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A Special Announcement

Posted on Sat Aug 24th, 2019 @ 6:14pm by Violet Vines

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Cell Phones and Computers at GFCU
Timeline: 09/08/2018 0900

Everyone at Gulf Coast University simultaneously received an email from the University Provost. It read:

Dear Students and Faculty -

We are deeply troubled by the events that occurred last night. We grieve with those who were injured and we are working with local authorities to bring all responsible individuals to justice. If anyone has any information regarding the perpetrators of last night's events, you may contact us immediately without fear of reprisal. An anonymous phone line is also set up with the police should you be uncomfortable in revealing your name or contact information.

Gulf Coast University has always prided itself on being a safe institution for individuals to teach and learn. Let me assure you that we take those duties seriously. To that end, we have invited hero groups to come and send some assistance. We are aware that some heroes were seen on our campus last night. However, nobody has been able to identify those individuals. If you are one of those individuals who assisted, please contact White Lily of the Ranch Bonito Alliance. We have been informed that she will be coming here to assist with these issues and will be setting up a meeting with any local individuals with super powers. We have been assured that she will personally meet with anyone that has these unique gifts.

In the interim, a special midnight vigil will be set up this evening for the victims of last night's tragedy. Also, we will be enhancing security at the University and reviewing all security measures to assure our teachers, administrators, and students that Gulf Coast University is a safe environment for everyone.

In solidarity with all of Gulf Coast University,

Provost Dean Vandenberg


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