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What the hell

Posted on Tue Jun 11th, 2019 @ 7:53pm by Danielle Michaelson

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super

Danielle and Alexandria had enjoyed a girls night in. They watched a movie, ate pizza and of course there was girl talk. The girls had been asleep for several hours when Danielle was scared awake at what she assumed was an earth quake. The room was shaking and for some reason her head hurt, a lot like the night of the party.

As the young woman looked around the room she gasp "what the hell is going on?" she asked out loud, she wasn't sure if Alex was awake or not. There were several objects in the room floating, she couldn't believe her eyes as she watched a cup of pens and pencils hover about two feet from her desk. The bed continued to shake as she tried to figure what was going on and rubbed her eyes. By this time there were more objects floating.

"Alex" the scared Danielle called out, but didn't get a response from her sleeping roommate. "Hello" Danielle said out loud looking toward some of the floating objects, 'was it a ghost' she asked herself. Of course there was no answer and she thought she heard her roomie snore and let out another soft very scared "Alex" and again there wasn't a response from her friend.

After what seemed like half an hour or more to Danielle, but in reality was only seconds everything stopped shaking and floating and the young girl reached up and found that her nose was bleeding and Danielle looked over at the clock. It was three in the morning and Dani wasn't sure if she was dreaming or really saw what she thought she did.

The sun shining through the window woke Danielle and as she squinted and let out a yawn she wondered if it was a dream or if the events from last night really happend. As she quickly sat up she looked over and noticed the cup was turned over on the desk and it's contents were spilled. "Alex" she said checking her nose, there was a small amount of dried blood "oh my" she quickly checked and her room mate wasn't in the dorm. She must have already left for class and as Danielle stood up, her head started pounding again "Tylenol" she said and started toward the cabinet the girls stored things like that in.

After getting dressed and ready for class Dani made her way out of the room, she was hoping to run into Alexandria before class, but wasn't exactly sure where she might be. She didn't really feel like going to class, but couldn't afford to miss any thing. "I need Star Bucks" she thought and then rolled her eyes because she knew she didn't have time and hurried off toward her first class.


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