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Practice Makes Perfect

Posted on Mon Aug 5th, 2019 @ 12:48pm by Nathan Sinclair & Aiden Osceola

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Campus, Outside
Timeline: 2019/09/07 0400

It was four in the morning, but Nate wasn’t tired. He was looking forward to this bit of training. Last time he tried this, he couldn’t train for long. He found Kit unconscious and naked on the ground, and he and Drew had to help her. But today, he wasn’t alone. Aiden has agreed to help him.

So there they both were, outside the quad, which was completely empty and lit only by street lamps and the moon.

“So, how do you think we should do this?” Nate asked. “I’m not exactly a trainer.”

"Well, we know some of the basics, you've picked up the ability to teleport. I think we need to do a couple of things. First, we need to test the limits of what you can do. Second, we need to help you establish better control of it. At least that seems to make the most sense to me. What do you think?"

Nate nodded. “Okay. I think I have basic control, though you’re right that I need to control it better. Right now, I’ll try jumping increasingly far away, then back. Ready?”

Aiden pulled a stopwatch out of his pocket and nodded his head, "Ready, let's do this. Go"

At the word go, Nate focussed his mind and an instant later he was about forty meters away. Smiling, he turned around and just as easily jumped back to Aiden. He looked to another point, one further away, and this time jumped eighty meters. It felt like no time was passing, but he couldn’t be sure. He jumped back, standing next to Aiden an instant later. “Is this as instantaneous as it feels?”

The Native American nodded his head. "Close enough, that whole series of jumps took under eight seconds. How far do you think you can jump."

Eight seconds. That came close to how much time he felt at each pause. Which meant virtually no time passed between when he left one place and reached the next. He wondered about the mechanics of it. Was he folding space between two points with his mind? Was he traveling through some portal or tunnel? Was this just magic?

“How far I can jump, huh?” Nate looked around and found the furthest point away he could see. “Okay, do you see that water tower? I’m going to try to jump to that. I think it’s over a mile away.” He concentrated hard, instinctively planted his feet to the ground, and a moment later was standing on top of the water tower.

He was also out of breath. That was the first time a jump took anything out of him. He felt drained of energy and a bit dehydrated. So jumps do take effort, he thought. He sat down on the roof of the tower and got out his phone. He sent Aiden a text that read “Made it to the tower. Can’t jump right away though. Need to catch my breath.” He also looked at his maps app and confirmed that he’d jumped 1,900 meters, more than a mile.

Aiden had seen a number of strange occurrences in his life, so he was not particularly shocked by Nathan's ability, but that didn't mean he wasn't impressed. He was. He texted back for the other Freshman to take his time and not to come back until he was ready. He then scanned the area to see if anyone else was around.

“Okay,” Nate said to himself, standing up and stretching. His breath sufficiently caught, he looked back and tried to spot where he came from. Unfortunately, while the water tower was an obvious landmark, the part of the quad they were training in was less easy to spot. He figured a few smaller jumps were in order. He teleported to a street corner on a road he knew went straight toward the campus, then few more times, along the road, a couple of hundred meters at a time, until he spotted Aiden and jumped right beside him.

Aiden glanced down at his stopwatch. "That took a bit longer," he commented, "what happened? Why didn't you come back the same way you left?"

"Three reasons," Nate answered, out of breath. "One, that long jump was exhausting. I didn't realize it takes energy to jump, but it makes sense that it does. That big jump was draining. The little ones coming back were tiring too, but less so individually." He sat down on the curb. "Two, I think I need to see where I'm jumping for it to work. Or otherwise, know exactly where it is. I could see the top of the water tower. But I couldn't see exactly where you were from up there. And once on the ground, I could only see a couple of hundred meters ahead of me."

Aiden pulled out a bottle of water and handed it over to his roommate. "Yeah, that makes sense. Are you hungry, I've got a Power Bar if you want one?"

Nate took the water, nodding to his roommate as he did so, and took a long drink from it. “I will need food, but we can get breakfast in a few.” He looked at his watch. “They’ll be putting hot food out in the cafeteria in about ten minutes. There’s one last test I want to do before then. Jumping with another person. I know the first time I did this, I took you with me, but I need to be able to control that properly.”

"You know if someone sees us holding hand they're going to get the wrong impression don't you?" Aiden joked, then turning serious answered, "seriously, how do you propose doing this?"

He put his hand on Aiden's shoulder. "Last time I grabbed you by the arm. Maybe any physical contact is needed. Let's try like this." He looked up at the roof of the nearby library building, which wasn't far, concentrated, and a moment later, he and Aiden were on the edge of the roof. "Shit!" He grabbed Aiden's shoulder more tightly and the two stepped further onto the roof to safety.

"Easy there," Aiden replied putting a hand on top of Nate's. "Are you okay there roomie?"

"Yeah, I'm alright," he answered. "Just a bit winded. And I didn't think we'd reappear to close to the ledge." He walked around on the roof, examining the area. "I like it up here. Good breeze. Private. Might be a nice place to study." Or bring a girl one day.

"Yeah, it does look a good place. Nice and romantic. I have a pretty good idea which girl you're interested in."

"Oh?" Nate asked, blushing a bit. What had Aiden seen? "Do tell. What girl do I want to bring up here?"

"I think that's rather obvious," Aiden replied, "Kit Rankin. I think she's kind of cute myself. Have you asked her?"

"We went out for coffee," Nate answered. "But that was random. We happened to have been in the same class and I ran into her afterward. You think I should ask her out?"

"Of course you should. I mean why not. Ask her out on a date. An official date. see what happens. The worst that can happen is she'll say no. Then you'll know. But you're a pretty decent looking guy, and you've got that funky Candian accent. She'll probably say yes."

Nate couldn't help but laugh at his roommate's description of him. It was nice to know that someone thought he looked alright; that he had a chance with someone. "Sounds good. Thanks, man. Now let's get off this roof and go to the caf."

"Sounds good to me," Aiden replied, "how far do you think you can, em, jump jump us this time?"

"Well," Nate said, pointing to a row of windows. "The caf is right there. Those second-floor windows. Looks empty. Now is the best time to test if I can go through glass, right?"

Aiden gave him a dubious look that lasted several seconds before he shrugged his shoulders. "Sure, you only live once right?" He took hold of Nate's left elbow,"Okay, let's do this."

Nate was confident he could do it. He had gone through the window when he jumped outside that time, but the window was open a bit. He put his hand on Aiden's shoulder, looked at him, smiled, and said "Tallyho!" With that, they both disappeared from the rooftop, teleporting to their next destination.


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