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A Time to Shine

Posted on Fri Aug 16th, 2019 @ 9:18pm by Violet Vines & Kimberly Allgood & Alexandria Cranford & Daniel Jackson & Deserae Freely & Katherine Rankin & Andrew(Drew) Rankin & Nomie Kajal & Danielle Michaelson & Nathan Sinclair

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Campus Square
Timeline: 09/07/2018 2000

It was a Friday night. Date night. The first Friday was always busy at Gulf Coast College as students settled in, had their first flings, and their first taste of freedom from their first week of schoolwork. Tonight, there would be partying, the frats and sororities had Rush Week beginning and most people were generally in good spirits as the nights were cooling but were still proverbially very hot.

However, not everyone was partying. Somewhere nearby there was a man in black, speaking to other men in black. He had a chiseled jaw and a serious look about him. His hair and eyes were nearly as somber as his mood as he spoke. "First, I would like to thank you all for your service in the company. You know our ultimate goals and today, you shall all serve them. Of course, like all missions, there is an element of risk. This mission contains the highest risk of all. Some of you will not come back, perhaps all of you. But what you do today will make a brighter tomorrow."

After a pause, he continued, "You still may back out of this mission. No fault or demerits will come if you do. But understand, if you undertake this mission, there is no turning back. This is your last opportunity to back out. Please exit the room now, if that is your intent."

The lead man in black waited an uncomfortable sixty seconds. Nobody left the room. Six men in black sat, waiting on the lead's words. "Tonight, you will create chaos at Gulf Coast College. The purpose is to flush out those who were at the party this past Saturday. We need to know the effectiveness of our plan. Understand, responses will be unpredictable and the local police will be delayed in getting to the scene. We have cameras strategically placed to identify any that escape you. You will be facing untrained hormonal late teenagers and those in their early twenties. It is unlikely that any have any combat skills. Under no circumstances are you to kill anybody that comes to face you. You may wound them, just not gravely. Your object is to capture them. Should you be captured, and we expect that some of you will, you have acted alone. You will disavow all knowledge of us. We will make sure that you are protected. We have lawyers at the ready and other means at the ready to assure that the company's interests are protected. If you reveal anything of our identities to anyone, your fortune and your family's fortunes are forfeit. Your survival and theirs also is in doubt. Keep our privacy and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Should you kill any of those college students, you will suffer the same fate as those who reveal our identities. Do I make myself clear?"

There was a general nodding consensus in the room. "Very good," the lead man in black said. "You have your assignments."


At precisely 9:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, a man in black kneeled down to the Northeast side of Campus Square. When the bulk of students passed through, an explosion ripped through the cement and toppled trees...

Nomie had decided along with Dan, to get away from the books and enjoy the time away from the school. 9:00 pm wasn't exactly late, but they were walking back towards campus she heard and felt what seemed like an explosion. Her eyes looked towards where it was and they instantly went wide. "Dan..."

Dan looked at Nomie and said, "You've got to help them! Just cover yourself so nobody knows who you are. Do you have something?"

"I don't have anything, Dan. Never thought I'd need anything!" Nomie looked back in the direction of the explosion. He was right, she had to go help, but she didn't know how much good she'd be, and how no one would actually know it was her.

"I'll be nearby, you know, in case you get too worn out," he reassured Nomie. "If you need me to get something, I will...."

"Dan...I can't..." She still looked over to where the explosion had happened and knew she could help, but fear was gripping her.

"Yes, you can!" He squeezed Nomie's hand. "You have to. This is your gift. I'll come with if you want."

Nomie looked him in the eye after a moment and shook her head. “Go back to campus. I don’t want to see you hurt. I...I’ll figure it out as I get there.” She gave his hand a squeeze, “Please, go.”

Dan hesitated but finally nodded and told Nomie, "Do good out there. I'll watch and if you get tired, come and get you."

Nodding, Nomie took off.

Head pounding, still, from yet another night of drinking the night before, Des was walking alone to get food. She was passing through the southern corner of Campus Square when an explosion ripped through the area. She ducked and covered her head, pulling a few others behind a bench with her. Hoisting their bags above their heads and hers above her own. It wasn't much protection, but it would keep most of the falling debris from hitting them. "What the fuck...?"

Hayden's father had, had some kind of cardiac event and he had gone back to Stockton to be with him. As far as everyone knew, it wasn't serious and Hayden was expected to be back in class in a few days. Drew had just texted him to check on how things were going when he felt an intense shaking and immediately knew it was an earthquake, he'd been through a few himself. He ran out into the Quad to check the situation out.

Danielle was on the phone with her cousin when the explosion and shaking of the ground caught her attention "I've gotta" she didn't even finish her sentence and hung up. She normally would have run in the opposite direction, but for some reason, she needed to see what happened.

Alexandria asked Danielle, "What's going on?" She sounded terrified.

"I don't know," Danielle said as she started walking faster, her heart pounding and butterflies were in her tummy as she got nervous.

Alexandria told Danielle, "We should get away from the windows. It sounded like an explosion or gunshots. Let's go to the center of the building." Without waiting, Alexandria rushed out of their room, leaving the door open, expecting Danielle to follow.

Danielle sighed, she wasn't one hundred percent sure what the hell to do. So running out the door behind her roomie is what she went with "hold on" she said trying to get Alex not to just run without a plan.

"Hurry!" Alexandria encouraged.

The two rushed through the halls "I'm going" Danielle whispered back, she was nervous and when she looked back she realized she had left her friend behind in the confusion.

Violet was kissing Bill near the Southeast corner of the square, looking forward to another night of levitating sex. One day, she reminded herself, she would have to try this with Des. After all, it did not work with her the night of the attack. So, why did it work with Bill? A question for another time, Violet decided. Of course, she also wondered how many people were watching her sucking face with Bill. The public display of affection did not bother her, but she enjoyed the thoughts of others being slightly queasy.

Once the explosion rocked the square, Violet exclaimed, "What the fuck?!" Rather than running away, Violet started running towards the explosion. At that very moment, gunshots rang out. One of them struck Violet in the thigh. She howled in pain and as she did, cement started caving in all around her. She looked at her leg. There was blood and bruising but surprisingly the bullet did not go through. In fact, it fell near her and was apparently made of a hard rubber. "What in the ever-loving fuck?!"

Bill ran towards her and asked, "Are you alright?" as he was struck with a rubber bullet.

On the Northeast corner, another explosion rang out. Dirt and trees flew. Screams of injuries and terror continued.

Drew had miscalculated. This wasn't an earthquake at least not a natural one. The school was under attack. He cursed under his breath. Part of him, a small part, wanted to run back in the building and hide, or call Hayden, or look for his sister, but running away, no matter how tempting just wasn't in him. Hayden and Kat could wait. So he ran towards the Northeast corner into harm's way.

From her hiding spot, Des watched Violet start to run toward the explosion. "Fuck... fuck, fuck, fuck..." she said angrily before pushing off from the bench and running toward Violet. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone very familiar. She stopped just in time to have a picture of her wild-eyed look snapped by Candace. "What the hell? Candace, get out of here!"

Before Candace could say something, a rubber bullet bounced off Des's thigh and caused her to yell out in pain. Another went whizzing by her hear and she noted that Candace's mouth was moving, but Des didn't hear a word. Then, with a triumphant grin, Candace took off, phone in hand, trying to snap pictures of the other students running and whoever was attempting to blow the school up.

"Goddamnit!" Des shouted before taking off for Violet again. "What the ever-loving... GAH!" Another rubber bullet pinged off her hip this time just as she made it to Violet.

The cement around Violet continued to cave in. Des' final steps to Violet felt like her legs were going to collapse because she stepped into a black hole. An angry Violet turned back at Des and growled, "What are you doing? Get out of here, Des!"

"Came to tell you the same thing," Des said, backstepping to reach solid ground again. A bolt of electricity snapped from one of her fingers, and she shook her hand. 'Not now.....' she muttered, looking around for Candace. "You're Uhm... well... that... and Candace is running around snapping pictures... if you don't want to be known as a freak, I suggest covering your face?"

"Fuck!" Violet shouted back at Des. "Other than throwing my arm across my face, how do you suppose I should fucking do that?" Violet ducked down trying to keep as much of her identity covered.

Taking off the shirt Des had tied around her waist, she tore a piece off of it. "With this?" she held a large bit of grey cotton out to Violet. "Wear it like a bandana." Des then tied another bit over her own face, covering from her nose down.

Violet did as Des said, "If you're going to do that, you may as well start taking it all off." Violet gave Des a meaningful grin.

"After we stop the assholes," Des grinned back at Violet. "I'll see about getting undressed..."

Violet snarked, "Fine. Take out all the fun."

Rolling her eyes, Des shook her head. She had no comeback to that and instead started looking around the quad, trying to decide what course of action they should take first.

Having left craft night not long earlier to get a late dinner, Nate was nowhere near the explosion when it went off, but felt it from the next quad over as the ground shook and caught the flash of light out of the corner of his eye. His initial instinct was to run. To "jump" as far as he could. But curiosity got the better of him. And maybe he could help people get away faster.

He looked around and, once satisfied that everyone was running away from the explosion and paying him no attention, he disappeared, reappearing on the roof of a building with a better view. Down below he saw two women on the ground, as if with injured legs. Wait, was that Violet?

He disappeared again and reappeared next to the two. "Hey, let me help you up."

Drew saw that Nate was helping the girls and figured he wasn't needed there. He was going after the assholes shooting at everyone. He phased out felt himself start to rise off the ground then began to airwalk towards the attackers.

More and more, the ground around Violet started to cave under its own weight. She looked at Nate and gave him a curious look. The shorter boy just became slightly more interesting. "I don't need help!" she shouted back. "Get out of here!"

More electricity sparked from her fingers and Des shook her head. "Nor do I, but I suggest instead of yelling at each other to get out, we should work together to stop these guys?"

"I can get you closer?" Nate suggested. "Crush and electrocute them directly?"

Violet's eyes grew large as she saw Des' electricity flickering. She started to laugh and the gravity in the area changed. Violet floated up to Nate. "This is going to be fun. Let's get them! What do you say, Speedy?" she asked Nate referring to his last encounter with Violet.

"Of course the two of you can fly..." Des muttered, looking down at her hands. She concentrated on the electricity and felt every inch of her skin start to tingle as she drew static out of the air. "But whatever, let's get these creeps!

Violet reached a hand to Des. "I don't know that I can fly. I just seem to go up when I laugh."

"I can't fly," Nate said, smiling at Violet's joke, "but I can get us up close to those guys, or even behind them. Instantly." He held a hand up to Violet. "Make an 'instantly' joke later. Just grab my arm or something. Both of you."

Violet smirked at Nate regarding the "instantly joke" remark and simply said, "Gladly," as she floated higher. "But as to grabbing something, I'll stick with the arm," she told Nate, wrinkling her nose. Reluctantly, she took the smaller boy's arm.

"Got a stretchy arm? Or would you mind coming closer to me, so I could actually do as you asked?" Des said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

What have I gotten myself into? Nate thought to himself as looked at Des. In an instant, he and Violet disappeared from where they were and reappeared mere inches from Des. "Is this close enough?" He clasped Des's shoulder with his free hand and then jumped all three of them to just beside two of the armed intruders.

He released Des, shrugged Violet off his arm, and put his hands on the men's guns. "Can I borrow these?" he quipped as he teleported away, taking their weapons with him.

Violet looked at Des and then the men, as Nate teleported away. "How dare he?!" Violet stormed, as the area became heavier. "Think he could just leave me here? Does he think he can just dump me like that?!" The men crouched down as they tried to crawl away from the area.

She didn't have time to react to what Nate had said/done before she was standing near a couple of the men who'd been shooting at them. Watching Violet start to get angry, Des backed up a bit, noticed the men doing the same and reached out a hand to them. At first, nothing happened, and she stood there for a few seconds looking like an idiot. But then, growing angry at herself, she felt the tingling in her fingers as she mentally berated herself.

Drawing that feeling up her arms, Des could feel the energy in the air being drawn into her. "I so need a hammer..." she muttered as she flung her arm out toward the men, using every ounce of concentration and energy she had to push the electricity she'd gathered down her arm and out through her fingertips. She grinned as the seat of the one man's pants blackened, then a small hole formed and smoke began to rise. "Sit down!" She commanded the other one, whom she'd hit in the foot.

Violet watched Des in awe and then giggled lightly, gravity in the area returning to normal. "We have a lot to discuss, don't we, Sparks?"

Rather than obey, the men turned to run, with gravity having returned to normal.

Des shot Vi a dirty look before turning to the men. "I said SIT DOWN!" She yelled, throwing all the energy she could muster at them and giving them the shock of their lives. "And don't call me Sparks!"

The men sat reluctantly and in an obvious amount of pain.

Violet smugly told Des, "OK, Sparky!" She giggled a moment and said, "How about, 'Bolt'?" Violet wrinkled her nose and asked, "Wasn't that a cartoon dog?"

"None of those!" Des said, shooting a small arc of mostly static at Violet. "Concentrate on the bad guys please? Before they regain the ability to walk away?"

"Fine, fine," Violet said growling, the area starting to grow heavier again. "Sometimes you're a killjoy, Glitter Girl."


On what was to be the last day of her life Kit had attended her classes, thrilled to be an actual college student, focusing her undivided attention on the professors or the instructors. When her last class of the day was over, Kit made her way straight to the dining hall, for a quick meal. She might’ve lingered though had she seen anyone she knew well enough to linger with, but since she saw no trace of her brother, Nate or Misty. Kit ate her meal alone, then headed to the library to work on research until just before the library closed at nine. She was walking through the darkness, thinking about what she’d discovered when she heard the explosion and stopped short, her first thought that it was an earthquake.

She was a California girl after all, and she had grown up with the awareness that they could happen at any time. Given that she was alone on a dark path flanked with many tall trees, Kit wisely hurried onwards towards the open area she knew to be ahead, pulling out her cell intending to call her brother. It was then she heard…. Gunfire? Uncertain, Kit slowed her steps, looking for a place to hide, intending to call the police.

From behind Kit, there was a scream as a man in black grabbed a girl and then cut her behind the knees felling her. The man in black then went up to a boy and did the same. He spotted Kit with the cell phone and told her, "Put that down, Missy. You're next."

Kit sucked in a quick breath, whirled and ran. While she wasn't the athlete that her twin was, she was fleet of foot and the terror added wings. Darting back into the trees, Kit dodged this way and that, doing her best to put some distance between herself and the man who'd just attacked those other two kids. Her own power wasn't yet under her conscious control, and she wasn't quite frightened enough yet for it to activate.

The man gave chase and with a slash, cut a hole in some of her clothing. The blade nicked her skin but did not cut deeply. A small amount of blood started to trickle...

Given that she was running for her life, Kit didn't even notice the small cut... What occupied her full attention was the man who was hot on her heels. None of her attempts to shake him did her the slightest good. She could hear his footsteps thudding closer and closer behind her.

Unprepared for the flying tackle, Kit went down hard, stunned long enough for him to pin her to the ground, unable to move, his weight crushing her smaller frame. After her head cleared did the real fear come as she struggled under her attacker, her breath coming hard and fast, the little panicked sounds slowly turning into the grunting sound of an adult lowland silverback gorilla. A gleam shone in her eyes as fur started sprouting along the arms he pinned to the ground.

Surprisingly, the man's voice grinned as the fur started sprouting. "Oh, I got me one! Can't wait to take you home with me!" He put the knife around Kit's neck. "Move further and you're dead. Come with me quietly and there won't be any trouble. Got it?"

With the fear coursing through her it was too late for the untrained teenager to halt her transformation even if she had wanted to, she didn't have any control yet, so heedless of the warning she kept transforming. Her clothing rending and tearing as the slender teen grew nearly a foot taller than her own five and half feet. Her body weight quadrupled as the man suddenly found himself attempting to straddle a five hundred pound silverback gorilla. The knife he held nicking her throat and causing her to roar in anger. Huge hands closed around the man's throat easily manhandling him.

Drew heard something that he couldn't distinguish, but for some reason drew his attention. He was uncertain as to the exact direction, so he turned slightly, listening intently to see if it was repeated.

It wasn't something that he heard, not physically, he realized almost an instant later. It was something else, some other sense. Then he knew what it was his twin and she was in trouble. He just didn't know enough details. "Kat," he called out, unsure if the words were coming out of his mouth, or just his mind.

The man turned white and squeaked in astonishment. He looked back at the boy calling the name, "Kat" and made a mental note of his appearance. The information would be useful to the company. He also tried, unsuccessfully to call back to him for help.

The huge paw tightened around the man's throat, crushing the man's larynx without meaning to since she was not the violent type and should she remember she would be distraught. But for now, she roared again and took to the trees, scrambling up and away from the human's remains.

Fifty feet in front of Drew, gunshots rang out. "I'll get you!" the man in black shouted out furiously and started charging after the gorilla. He ran directly at Drew towards the gorilla, scattering wild shots everywhere. Somehow they missed Drew but the gun leveled directly at Drew. Quick action was necessary or death might be the likely outcome for him.

"Hey, man," Nate said as he suddenly popped into existence next to Drew. He grabbed his friend by the wrist and blinked him a few feet away, behind the gunman, confusing the armed villain. "I think your sister needs one of us." He pointed to where the Kit-Gorilla had been, now empty.

Drew's eyes widened as Nate's words brought him back from his reverie. He phased out effectively turning both ethereal and invisible. I'll take care of this clown," he said, “you help Kat." Then he rose in the air. It was a trick he'd been practicing a bit and just hoped he was good enough at it.

The man in black turned to Drew and Nate. "Oh, this is going to be great." He then fired at both of them, taking careful aim at their appendages.

The bullet passed through Drew as if he wasn't there.

Lost in the moment, the gorilla that Kit had turned into wanted nothing more than to fell, so that is exactly what she did. She scrambled up the tree, allowing the animal portion of her brain to take control so that she could climb high and fast, leap from one tree to the next, swinging from one branch to the next as only an ape or monkey could.

And Nate wasn't far behind.

Now that Drew had a good idea where his sister was, he was assuming that the gorilla had to be her, he began racing towards her. He was pretty quick but not nearly as swift as she was but he kept moving unrelentingly towards her.

The huge primate that had been a teenaged college student less than a quarter of an hour ago, and who'd killed a man kept to the tops of the trees, or at least as close as so large an animal such as itself could. Intent on fleeing what the tiny human portion that remained of the shy, reserved young woman from the scene of murder. For it was murder and it would torment Kit when she learned what she had done.


Nomie has finally made it closer to the others, but she wasn’t even sure where or how to start helping. “Who’s hurt?!” She finally yelled out.

Cries of pain came from nearly every direction. Nomie could see cuts on numerous individuals and even chunks of cement sticking out of thighs and legs. A few students were unconscious. It made for difficult choices for Nomie.

"Damnit," Nomie stated under her breath as she looked around. She knew she would only be able to do so much before she would have to rest. Ripping off part of her shirt at the bottom, she cursed Dan for telling her to hide her identity and managed to get two holes in the fabric before tying it around her head like a mask. She then ran over to those who were unconscious and checked them to make sure they were still alive before eying the ones who had the cement sticking out of their legs.

The closest one she stopped at after making sure the others were alive. There was more blood than she expected, and she nearly lost everything in her stomach. Focusing, she knelt down. "Easy, you're okay." She gently looked to see how deep the cement was.

Danielle was headed over to see if Nomie needed help when she noticed one of the men dressed in black pointing a gun at Nomie. Danielle wasn't really sure what to do but she yelled "HEY" at him and he quickly moved the gun from Nomie to Danielle. She was scared and her heart was pounding in her chest, but she wasn't going to show him that and as Danielle squeezed her eyes shut preparing to be shot, she heard a bang and the man scream.

When she opened her eyes Danielle realized that the attacker was laying on the ground and the soda machine that he was standing next to was on top of him. "I'm not sure how, but I'm glad it happened," the young woman said and ran over toward Nomie

Hearing the gunshot, Nomie jumped, losing her concentration. Her eyes turned to Danielle, "Th...thank you," she said as she started to focus on the injured one again. How had it happened when she healed Dan? It just...happened...right?

Rushing over to Nomie's side "is there anything I can do?" she wasn't sure how she could help, but she wanted to.

Blocking out Danielle for a bit, Nomie kept focusing. Finally, she started to feel some of her energy draining. Opening her eyes, she looked down and saw some of the blood moving away from the wound. How much longer could she keep this up, with how many wounded were there?

The wounded were all over but Nomie's efforts were bearing fruit.

Nomie sat back on her heels and wiped sweat from her forehead. She couldn't do much more, especially with no break. Looking across at everything happening, she wished she had more strength. But right now, she needed a minute to gather more of it.

Nomie's cell phone buzzed on her. A text was incoming.

"Oh hell, now what..." Nomie grabbed her phone, still catching her breath. Who the hell would be doing this?

The text was from Dan and simply asked, "Need help?"

"Damnit, not now!" Nomie replied back to the text, telling him to get himself back to the dorms.

Dan gave an injured look at the text. He did not want his girlfriend to run out of energy and was more than willing to put himself in harm's way to protect her. Did she not understand that? She did not even want to do this and now she was telling him, "not now." He shook his head, marvelling at how little women made sense.

Don't want you injured in the middle of this, I'll get distracted she quickly sent and looked around again, getting a small bit of her energy back.


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