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The Disappointment and the New Friends

Posted on Tue Apr 30th, 2019 @ 5:33am by Nomie Kajal & Nathan Sinclair & Kimberly Allgood & Daniel Jackson

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Hawkins Hall, Room 117
Timeline: 2018/09/03 0830

It was the first week of classes, but Nate had none until noon today. But he couldn’t just stay in bed. He wanted to get out and see more of the campus. Talk to more people. Make more friends. Maybe talk to a girl or two, to keep from falling back into nervousness. Old Nate would hide from contact with the fairer sex, but New Nate had already had a great time with Kit at the party (before the shootings), and he’d had a mind blowing, if premature, encounter with Violet. For the latter, he happened to know her room number.

Figuring if she had a morning class she’d be up by now, he decided to be brave and go down to room 117 and talk to her.

He steeled his nerves and gave the door three hard knocks.

Nomie had become quite comfortable with Dan very quickly. It'd been two days, the exhaustion was gone, but the sudden feelings she felt for him were still there. But the knocks on the door woke her up as she felt Dan's arm around her. She found him still asleep but stirring.

Glancing to the other bed, she was curious if Kim had come home at all the night before, but didn't pay attention to whether or not she was in her bed when she slipped out of Dan's arm and went to unlock the door. Luckily, she was actually wearing something resembling pajamas, even if it was just a long shirt.

Unlocking the door, she tried to clear her eyes to see who it was. "Um, can I help you?"

Kim looked up blurry eyed. Then looked at Nomie's bed and saw Dan there. She tsked, disapprovingly. "Flirting with the devil," Kim whispered to herself.

On the other hand, Dan, flipped over and started grasping around. Instead of Nomie, which his sleeping self expected to find, he grasped the pillow. Comforted by holding it, he muttered, "I've got you, Nomie. I've got you."

Looking over her shoulder, even though there was someone at the door, Nomie glared at Kim before letting out a small chuckle at Dan. He was still asleep. She then turned back to their guest at the door.

Nate looked at the stranger in the door. She thought maybe she’d seen her at the rave, but she couldn’t be certain. Maybe this was Violet’s roommate. “I’m sorry to bother you,” he said. “I’m looking for Violet? She told me this was her room when we met.”

"Looks like you were told the wrong room. This is the room of Nomie and Kim...and currently Dan," Nomie nodded over her shoulder at Dan asleep on the bed. Yawning, she glanced to Kim while walking back to her bed. "Maybe you can talk to him?" She slipped back under her blanket but nudged Dan awake.

Kim looked over at Nomie and said, "You can't just let him stand there! And lawdy, Nomie! I'm indecent! I don't even know how you answered the door like that." She yelled at the door, her Southern accent dripping with kindness. "Kind sir, would you mind closing the door? As soon as I am decent, I would be happy to talk to you."

Nate blushed and looked to the ground. “I’m sorry, Miss. I’ll step outside and let you get dressed.” He closed the door and waited outside. So it looks like I was lied to, Nate thought. Or maybe there’s more going on. Nomie or Kim might tell me more. Don’t jump to conclusions.

Nomie shrugged at Kim and nudged Dan a bit harder, trying to wake him up, before kissing him on the cheek. "You better wake up, Dan."

Dan woke up with a start. "What's wrong? Are you in trouble?" He looked over at Kim and blushed furiously.

Kim replied, "Shameless. Both of you. Can you at least have the decency to avert your eyes while I get decent? We have a guest."

Rolling her eyes slightly, Nomie turned to the wall and turned Dan around too. "If you ask Kim, we are of course in trouble. But, she can deal with that part." She grinned and leaned against him. "Better dress while you can, Kim."

"No peeking," Kim scolded them.

Dan muttered, "Why would I? Nomie's the most beautiful girl in the world!"

Kim gave a utterance of contempt as she got dressed. The normally perennially happy girl got into some clothes and then opened the door, putting on a smile. "What can I do for you, young man?" she asked as she opened the door to Nate.

Feeling her face go red, Nomie turned when she heard Kim open the door. "You're Nate, right?" She leaned shifted and leaned on Dan's shoulder.

“That’s right,” he said, a bit confused. How did she know my name? He looked back to Kim. “I met a girl named Violet a few days ago. She told me this was her room. I was hoping to see her again. Is this not her room?” He looked back to Nomie. “And I’m sorry, how do you know my name? I don’t mean to be rude, but have we met before?”

"Listening while at that party. I was doing side listening when walking around," Nomie shrugged.

Dan looked at Nomie, "I thought you were paying attention to me there."

Kim answered, "As you can see, this is mine and Nomie's room." There was extra emphasis on Nomie, so as to purposely exclude Dan and the tone expressed her disapproval of him being in their room. "I am so sorry that this Violet person, whomever she was played you so wrongly." The robust girl gave Nate the once over. "Maybe you could tell me a bit about yourself."

“Me?” Nate said, looking back at Kim. It was strange to have another woman pay attention to him after he was apparently lied to by Violet. Was she faking, too? But she was being so polite. He went with it, and accepted Nomie’s explanation. “There’s not much to tell. I came here from Toronto, Canada. Parents are gone but left me and my sisters enough to get an education. I’m here to take international studies.”

Nomie nudged Dan. "While I was talking around, before meeting you." She said with a smirk before looking back to Nate. "International studies? Sounds like quite a task. I don't think I could handle that one, even though I was born internationally."

Dan said, "Oh!" shrugging and cuddling into Nomie happily.

Kim looked at Nate with questioning eyes. "When you say gone, what do you mean by that?"

“Dead,” Nate answered matter-of-factly. He had brought it up, and while he was hoping the words he chose wouldn’t generate more questions, he knew it was a possibility and was prepared for it. “Car crash, about four years ago. Drunk driver ran a red light.” He looked to Nomie. “Where in the UK are you from? I’ve toured there a couple of times as a kid but still have a hard time placing the different accents.”

"Hmm? Oh, I'm boring. Just London. And wasn't there long, just enough to get the accent." Nomie stated as she grabbed a hair tie and pulled her hair back. It was a mess, but she had just woken up after all. "Ten years or so I suppose, so more than half my life now that I think about it."

"Oh, you poor dear," Kim told Nate giving him an enthusiastic hug, whether he wanted it or not. "So, you're an orphan? How have you gotten by?" Kim asked sympathetically.

“Thank you,” Nate answered, accepting the hug. “My older sister Jane was given custody of me and our little sister Lara. We’ve gotten by. But thank you.” He pulled away from the hug. “Well, I’m sorry to have bothered you both so early. I’m so embarrassed. As if she would give me her actual room number.”

Nomie bit her lips and chuckled at Kim giving a hug. It seemed to happen a lot. Pulling her blanket around she and Dan a bit, she laid against his shoulder. "Who did you say gave you this as their room number?"

“A woman named Violet,” Nate answered. “I didn’t get her last name. Oh! I do have a photo though.” He took out his phone and opened the selfie he took of the two of them. He showed it to Nomie.

Dan looked over Nomie's shoulder. "I saw her at the rave. I think she was one of the crazy people that tried to stand up to those men in black." He shuddered against Nomie.

Looking at the picture, Nomie frowned. "What Dan said. That's the only time I think I'd ever seen her. She said this was her room? Been ours since move-in day." A grin crossed her face as she looked at the others. "I'm sure we can find her actual room and give her hell for lying to you."

Dan asked Nomie, "Do you really think we should get involved with that?"

Kim looked disapprovingly at Violet's picture, knowing that Violet was much prettier than she was, in a traditional way. She also looked like a slut. Well, she was not going to let Nate get away. "So, I know you were looking for this Violet, but I do not think she is worth your time. Maybe we could look at this as an opportunity?"

Before Nomie could answer Dan, Kim started on a conversation with Nate. Nudging Dan, she nodded over and smirked, whispering to him. "Is she really trying this?"

Dan answered Nomie in a whisper, "I think so."

Nate sighed. He was annoyed and a bit saddened that he had been fooled, and embarrassed by showing his foolishness to these new people. "I don't think we need to give her hell," he said. "I think I'll just let it go. Move on with my life." He turned to Kim. "What did you mean by opportunity, though?" he asked. "So far it's been a perfect opportunity to embarrass myself in front of three new people."

"Oh, no, dearie. No, no. This is not your fault," Kim told him. "A cutie like you deserves so much more. Maybe we could discuss it over breakfast?" she offered with a wink.

Smirking, Nomie looked between Kim and Nate. "How about you two go and get breakfast? I'm not really all that hungry." She laid back against Dan again and grinned up at him.

Nate smiled at Kim calling him a cutie. She was pretty, too, and her accent was delightful. “I could go for some breakfast. Cafeteria or somewhere else?”

"Wherever you would like," Kim replied smiling wider. "Just let me get my key and then I am all yours."

Unable to control a snicker, Nomie leaned back again and kissed Dan's cheek. "Go on, Kim, Nate, enjoy your breakfast."

Nate quickly checked his pockets for his key and stepped back towards the door. “I don’t want to go far, and the breakfast in the main building cafeteria is pretty good. Grab your key and let’s go. And thank you. It’s nice to know I’ve met some nice new people after this embarrassment.”

Kim said, "Just one moment, Nate and I will be right with you." Kim closed the door and cleaned herself up a bit more so she would be presentable for Nate. She then turned to Dan and Nomie and said, "Now, I don't know when I will be back but it sounds like he is a shy one and will make this first date short. So, don't you two go getting any unclean ideas."

"Us, unclean ideas? Oh never." Nomie teased. "Oh go have fun, I'm sure the breakfast date will be longer than you think."

Kim looked skeptically at Dan and Nomie. She just knew they would do something that she would not want. God, if they had sex in there, she hoped that she would not gag from the smell. With a small, "Hmph," she exited the room with a smile on her face. "Are you all ready, Nate? I know that I certainly am!"

“Let’s go!” said Nate, returning her smile. “After you.” He followed Kim down the hall and out the door towards the cafeteria.

Nomie snickered and watched Kim leave before turning to Dan. "She just hates me letting you sleep here, doesn't she? What is she going to think if I stay in your room," she asked as she kissed his cheek again with a mischievous grin.

"She's going to think how lucky she is to have the room to herself?" Dan offered.

"Maybe," Nomie said as she wrapped her arms around Dan and gently kissed along his jawline. "Though what do you think she'd think we were doing in here with her gone?"

Dan turned bright red but kissed Nomie right back. "I think she would think we were having sex," he told Nomie bluntly.

Nomie grinned mischievously, “Uh huh...” she pulled him into a passionate kiss now that they were alone.

Melting into the passionate kiss, Dan could hardly believe his luck. However, his analytical mind woke him momentarily. He broke the kiss and asked, "Were you suggesting what I think you were suggesting?"

Smiling and gazing into his eyes, Nomie ran a hand through his hair. "You can't tell me you haven't been thinking it too, Dan."

"It would be a dream come true!" he said excitedly. "I just.... Well, I just thought you might want to wait longer.... Do we, um, have any, well, condoms?"

Knowing he would ask, she pulled away from his arms for a moment and dug around in one of the desk drawers before coming back over to him, holding one up. “You think I’d suggest it without this?” She smiled and returned to the passionate kiss.

Dan could hardly believe his luck. If only his high school classmates could see him now. He could hardly believe this was happening but one thing was certain, if it was only a dream, he definitely was not going to leave it unfulfilled. He closed his eyes, enveloped Nomie and kissed her with all the desire that he had.


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