Sitting In A Tree

Posted on Mon Nov 25th, 2019 @ 7:05pm by Nathan Sinclair & Katherine Rankin

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Woods near the campus
Timeline: 09/07/2018 2200

It didn't take much effort for Nate to keep up with Kit as she fled through the trees. He kept his distance, but kept pace with her.

Not far from her path, on a nearby street, he could see a small 'Mom and Pop" store. He remembered what happened last time; he knew how this would end for Kit. Given the distances, he figured he had no more than two minutes before he lost her to get what he needed...

Gorilla-Kit didn't know or care that she was being followed by the young man, focusing on moving through the trees as quickly as she could. There wasn't enough of the human mind to be embarrassed by the lack of clothing so that wasn't an issue. Nor would it be until she transformed back into a naked girl.

Ninety seconds later, Nate ran out of the store with a plastic bag. He knew roughly the direction Kit was going and jumped after her. Covering a few hundred feet at a time, he jumped repeatedly until he was certain he was back on her trail. He kept his distance, waiting for her to revert back to human form, supplies now in hand.

The gorilla's mind was in control of the body and sought only to flee. Like more wild creatures they fought only when they had to, not for any of the reasons humans did. Given the stamina of the powerful primate it managed to cover quite the distance before the increased mass of the powerful beast took the inevitable toll on the energy levels of the human girl within. Fortunately it affected the gorilla enough that it stopped in a tree for the night rather than pushing on so that Kit fell from the trees when she ran out of energy, naked and defenseless.

Nate saw where she stopped and he waited a moment. He didn't want to approach too quickly and startle an angry gorilla. Confident that gorilla-Kit had probably transformed back into human-Kit, Nate jumped to the base of the tree where she had stopped. He could see that she was stable, though the bare leg hanging from the edge confirmed his suspicions. Like she had in the field and in his room, she had become human without clothes.

The branch she was resting on seemed sturdy enough to support the weight of the gorilla, which meant it was probably fine for Kit and Nate together too. So he teleported up to the branch, bag in hand, and steadied himself.

Unlike the last time, he couldn't avoid seeing Kit's naked body. He tried not to look, but the way she lay meant he couldn't help her without seeing it.

Part of him felt bad that she wasn't giving him permission to see her like this. She would know it happened, too. All he could do was be a gentleman. But another part of him couldn't help but steal glances. The number of real girls he'd seen completely naked had gone from one to two.

He opened the bag he was carrying and pulled out the largest item he'd bought, a small throw blanket, which he draped over her. Enough to cover her and keep her warm. He knew she risked sleeping a while, so he let her doze about twenty minutes before gently trying to rouse her by touching her shoulder. "Kit?" he asked.

"Mmmm" Kit let out a low moan but otherwise she barely twitched, her energy levels just as low as they'd been after her first experience shifting into an animal's form. After another twenty or so minutes, she finally began to show some signs she was starting to come around. Dark lashes fluttered before slowly parting to stare at Nate in bewilderment for a moment before filling with shame and dismay.

“Hey,” Nate said softly, standing close but just out of reach; close enough that he hoped she would feel safe, but far enough that he wasn’t in her space. “It’s okay. It’s just us. I followed you when you fled the campus.” He held up his shopping bag. “I have some clothes. I had to guess your size, but I hope they fit.”

Color flooded Kit's face, but she managed a wobbly smile for Nate. "Thank you." She murmured, trying to take the bag while covering herself as much as possible. She shifted so her back was to him, and dragged the shirt on over her head, pulling it as far down over herself as it would reach.

Nate turned around to give her privacy while dressing. “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry this has been happening. Maybe we can make a couple of bags like this and leave them hidden around campus? And leave some extra clothes in my room and Drew’s?”

Her face flaming the entire time, Kit dressed quickly grateful beyond measure for Nate's kind thoughtfulness in bringing her these clothes knowing that she might end up naked again as she had when she had first transformed into an animal. "That's a good idea." She said, managing a smile for Nate. "Though the woods might be easier if I lose my things again, since sneaking into a dorm in my... birthday suit isn't going to be easy."

"Right," Nate agreed. "Next weekend, let's find some hiding spots we can make and put some bags around the woods and maybe a rooftop or two. Hey, Drew can probably bury it without disturbing the ground." He almost turned his head to face her, but then realized she might not be finished so stopped and blushed. "Can I turn around now?" he asked.

"Oh! Um... Yeah." Kit stammered, blushing again for not thinking to tell him that she was dressed again. When he did turn towards her again, she was smiling, though somewhat shyly, her cheeks still bright red. "Rooftops would also be a good idea. And up a tree or two." She glanced up looking up at where she had come to rest this most recent time, wearing the form of a huge gorilla.

"I'll find a campus map and we can think of a few places to put them," Nate said. "I'll text you so we can talk with a map in hand. But for now, let's return to civilization, eh?" He offered her his hand.

Kit nodded, then grimaced, pulling a leaf-covered twig from her hair, letting to fall then reached out to take the hand that Nate offered. She wasn't thinking or she would've expected what he had in mind. Caught up in her own misery regarding her newly gained abilities she didn't remember what Nate could now do. "Sounds like a plan." She said smiling over at him.

Nate grinned. “Hold on tight!” And in a blink of an eye they disappeared.