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Unexpected Breakfast

Posted on Wed Jul 3rd, 2019 @ 11:17am by Nathan Sinclair & Kimberly Allgood

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Cafeteria
Timeline: 2018/09/03 0900

Kim sidled up to Nate and said, "I am most grateful that you were willing to escort me to breakfast. You are such a sweetie! Why don't you tell me all about yourself?"

Nate smiled at Kim’s increasing compliments, blushing all the while. “Well, thank you for suggesting breakfast. I was feeling down and this cheered me up. But what would you like to know?”

"Well, why don't you tell me where you're from, sugar? Tell me about your family," she encouraged. "I want to know everything about you. And don't you worry your pretty little head about breakfast. Whoever this Violet was, it is her loss and my gain."

The two left the dorm and started walking across the street to the building housing the cafeteria. “Well, you know about my parents. I have two sisters, Jane and Lara. I’m in the middle. Jane got legal custody of us when our parents died, but I was fourteen at the time, so it was more of a legal thing than actually needing someone to watch us. Lara was eleven when it happened and she took it hardest. But we moved on, as we all must do. What about you? What’s your family like?”

"My family?" she laughed prettily and waved a hand in Nate's general direction. "IT is just your run of the mill Christian family: Two brothers, one sister, a mom and dad. We're just making ends meet and tryin' our best just to get on, ya know?" She then turned the subject back to Nate. "That must be hard being without your parents and raising yourself. You poor dear. Is there anything that I can do to help?"

“You’re making me feel at home,” Nate answered. “Can I tell you something? Back home, we have some...unkind stereotypes about Americans. But you’re being so kind and polite. It’s really making me feel like this place isn’t really that different from home.”

"Oh, the Northern folks are so uncivilized," she told Nate. "I bet that Violet girl was probably one of them. Now down here in the South, we understand hospitality. I am happy to make you feel at home."

“Well, you have my thanks.” They reached the other building and Nate stepped forward to open the door for Kim. “After you.”

"Such a gentleman," Kim told Nate approvingly. "You're just as sweet as sugar, now aren't you?"

Nate couldn’t help but smile and giggle. He met her under strange circumstances, but he was having fun getting a meal with yet another girl. “I wanted to ask, I didn’t see you at that party the other night. The one where the men with guns showed up. Were you there and I just missed you?”

"Oh gosh, no! I did not go! I could not imagine a more disreputable place to go," she answered with some sense of scandal. "I tried to tell Nomie not to go but the girl seems to be dedicated to following the road to hell." She rolled her eyes disgusted. "And what is this about guns? Oh my goodness! Did the police come?!"

“I thought it was the police,” Nate said. “Though my friends aren’t so sure. Anyway, it was fun until they arrived. I’ll need to talk with Nomie and Dan sometime. Hear their take on it.” He realized he was staring wistfully as he thought of that weird night. He looked back at Kim and smiled. “I’m being rude, aren’t I? I’m sorry. Let’s get some food and sit down. The breakfast sandwiches looked delicious.”

"Nomie and Dan can wait," Kim assured Nate. She patted his hand and said, "We're just getting to know each other. Why talk about these unpleasant matters? And you're certainly not being rude. I asked." They walked over to the food area and Kim ordered some grits. "I bet they use instant grits," she told Nate frowning.

“I’ve never had grits,” Nate said as he received his sandwich: bacon, egg, and cheese on a biscuit. He also grabbed a banana and walked with Kim to the pay counter. “So two brothers and a sister. Where do you fit in, age wise? Oldest, youngest, somewhere in between?”

"Second youngest," Kim answered. "You want to try some of my grits?" she offered politely.

“I would love to, thank you,” Nate said. They paid and found a table together. “Do I just scoop some up with a spoon? Or do I put it on something, like bread?”

Kim giggled at Nate. "Are you just as sweet as sugar and as funny as a hyena?" She paused before continuing. "No, hon. You eat your grits with a fork, that is unless they're swimmin' with butter. Then a spoon is OK." She scooped some of the grits on a fork and put it towards Nate's mouth. "Open up," she told him sweetly.

With a smile on his face, he leaned in close and accepted the forkful of grits in his mouth. He closed his lips around the fork. “Hm!” he said as he tasted the food. He chewed and considered the flavour. Or lack thereof. “It doesn’t taste like much, does it?” he asked after a moment, not wanting to sound stupid and use the word ‘gritty’. “But it’s good. I could get used to Texan food. I hear the barbecue here is fantastic. Can’t wait to try that.” He then took a bite of his breakfast sandwich, which also made him smile.

Taking a bite of her own grits, Kim considered them. "If you think these are good, I will have to make you some homemade ones. I can't have you thinking that this cafeteria food is considered acceptable." She grinned widely at him. "And yes, we are known for our barbeque but our Tex-Mex and Mexican food can't be beat, either, ya know?"

“That all sounds really good,” Nate said. “So, if you don’t mind me asking, you said something about that party being ‘disreputable’. I take it you don’t approve of what was happening over there?” He lifted his hands. “I’m not judging. I just like to know where my new friends stand on certain things.”

"They just met and they're acting like two cats in heat," she said in an offhanded, yet perturbed voice. "People ought to know one another, ya know? Know their kin and if they're from good stock. Otherwise, in an unanticipated situation you may get a sickly calf!"

"You're not wrong," Nate said once he finished his next bite. "I mean, I understand the appeal of instant gratification, but it's good to know someone before you go too far. My first time was with my best friend Emmanuelle. She and I knew each other for years. We trusted each other implicitly. So during the August Long Weekend, my sisters went away and we...explored each other." He froze as he brought his sandwich up for another bite. "I, uh, I hope I didn't overshare just now."

Kim replied, "Oh," disappointed. "So, you and Emmanuelle are...." She left the words hanging.

Nate thought for a moment and suddenly realized what he’d implied. “Oh! No, she’s just a friend. She’s back home, hopefully having the time of her life at U of T. We were never anything more than friends.”

"I thought you said you were from Canada. What's she doing at the University of Texas?" Kim asked confused. "So, if I might pry, um, why exactly, did you do the deed with Emmanuelle if you are not in a relationship?"

Nate pauses to think. “It’s not a bad question. At the time, it was something we both wanted to try, and we trusted each other entirely. We wanted to find out what we liked before we went off to university. Um, it was only afterward that my sisters told me Em was probably into me and I couldn’t tell.” He went to take another bite, but stopped first. “Oh, and U of T is also what we call University of Toronto. Silly of me for assuming. I bet there are schools all over that call themselves that!”

"My!" Kim told Nate. "You're just as innocent as a lamb, aren't you?"

Nate smiled again. “I’ve been called worse. I always had my sisters. It’s a bit hard without them. Is this also your first time away from your family?”

"I suppose in the most permanent sense," Kim considered. "After all, I went away for overnight camps before."

“Sure, me too,” Nate agreed. “But now they’re so far. Thankfully airplanes still exist. I can visit them. And I’ve met some nice people here, like you, which makes it easier.”

"You're just as sweet as sugar," Kim told Nate in her Southern accent. "But should you not preserve your funds and not travel as much? I mean, out of state tuition could not be cheap."

"I mean, I shouldn't visit them too often," he agreed. "But we're...comfortable enough that I can afford to come here and fly home sometimes. Dad traveled a lot actually. He did accounts for a company with operations all over the world. Before he died, he's accumulated enough miles to get my sisters and I special status with Air Canada for life. So flying is a bit cheaper and easier. It's just a shame that the closest airport is so far away."

"You are so modest and brave in the face of your adverse circumstances. I could just eat you up."

“I’m not brave,” he said, blushing at her compliments. “I’m just used to it, I guess. But thanks for listening. It’s been nice talking to you about it, even if the subject isn’t nice.”

Kim put her hand lightly on Nate's and said, "You can tell me anything you want, hon. I am happy to listen to ya."


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