des for the moment. Well, that was fine. She would just take it out on her boyfriend, such as he was.

Once the last hero arrived, White Lily introduced herself. "Perhaps you remember me. Perhaps you do not. I am White Lily. I met with some of you yesterday. Some of you this morning. Congratulations on making the cut. I suspect you have more questions than anything right now, so I will let you ask them for now."

Des shuffled slightly, she didn't want to be the first to ask a question and appear like a complete idiot. So instead, she looked to the others, hoping one of them would ask first.

Drew, always the social butterfly and unafraid of making an ass out of himself had no problems speaking up said, "So, I guess the most obvious question is why are we here, or I think we all pretty much know why we're here. You want to recruit us to form some new superhero team. What do you plan on calling our group of happy campers?"

"Oh and not to be an ass, because you seem like a nice woman, but why should we follow you?"

Nate smiled at his friend's directness. It was always good to have someone in your group to ask the difficult questions upfront. But with the ice broken, he had a difficult question of his own. "Our powers are all different. How do you expect to teach or train us when you don't do what any of us can do?"

Lily smiled knowingly at all of them, taking Nate's question first. "Oh, but I do know. You simply do not remember demonstrating for me or telling me." She then turned to Drew and said, "Recruit you? Form a team. Yes, I admit that I would like you to do that. However, the choices are really yours. If you would like me to lay out your current situation, I will do so in plain English."

"I'm rather tired at being dealt bullshit," Drew said, "not from you, just generally. So, yes I think I, I think all of us would like our option spelled out in plain English."

"And to be clear," Nate added, "I meant that you don't know how to do what we do. You may know of her powers, or his, or mine, but your powers are different. Shouldn't I be taught by a teleporter?"

Lily stared for a second at Drew and gave him an endearing smile. He's going to be trouble. I need to find out everything that I can about him. In a sweet voice, White Lily replied, "Option 1, you join the hero group that I was sent to found and train. What you decide to call yourselves is of no concern to me. Option 2 is really a 2a and a 2b. Option 2a is that you walk away from here and you choose to use your powers when and how you decide. Of course, you could use them to benefit society and not be part of the group, in which case we will leave you alone. Of course, you will receive no training and no backup from this group. You also risk doing something that turns out wrong and could end you up in the situation of 2b. In option 2b, you use your powers for self-centered purposes. Much of this is illegal and myself and/or this group will be sent to hunt you down and take you in, which I sometimes rather enjoy." She licked her lips at that prospect.

The siren then turned to Nate and said, "Ideally, yes, you would be taught by another teleporter. In fact, all of you would ideally be individually trained. However, that is not how I learned and it is not how most learn. Our resources are spread thin in a world that is rapidly changing and expanding." She turned to the crowd of heroes and said, "Should you choose to stay, you will learn a number of things. Remember that movie, 'Men in Black'?" White Lily visibly cringed at making a nerd reference that her brother would appreciate. "We're like that. Elves," she scrunched up her nose at that word, "fairies, witches, and aliens are all real, folks. They all have their own agendas and all have their powers manifest in different ways, just like each mutant, for that is what you all are."

Violet cried out from the back, "I call bullshit."

Had Drew been able to read minds instead of shifting his molecules would have been amused at Lilly's thoughts. He would have rather liked the fact she considered him a trouble maker. He did laugh at Violet's comment, before responding with, "I'll stick around. For Now. You have piqued my curiosity."

Nomie had stayed quiet. She wasn't one to speak up, especially given her powers. She knew that Lily knew who she was, given their conversation. But everyone else here? They didn't know her. The only ones who knew her were Kim and Dan, and Kim didn't even know about her powers. She wasn't sure if she wanted to stick around, but at the same time, all of this scared her and she knew she couldn't do it alone.

Kit too had stayed silent, her face troubled as she listened to what this White Lily had to say to the group. When her brother and then Nate spoke up she couldn't help but suck in a breath though she did her best to keep it as quiet as she could, not knowing if her connection to Nate or her twin had been revealed yet. If they didn't know of the connection between the three of them she didn't want to give anything away.

Des rolled her eyes when Violet called out. Not because she disagreed with Violet, but because of the way she'd just yelled it out. "What about option 3, walk away and forget that we even have powers?" she said finally. She didn't want to be part of some silly group, nor was she the 'saving the world' or destroying it, type. She just wanted to get her degree and move on with her life.

"Do you really think that you could do that?" Lily asked Des conversationally. But before Des could answer, Lily responded, "I suppose you could try to do that. That has never been something that I have seen be successful. Somehow we are all drawn to use them, whether by desire or necessity. But in all of your cases, I will add something that complicates your situation." She paused and let her words lure everyone in before continuing. "From what I can tell, each one of you developed your abilities very suddenly in the last week. Something tells me it had to do with a party. You were all purposely created by someone or something is my guess. That means that someone will likely be searching for you, too."

Turning to Violet, Lily laughed. "So certain, are you? Can your mind not conceive of something other than yourself? And before you say, prove it, I don't have to. If you stay, you will find out soon enough. That, I promise."

Silently, Violet fumed. Curiosity had her and she was going to see what this pretend angel had to show. If she was bullshitting, Violet knew that she would take her down and take her down hard. She smiled as she imagined White Lily's fragile wings crumpling under the weight of her new abilities.

Drew let out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding, "As much as I hate to admit, she has a point. "I think it's pretty clear someone, infested us, or whatever you want to call it. And I'm betting these attacks that we've experienced over the past couple of days is from someone, I'm betting with the backing of the government or some big corporation or both. I don't want to be anyone's puppet, but we may not have much of a choice if we want to preserve some of our freedom an autonomy. At least with White Lily, we have a chance."

Kit grimaced, wrapping her arms around herself, mind flashing back to a book she'd read a few years back where something similar had happened to a young couple during their college years. Things hadn't gone well for either Andy or Vicky as both ended up being killed by the people who'd given them their abilities. She remembered what their child had inherited and glanced all-around at the others since if what was being said was true who knew what a child of theirs might become.

"So then now what? We just going to stand around here arguing about what we are or are not going to do? Going in circles about stupid crap? If so, I'm bored, kinda cold, tired, and I'd rather go back to my dorm," Des said flatly. "Can we quit with the theatrics and bullshit and just get on with whatever it is you called us here for?"

Nomie crossed her arms listening. "Yes, whatever we were called here for. Obviously, something happened, but I don't think any of us want to play this guessing game." It wasn't often that she spoke out like all. But, she was a little irritated.

"Theatrics and bullshit?" White Lily asked. "Is that what you think this is?" She shook her head sadly. "So young and so much to learn. Where has patience gone?" She tsked lightly and then sighed heavily. "The Rancho Bonito Alliance sent me here to train you as your own hero group. For now, I will be your temporary leader. You may replace me if you wish when you are fully trained, or at least trained enough that you won't kill someone without provocation." She chuckled at that statement.

"In any case, should you all agree to participate in a hero group, I have the technology that you will need to communicate and remain undetected by normals. If you do not agree, then, well, the other choices are still available. Either way has its risks but given that someone seems to have purposely created you for a reason that I have yet to discover, I think you would be wise to assist me and yourselves in making that discovery. I would also suggest that since you were all created and seem to have more altruistic motives, there are others that were created that do not have those motives and are likely now working with whoever created you." She shrugged as she lifted a foot in the air and shrugged.

"What is the Rancho Bonito Alliance?" Jonathan replied with the now obvious question.

"You're kidding," White Lily asked before dropping a displeased, "right?" She took a deep breath and sighed. "The Rancho Bonito Alliance is a hero group, coincidentally from Rancho Bonito, California. A couple of us branched off into Austin, Texas. Nice city. Party all night, every night sort of town."

"I'm with everyone else, I have no idea what that group is. I never even knew heroes existed until recently. Shows how out of the loop I am," came Nomie's voice.

"I knew they existed, but never paid much attention. I lived in small-town Indiana with a cop for a father, I was much more worried about local events than things happening in California..." Des admitted, giving a shrug.

“And I’m not from around here at all,” Nate added. “Like, we have heroes in Canada, but they tend to work for the government, and super-crime is rare.”

Children. I'm working with children! This is worse than the RBA ever was when we were in high school. OK, maybe not yet, but I can see it heading in that direction. "I'm sure that you can google it when we are done here," White Lily told the group. "Just make sure to clear your browser history. We do not need anyone making connections." She put her hands on her hips and said, "Is there anything else you need to know before making a decision? I need to know who wants to be a part of a hero group and who does not before we can talk further."

"Not from me," Drew replied, "I think I've made my position clear and I think I've made my decision."

"I'm here, not leaving," Nomie said somewhat snarky. Why she did it that way, she didn't know, but she was annoyed at the others.

"I'm willing to listen," Des said with a shrug. She looked at Violet over her shoulder before looking back to the others. She still wasn't sure who most of them were but had a feeling she'd be getting to know all of them soon.

Violet fumed but looking directly at Des responded, "I'm in." Then, after a long pause, he added, "For now. We'll see how this goes."

“I’m in too,” Nate said. Then he shrugged. “Who knows? Maybe we can make a difference.”

When all of the college students had confirmed that they would work with her, White Lily responded in a controlled voice. "Good. First things first, then. You all need hero names. They are your code names. They protect your identity. Use them only when doing business. Make no connections with them in your personal life. I suspect that most of you have roommates and it will be somewhat difficult for you to hide a costume, which you will also need. I see that some of you have already developed those. Good. You will need them. But first, you will have to tell me your names of choice."

The siren pulled a small pouch out from behind her, that heretofore had previously been hidden. She poured objects out into her hands. They looked like diamond earrings. "These are DCNs. They were created by an alien race and used by the RBA for communications. They can be used as earrings or on a pendant, though I recommend the former rather than the latter. Better reception and speaking capabilities, the closer it is to your face. They are, as far as I know, untraceable, unlikely cell phones or computers. Once you tell your code name to me, they will be encrypted to you."

"My code name is Phantom," Drew spoke up.

“I’ve been thinking about this,” Nate said, “and since Nightcrawler is a bit on the nose, and Jumper was an awful movie, my codename will be Corvo.”

White Lily walked up to Phantom and handed him one device. "Here you go, Phantom." She then did the same with Nate, "Why Corvo? Is that a reference to something?"

“Um,” Nate said a bit sheepishly, “I figure I’ll be flitting between rooftops and trees. Like a crow. Corvid is a word for crow. Corvo then.” She didn’t need to know it was a reference to a video game teleporter.

Lily blinked her eyes a few times trying to comprehend Nate's reference and failed colossally. "If you're sure that's what you want, then so be it."

Des shifted a bit, thinking about what to call herself. Many names crossed her mind, but they all sounded lame. "Uh... Volte... Kineta Volte," she said finally, still thinking it was lame, but it was the best she could come up with on the spot.

"Volte?" White Lily's tone clearly showed that she approved of the hero name choice. "I like that. Gnarly. Here you go," she put one of the DCNs in Des' hand.

The use of the word 'gnarly' caused Des to grimace slightly as she took the DCN and replaced the stud in her second piercing with the weird device. "Uh, thanks," she said belatedly.

Having not thought of a name before, not anything like that, Nomie barely caught what Lily was saying as she thought. "Elemental Elixir, though just Elixir for short I suppose," she said quietly, now trying to replay what was said in her head.

The five-foot-tall siren walked up to Nomie and said, " What's the word? Renaissance? No, no. Something else. Alchemical?" She shook her head. "I'll figure it out, Elixir." She handed the DCN to Nomie and then walked up to Violet.

Violet was a giant compared to White Lily. She looked down on the woman and gave a small snort of derision. "Singularity. That's what you can call me."

"Gee, can I, Singularity?" Lily snarked back. "So generous!" She handed the DCN to Violet who snatched it from Lily's hand.

"Now," instructed everyone. "They are keyed into all of you and me. Short form of names or long will do. While whispers will be picked up as loudly as normal speech, I would advise that you only use these when they're necessary. However, you should always have them on. They will transmit to you in such a way that you can hear everything clearly but nobody can hear what they are saying. You will look awfully foolish talking to nothing. So, again, try and keep the comms free." Michelle was pretty sure that nobody would do that. Had the RBA done that when THEY were in high school or college? There was always too much drama and they had to talk about it incessantly. She expected this group would be no different.

"In the meantime, we need a name for our group so that the DCNs will be able to call everyone. Anyone have a preference?"

"How about the Misfits "Drew suggested, "or since we're in Texas, how about the Lone Stars?"

Violet yawned and then replied, "Why not the Crazy College Kids? I'm sure that would terrify everyone!" She laughed at that statement and shrugged as White Lily scowled at the much taller woman.

Kit still wasn't sure she liked the idea, but she wasn't going to let her brother do this alone so she was by default in whither she liked it or not. "Or the Rangers, since we are in Texas." She echoed her twins' statement. After a moment chewing on her lip, she spoke again, giving herself a code name. "Given what I do I guess I'll be, Beast." Her voice was clear, even if just over a murmur since she was soft spoke almost all the time.

White Lily was annoyed with herself for having forgotten about Kit. "Beast it is," she told Kit with a small growl in Lily's own voice. She reminded herself to have a private conversation with the girl someday soon. Lily needed to know all about who was on her team.

"What about Coastborne Warriors or Coastborne Chevaliers?" Des suggested, shrugging about her own suggestions.

Lily looked skeptically at Des. She wondered what a Chevalier was. She wondered what the public was going to think about a name like that. She scrunched her nose up at that name, hoping that nobody would realize her ignorance at its meaning.

"I'm sorry," Drew spoke up, "I don't know of any other hero group that uses the name of the city where they're located. It's not the New York Avengers, so I wouldn't really be in favor of that. That being said Warriors or something similar isn't too bad. As for Chevalier, I think you and my sister, and maybe Nate knows what that word means. It is catchy I admit, but maybe something more people know about."

"Just a suggestion."

"Maybe figure out what we want to stand for first, that could give an idea," said a new voice, just a small hint of some kind of accent to an otherwise cautious tone. Kasper had been standing at the door to the roof listening for some time, had heard some of what was being discussed, but finally stepped forward to take part. There was a guarded look to his face as he approached the group of strangers, but it was also a touch sheepish. He was incredibly late it looked like. Not a good way to try to introduce himself he knew.

White Lily was about to correct Drew and state that the Rancho Bonito Alliance was most definitely named after Rancho Bonito, California. However, the new voice interrupted that train of thought. The siren whirled on Kasper and her green eyes narrowed. Do not use your abilities on him. He's a puppy that needs his nose rubbed into the poop. Save your ability for a time where you really need it. Otherwise, they're all going to start wearing earplugs. "What makes you think that you have any say in anything at all?" she dared Kasper.

A stubborn look flashed over the young man's face at the challenge, and he squared his shoulders as he turned to face the heroine, very conscious that these classmates around him were watching. "Because I want to help," he began. Kasper's chin rose slightly as he added, just a little less confidently, a little shocked at himself for standing his ground, "And I'll use what I can do to help people anyways, whether I'm on a team or not."

"You will continue to get yourself in trouble," Lily told Kasper. "We will discuss this after we are finished here and then we'll decide what to do with you," she told him. "For now, you can watch. Maybe you will learn something." Then, turning her back on the boy, snubbing him like yesterday's ex-boyfriend, she returned her attention to the group. "Do we have any other thoughts on names for our group?"

So prepared he'd been to defend himself, Kasper wasn't sure how to take being dismissed instead. With a grunt as if he'd been punched he lowered his gaze to the rooftop, felt his cheeks flush. Somehow he was certain that he wasn't going to like what the heroine had to say for him later. For the moment he stood back from the others, shut up, and watched as he was told.

Already bad enough at names, and not enjoying most of the conversation, Nomie just stayed behind the rest, listening, waiting.

Violet sidled up to Kasper and whispered in his ear in a teasingly childish tone, "Uh oh, you're in twubble!"

Kasper pulled a face and took a step back from the taunt, "C'mon, this is serious." He cast a hooded-gaze at White Lily, then turned a disapproving look at the beautiful young woman at his side. "Right?"

"What about Champions? Then we can sing 'We are the Champions' every time we defeat someone," Des said sarcastically.

"Actually, Champions isn't that bad of a choice," Drew replied.

Nate smiled. “I like it.” He remembered that there was a Marvel team called the Champions, currently made up of teen and young adult characters. He could get behind that.

Kit stayed where she was watching and listening to the others, an increasingly troubled look on her face since most of them seemed no to take it seriously. She didn't like really like that her life had taken such a weird change from the plans she had had for herself. But she was determined to make the best of a bad situation. Learning to control it sure seemed like a good idea, she was beyond tired of waking up naked in public places. But she was too introverted to speak up.

Violet snickered under her breath and told Kasper, "Of course it is. Doesn't mean you have to get all dour about it."

White Lily's eyes focused on Kit. "What do you say, Beast? Are you going to be a mouse? Or do you have an opinion that you would like to share?" She gave the shy girl a slightly menacing grin.

When called out, Kit's initial impulse was pull back into herself, trying not to be as noticeable. But she steeled herself this time, nodding towards where Kasper stood a few feet from herself at the rear of the group. "I think you're being horrid. He's here to try and help and you all are being mean." She swallowed, lifting her chin slightly and praying she could maintain her true form.

"I think-" Kasper jumped in loudly to try to deflect White Lily back to him, especially if she was mad; better he take the brunt of it than Kit. Plus it let him show the Violet that liked to laugh he wasn't dour. He looked at her first, then around at the others, "Champions is a good name. Stop all threats, beat every foe."

Lily did not bite. She continued to ignore Kasper as if he was not there. "Mean?" she asked Beast. "If you think that I am mean, how are going to deal with someone that truly wants to hurt you, your peers, or anyone else? I'm here to save each and every one of you from yourselves and from whatever is lurking out there for you and this college." She paused and looked over the entire gathering of students meaningfully. "Trust me, if I wanted to be mean, none of you would be able to do a thing about it. Most of you would probably enjoy it. Let's just leave it at that."

She then smiled at her students and asked, "Shall we now get back to the task of picking a name for our group?"

Stung by the horrid behavior from their so-called leader, Kit did as she usually did and retreated into silence. When Lily called for the return to the choosing of a name, Kit slipped away, hurrying down the steps as quiet as she could, her teeth gritted, temper tears in her eyes.

Drew noticed his sister go. Choosing a name, wasn't that critical to him. And even if it had been it was immaterial to him now. There was no question where his loyalties lay. He followed his twin out the door and into the night.

Nate thought about following, but wanted to make sure he got everything he needed from the meeting. Drew was on it. He would talk with both him and Kit later.

As he watched the pair go, part of Kasper wished he could follow. Then he turned back to watch the others, and especially White Lily, quietly. It wasn't that she hadn't told him she was going to have words for him when this was over. Well, not just that. He wouldn't be ashamed to admit she sacred him! But he wanted this, to be a hero, even if it was going to hurt, even if his heart pounded in his chest from mixed excitement and fear.

Anyways, he wasn't going to come up with anything better off the top of his head that what he'd heard already. Had he overhead them coming up with code names when he'd been lurking? That would require some thought too.

Violet watched as the Kit and Drew left. She shook her head wondering what the fools were going to do. It was not as if she knew either but she wanted to kick those men in black's asses. Twice they had gotten the jump on her and once, she could do nothing. If they were coming for her, she would come for them and make sure they paid for ruining her dates. "Coastborne Champions sounds fine by me."

Lily gave an annoyed huff when she watched Drew and Kit go. They were now loose ends that needed to be handled. What would Anne have done in this situation? Lord knows she always said that the RBA was like herding cats. Payback's a bitch, isn't it, Michelle? She asked the remaining crowd, "Is everyone alright with Coastborne Champions, as Champions seems to have some sort of consensus."

Des gave a non-committal shrug. Internally she was surprised that her sarcastic suggestion had won out over everything else. "It's as good as anything, I guess," she said, crossing her arms over her chest and leaning against the wall beside the door to the stairs.

Nodding to the name, Nomie didn't really care in the end about the name.

Nate nodded as well.

Lily said, "Very well. That's decided, then. Now, on to a serious subject. How many of you have people that know that you are not normal? Show of hands?"

Violet raised her hand.

Nomie had hoped this question wasn't coming and raised her hand slowly.

Nate lifted his hand. He tried to protect Aiden from this, but knew he would have little luck.

Kasper continued to remain quiet, though he had considered telling his family what had happened.

Sighing, Des raised her hand just above her shoulder and looked down. Luckily, outside of this group, it was just one person, but she couldn't be sure that the frat boy wouldn't blab to his buddies. Thankfully though, Candace didn't know.

The siren sighed. "Not good. These people are liabilities to you and to us. They can be used against you and discover our identities. I cannot erase their memories. So, I think it might be best that we list these people, so we know who to watch."

"The person who knows about me was there when I found out about mine so..." Nomie stated quietly.

"Me too," Violet replied and then giggled slightly as she gave more information than anyone probably wanted to know, "You might say he got a lift out of it." She elbowed Kasper, enjoying the possibility of making Lily uncomfortable.

The tall boy grinned back quickly at Violet at her joke, but wiped the smile from his face before he maybe caught more of White Lilly's wrath. He was glad now he hadn't confided in anyone yet, but the paranoia made some sense when he thought about it. "What do we do if one of these people wants to come forward with what they know?" he asked.

"The person who knows about me was also with me at the time I found out about mine, it was quite shocking for both of us," she said giving Violet a side eye glance before smirking slightly.

Nate nodded. “I’m sensing a theme, and mine aligns with it. A friend was with me when my power manifested. And truth be told he’s been helping me train with it.”

Violet smirked back at Des. It was nice to know that Des had no ideas about monogamy and was apparently more than satisfied with enjoying moments with her.

Lily coughed pointedly. "OK, so you're all rabbits. I get it. Privately, you can tell me each of these names. They must be protected or dealt with to become non-threats to our security and their own safety. Although half of you probably breached this already, none of you should be exchanging your real life names. The less each of you know about each other's real names and lives, the safer you will all probably be. However, I have yet to meet any group of heroes that was wise enough to keep work and personal life separate."

She then looked at the group and asked, "Any last words or question before we break?"

Nomie shook her head. She didn't want to give up the name of the one person who knew, but at the same time, would it be safer for him? She really wasn't sure.

Kasper steeled himself. What was she planning for him, after the meeting broke up? He still forced himself to make eye contact, to not look like he was one to back down despite his nervousness. Still, he kept quiet for now.

Des shrugged. The one problem she had with giving Lily the name of her person was that she only knew his first name. Oh well, she knew where to find him at least, so that would probably help.

“Yeah one question,” Nate lifted his hand. “Do you or someone from your team help with costumes, or is that our job?”

"Eventually, help will come on that," Lily answered. "I apologize if this sounds cruel but I'm waiting to see if we have attrition. If we do, then those folks will have to fend for themselves. The RBA can't just supply every person that has powers with costumes or supplies. It just means that you will have to be a bit creative for awhile."

"I can handle my own," Nomie said quietly from where she was standing.

"That should be interesting," Des muttered in response to the comment about them having to be creative for now. She wondered what Violet would consider an appropriate costume and smirked.

"Well, if there's nothing else," Lily said, "you can all go." She paused dramatically and then pointed her index finger at Kasper. "All of you except him."

Violet nudged Kasper and whispered in his ear, "You're in trouble now. Catch me later."

Without another word, Nomie headed out. She would figure out what to tell Dan, if anything, later. Likely she would keep it to herself, but she wasn't sure what part she really wanted in all this.

Kasper's face was stony as Violet's breath hit his ear. He couldn't quite appreciate it when he had to face White Lily in a moment, after all. "If I'm still in one piece," he muttered back to her, watched the others leave, wished someone could stay as a witness.

She didn't need to be told twice. Des was already halfway through the door before Lily finished the word 'go'. Desperately wanting to wash the makeup off her face and crawl under the covers and hide away from the world, she hurried down the stairs.


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