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Flights of Fancy

Posted on Mon May 20th, 2019 @ 11:16pm by Violet Vines

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Alpha Kappa Omega House
Timeline: 09/01/2018 2100

The game had ended and Violet had allowed herself to go to a frat house for a party. It was not that she really cared for the Greek life. She did not. However, anybody who was willing to give her free beer and perhaps tickle her fancy would be appreciated. After all, what else was there to do in this shitty town but drink and bang? There was the matter of her needing a 3.0 to keep Aunt Mildred paying for her experiences but classes had not yet started and she wanted to party.

Finding a guy to fuck was never a difficult thing for her. However, she did have standards. The guy had to be worth it. After all, Nate was definitely not worth it, though she had to admit that it was more than a little fun toying with that over polite, geeky, Canadian horn dog. She chuckled at the thought of that as she moved in and out of the crowd that was rapidly getting drunker. She grabbed a red solo cup from a stack near a keg and poured herself a full cup and chugged it.

A frat boy took notice of it and approached Violet. She gave him a knowing grin. After introductions were made, she learned that the boy was a junior named Bill Hafner. He was six feet, two inches tall (making him taller than Violet, even in heels, to her delight) and well proportioned. He had piercing blue eyes and dirty blond hair. His face was covered in a purposeful scruff that sent Violet's loins afire. She wondered how well that scruff would tickle her in all of the right places. Debating how long and how drunk she should be before she allowed Bill to have her, she let Bill take the lead. After all, she had all night. There was nothing waiting for her at the dorm, except maybe Des. But, she was pretty sure that Des had plans with her roommate, Candace.

Violet put Des out of her mind, after all, they were not an item. It was just a drunken fuck from the night before, right? Violet was more than certain that was correct, so she waited for Bill to make his play. She liked that he did not beat around the bush too much. It only took him another beer before he kissed her. His alcohol breath attested to the fact that he probably gained courage from it, though perhaps she would give him a second try if he was good tonight. Then she would see if sober Bill was as much fun.

Bill led Violet to his room in the frat. He wasted no time in stripping himself and Violet. Violet decided that he was hot and she threw herself completely at Bill. Recklessly, they tumbled onto the bed and she mounted Bill. He flipped her over and started to have his way with her. Being physically thrown and controlled was such a turn on. And he was finding all the right buttons on her body. She did not care that he probably did this before. The experience was phenomenal.

Losing herself in the sensations, she could feel his hard member thrusting inside of her forcefully. Her loins got wet and she could hear his breathing quickening. He stopped for a moment only to get a condom and place it on himself. He told Violet, "I'm going to rock your hot body." She believed him. While he managed to get the condom on himself, she fingered herself, noting that she was wet enough to hydrate a dry creek. Cumming would be no issue.

Bill watched Violet as she fingered herself and then grinned. "You aren't going to need that with me. I'll make you cum in no time." Violet believed him. He grabbed her by her long hair and ass while thrusting himself inside her again. The primal force of him was just thrilling to Violet. Losing herself in the sensations, she would swear that she was floating on thin air. The thrusting continued until she her several grunts and the telltale sign he was going to cum. Violet, too knew she was close and she closed her eyes as her body shook and shivered with the first waves of the mounting orgasm coming. Bill gave one more large grunt and collapsed on top of Violet as her body lost all control. She shook and bucked as her body gave way to pleasure. However, unlike other times that she felt this great release, she felt nothing pressing back against her.

Violet opened her eyes and stared wide eyed and then laughed! She was floating and with Bill on top of her. She laughed and cried out, "OHMIGOD! OHMIGOD! This is just so amazing! Bill, did you do this?"

Bill looked down. "I doubt it. This has never happened before."

"This is too FUCKING COOL!" she shouted, as they floated higher. "I've got to do this again! Take me, Bill! Let's figure this out! I want to know everything about this! If you did this to me, I'm never fucking anyone else!"


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