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Dying of Embarrassment

Posted on Tue Apr 9th, 2019 @ 12:52pm by Nathan Sinclair & Katherine Rankin & Andrew(Drew) Rankin
Edited on on Wed Jul 3rd, 2019 @ 8:20am

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Outside St Clair Hall
Timeline: 2018/09/05 0600

Dizziness…. The sensation that the world was spinning around her even though she could tell that she was laying down. It was the oddest feeling. How could she be dizzy when she was laying down? It made absolutely no sense, and Kit was certainly smart enough to realize that! Why was it so hard to move, even open her eyes? Kit wondered groggily, breathing in quick little pants, a strand of her long wavy brown hair lay across her face, tickling her nose, but she lacked the energy to move it out of her way. The last thing that Kit could remember was leaving the library when it closed at ten o’clock, heading back to her room after another lengthy study session. Her classes had just started, that was true, but she liked learning new things, so she had browsed the stacks, reading from any of the books she encountered along the way that sparked her interest. It was a gradual process but eventually, she became aware that the surface upon which she laying was decidedly uncomfortable, nothing like her bed in her dorm room plus she couldn’t feel her blankets over her. A breeze blew over her back, making her hair lift briefly before settling back down…. On bare skin she realized dimly, stirring feebly, still too exhausted to move. Not even the soft thud of footsteps coming closer followed by a quiet gasp could get her to pry open either of her eyes when she they stopped practically atop her position with a sharp intake of breath. It was only then that she realized that she was naked, face down in the dirt, her long hair the only thing that covered her. Her eyes popped open then, blinking at the soft soil under her cheek.

Nate was up early that morning looking. It was Wednesday, and he had no class that morning, but he was trying to get up before others to find a quiet place to practice his jumping. It was cool at six am, so he brought a light jacket. He hoped to be able to sneak around the quad, jumping from place to place, maybe even onto some rooftops.

He was absolutely not expecting to see what looked like a naked woman lying on the ground. “Oh my god.” Instinctively he jumped from where he was to a couple of meters away and walked up to her. “Miss! Are you okay?” He took off his jacket and tried his best to drape it over her. He couldn’t help but notice something wrong with her hands. They weren’t just dirty, but also a bit red. Was that blood? He didn’t know first aid, but he thought to check her hands for injury. He saw nothing but noticed blood under her nails. Did she fight someone off? “Do you need me to call someone? Can you hear me?”

Drew was just glad to alive and feeling much better than he had in a couple of days. His ribs were still a little sore but he was on the mend and the effects of Haden's concussion had worn off before the pain in his ribs had started to ease. Which made him kind of jealous in a way.

He still loved his boyfriend, more than ever, but he sometimes just had to get away, had to have some alone time. Normally, that meant jogging in the morning, swimming sometimes, but he wasn't quite ready to run yet. So he was settling for walking. He wasn't sure what drew him to this particular path, he'd never followed it before, it was like he was drawn to it for some reason.

Then he rounded a bend and saw a woman laying on the ground with some guy, a guy he recognized from the party standing over her, "Hey," he shouted, as he moved forward, "what the hell do you think you're..." he stopped in mid-sentence. When he recognized his sister, his naked sister, he ran towards the man he assumed to be her assailant, forgetting about the pain as he rushed forward.

He stopped without saying another word and aimed a round-house kick at Nate's head.

Nate looked up just in time to see the kick aimed at his head and managed to teleport away just in time. He jumped just behind his attacker. “What the fuck, man?” he said as he turned around. Seeing his attacker look like he was coming back for more, he stood tall and put his hands out. “Dude, stop, I’m trying to help her! Wait, Drew?” He then looked down at the girl and got a better look at her face. “Oh, shit, Kit!” He raced back down to her, ignoring his attacker.

Drew may not have been the smartest guy in the room, but he was by far not the dumbest. The miss surprised him, but also gave him the time to recognize Nate. If he'd truly been attacking Kit, he would have kept attacking him until he was down on the ground, and nor moving. But he knew then that Nate wasn't that kind of guy.

He didn't apologize, not then anyway, his concern for Kit making that impossible. He knelt down beside her and leaned down beside her, "Kit, Kit, what's going on?"

Nate took out his phone and dialed 911. The operator picked up promptly. "We need an ambulance at the Gulf Coast University Quad. Outside the St Clair Building. We found our friend unconscious. We don't know what happened to her. Please hurry!"

"What is your friend's condition?" asked the neutral, but helpful voice.

Panic flooded Kit’s veins at the sound of Nate’s voice, but the slight familiarity of it coupled with the jacket he draped over her, shielding her bare skin from view kept it from overwhelming her. Her lips parted and she let out a low moan, managing a slight shake of her head. “Wuh…”

Hearing Drew’s shout, Kit closed her eyes, shamed and wishing with every fiber of her being that her brother hadn’t seen her like this. Her memory was still hazy, and she had no idea how she ended up naked in the dirt. Clutching at the edges of the jacket Nate had so thoughtfully provided her with, Kit curled as much of her body beneath it as she could. She was utterly humiliated by the fact that she was naked before Nate and her twin, desperately wishing she wasn’t. A wish that she got seconds later

When the two boys were done tussling, both turning back to where she’d been, she was gone, Nate’s jacket still lay on the ground, but there was no longer the naked form of a teenage girl beneath it, only a small mass seemingly trapped from the frantic way it was struggling under the fabric.

"Sir...sir... Sir, are you still there, "what is the condition of your friend?"

Drew looked over at Nate, then down at what had been his sister then back at Nate his eyes growing wider, "Put the phone away," he mouthed but did not say. Whatever was going on, he didn't want the authorities involved.

Nate was as confused as Drew but took his meaning. "I'm sorry, false alarm. We panicked. She had a fainting spell but she's waking up and seems lucid. We're bringing her to the local infirmary. No need for an ambulance. Thank you for your help." He hung up and put his phone away. He looked back to Drew. "Drew, what the hell is happening?" He looked to the jacket, with a form moving underneath it. "Do we...lift the jacket?" He was hesitant, in case it was just a miniature naked Kit; she didn't deserve the indignity. But they couldn't help if they didn't know what was going on.

Kit continued to struggle, doing her best to fight her way clear of the jacket that completely covered her now newly small body. When her head got stuck in the arm of Nate’s jacket, she let out a panicked cry, shaking her head wildly back and forth, shaking the bulk of the jacket free exposing her body to the boy’s view. The delicate slender body, the long graceful tail, all of which was covered in thick reddish-brown fur with a white underbelly. She’d gotten her head fairly well stuck and her cries grew more frantic, yipping louder as she continued trying and failing to free her head from the sleeve of Nate’s lightweight jacket.

Nate raised an eyebrow seeing the head of a very small fox in the sleeve of his jacket. He looked to Drew. “You’re seeing this too, right?” He thought about freeing the fox from his jacket, but he was concerned that she’d run away. “We need to get her inside.”

"Yeah," Drew said letting out a long sigh as he shifted his body to keep any passersbies to see what was going on, "I am. I think your dorm room is closer, but what about your roommate?"

“Honestly?” Nate answered, “he already knows about some weird shit going on here. And he worked with Doctors Without Borders. He can help us.” Nate stepped closer to his jacket and tried to gather the little fox, free her from the jacket sleeve, and bundle her up as best as possible. “Let’s go.”

Kit froze when Nate knelt beside her, working her head free of the sleeve of his jacket sleeve. Once she was free, she yipped happily, licked his hand then plopped down on her haunches, scratching her neck with her back leg. When she found herself bundled in the jacket again and picked up she yipped again but didn't struggle. There was a part of her brain that was still human and trusted her twin and Nate fully. So she didn't react as a true wild fox would, biting and scratching even through the jacket.

Drew looked over at Nate with a worried expression clouding his face, "Let's get her away from here and hope no one sees us."

Nate nodded in agreement. He tried to hold the little fox/Kit in his arms like a cat, kept in the jacket in part to hide her, in part to keep her warm, and in part to keep her from scratching him if she felt off-balance or unsafe. He was hesitant to jump with her, so he and Drew moved at a quick pace to his dorm in Hawkins Hall.

For her part, Kit was content since the human part of her brain still recognized Nate and her twin brother so being in Nate’s arms with Drew there wasn’t an issue for her, even if she was stuck in the body of a young fox for another half hour or so before her energy level dropped far enough to kick her out as it had when she’d assumed the shape of a full-grown Siberian tiger.

The boys would learn about that soon enough since a tiger on the loose would soon be the talk of the campus.

"This is bad," Drew said as he looked down at the fox, then back at Nate, "it's not just Kit that's been affected, me and Hayden and knows how many others. I'm pretty sure it's tied to that damned party."

“Damn,” Nate replied. They approached the dorm entrance. At this hour there wasn’t anyone working in the front. Nate managed to keep Kit balanced as he reached into his pocket to retrieve his keycard, which he passed to Drew so they could get inside. Two flights of stairs later and they were on Nate’s floor, and then in his room, which was empty. “Right. Aiden was going out to Houston today. He must have left early.”

He carefully laid the little fox onto his bed and released her from his jacket.

Freed, Kit staggered before she regained her balance on the relatively soft surface of his bed. She sat down, looking from one boy's face to the other, her eyes bright with an intelligence not common in the average fox. After a few minutes, she sighed curling up on a ball her tail curled around her slender front legs. She was tired and growing more so and thirty-five minutes later the fox was no more and instead Nate had a naked girl sprawled face down on his bedspread sound asleep.

During that time, Nate offered his chair to Drew and sat on his roommate's chair. His mind was racing. He wasn't the only one to have developed some new ability since the party. He looked to Drew. "So. Your sister can apparently turn into animals. You've seen me make little teleport jumps. It looked like maybe Hayden could run fast. Has something happened to you too?"

"I can... well maybe it's better if I just show you," He walked over to the closet stepped inside and shut the door. Then he stepped back through into the room by passing through the door. "I've been out of the closet since I was sixteen, just not like this. Sorry, I know it's not that funny, well it's not funny at all, but I had to try.”

Nate smiled. “It’s a little bit funny. I’m not sure the limits of mine yet, but I’ve been getting better. I was up early to try practicing around the quad before too many people were up. Then I saw Kit and rushed to her.”

When Kit returned to human form, Nate stood and grabbed the blanket off his roommate's bed. He draped it over Kit as best as he could. He was attracted to her, of course, but now was not the appropriate time to be looking. His priority was to make sure she was covered and warm.

Kit didn't stir when Nate covered her with the blanket from his roommate's bed, nor would she until well after sunset, her body utterly worn out by the demands that becoming a tiger for had put on her. When she did wake up, she was starving, and embarrassed, clutching the blanket around herself, staring at Drew and Nate in a panic.

Nate and Drew took shifts watching her. One went out to bring back lunch, the other dinner. They heard one or two people talking about a tiger being spotted on campus, but initially, most people figured the witnesses were high. But the rumor, as rumors often do, began to spread.

When Kit stirred, Nate nodded to Drew, suggesting he approach first.

Drew knelt down by Aiden's bed, "It's okay Kit," he said soothingly, "I don't know what is going on exactly, but I think a bunch of us were affected. We just have to learn to control it."

Kit's eyes opened slowly, a bleary glint in them as she took in her brother kneeling beside the bed upon which she lay. Her stomach growled loudly and she blushed. The faint pink color in her cheeks flashed to crimson as she realized she was naked and that this was not her room. She had a single with a loft bed not a normal bed. She clutched the blanket around herself, clearly bewildered and frightened. "What are you talking about?" She choked out, huddling against the wall behind her, staring at her brother. "Where am I?" Her hand pressed to her stomach which was wrapped around her backbone, complaining bitterly and very loudly.

“You’re in my room,” Nate explained. “We found you outside. You, ah, turned into a small fox. You were calm, but we didn’t know how long you’d be a fox, so we brought you here.” He found a water bottle on his shelf and passed it to her. “You’ve been asleep for half the day.”

Drew's eyes drifted between Nate and his sister, "I know this is complicated," he said, "but this damned party, well something happened there, it had to be there, and it has affected all of us. Nate and I were talking about that earlier. We have to learn to control these, these, I don't know powers and it's not a good idea to go public with it."

"What's going on with you, what are you feeling?"

Kit rolled her eyes at her twin, "Well let's see...." She drawled, "I was outside naked in the dirt this morning. The last I remember from the night before was leaving the library. And apparently, I was a fox, an actual fox, not just an attractive girl. I'm still naked and in someone else's dorm room. I'm starving and I think I lost my room key. I'm just peachy, you?"

“Well, I’ve got some clothes for you,” Nate said, gesturing to a T-shirt, a pair of pants, and some boxers. “They’re mine. The pants will be a bit loose, and the shirt a bit tight on top, but you’ll be covered until you can get back to your room.” He had smiled at her comment about being a fox. He did think she was beautiful, but it was not at all the appropriate time to comment on that. “If you’re hungry, we can find some food.”

Kit's shoulder slumped in clear relief. That'd be great." She said, her cheeks still bright with embarrassment, though her smile was very grateful. She looked at the clothes, then back over at her brother and Nate. "I'll just, uh..... get changed." She didn't move, however, clearly waiting for some privacy, and some food as her stomach rumbled again, even louder than before.

"Come on Nate," Drew said putting a hand on his upper arm, "let's step out in the hall a minute. You can tell me about your roommate there, is he demonstrating any powers?"

Nate followed Drew into the hall and closed the door behind them. His wallet, phone, and key were still in his pockets, lest something happen and they need to get back in or call someone again. The hall was fairly private, as everyone was either out for the evening or locked in their rooms studying. They could talk. "No, Aiden doesn't have any powers. He knows about mine though. He's helped me work through a few things. We've been practicing with them. Trying to figure out exactly what I can and can't do. We've barely begun though. I was outside hoping to practice when I found Kit. Have you come across anyone else with powers?"

"No, not so far, but it's not the kind of thing you go around advertising. I know I was joking about being in the closet, glad you found it funny by the way, but practically everyone is coming out as gay, I don't think anyone is going to come out as a, uh, what's the word, metahuman."

"My question is was this some kind of freak accident, or did someone plan this on purpose."

Nate could only shrug. “We should keep our eyes open though. Maybe see if we recognize anyone else from the party.” He remembered that he spotted Violet at the party. He should look for her later. For now, he knocked on the door on his room. “Almost Ready in there?”

Kit's voice was muffled as she dragged the shirt down over her head, calling out at the same time, "Just another minute." She looked down at herself to be sure she looked decent, saw the red-brown stains all around her nails gasping in shock. She rushed to the door, jerking it open. "I... I think I hurt someone." She blurted in a harsh whisper, "Look." She showed the boys her hands.

The first thing Drew did, almost instinctively, was pull Nate into the room and slamming the door behind them. Then he looked over at his twin his eyes grew wider. "Kit, take a deep breath and have a seat. Try to remember something, anything about last night."

Nate looked at her hands. “I noticed this when I found you this morning. I thought maybe you’d tried to fight someone off. Defensive wounds, you know? I might have watched too much SVU though.” He reached a hand, bypassing Drew, and gave one of hers a squeeze. “It’s going to be okay. But try to remember.”

Kit let out her breath in a slight huff, then grimaced, still staring down at her stained hands. "I... " She closed her eyes, starting to take a deep breath, clearly trying to remember, but her eyes flew open again when Nate's fingers closed around hers, squeezing gently. She smiled a little, through her lips trembled. Closing her eyes again, Kit tried to remember what had happened after she left the library at closing. Several minutes later she shook her head, "Nothing. I don't remember anything."

Drew's first reaction, was to intercept Nate's hand. It was almost instinctual, especially in a situation. He'd always been the protective olderbrother. But he restrained himself Nate was trying to help and he was a good guy. So, he restrained himself. And it was clear, seconds later that Kit didn't seem to mind Nate's hand on hers.

It was also clear that his twin was in serious trouble. "Maybe it will come back to you, or, I don't know, maybe we can find someone to hypnotize you."

"I thought we were supposed to be keeping this a secret." Kit said slowly, her eyes troubled as she stared at her brother. Kit swallowed hard, nausea warring with her hunger. She looked down at her hands, grimaced before she spoke again. "First things first, I need to wash my hands and get some food before I take a bite out of one of you."

“I can show you where the ladies’ room is on this floor,” Nate said. “I have some snack foods, and there are some leftover fries; we can microwave them in the lounge, or we can pick you up something as we return you to your dorm.” He opened the door into the hall and gestured to the right. “Washroom is just around the corner there.”

Kit followed him, taking care not to touch anything for fear of smearing the stains on her fingers to the walls or doors. "Sounds good. I'm absolutely ravenous." Slipping past him, Kit followed his directions to the bathroom and scrubbed the blood from her hands, not watching as the soapy water changed colors as it circled down the drain. What was happening to her? She wondered frantically, staring at her reflection in the mirror over the sinks.

Drew turned to Nathan, "I, uh, what's happening to my sister is different than what's happening to us. I'm really worried about her."

“I’m not so sure it’s all that different,” said Nate. “My powers manifested accidentally. Once on instinct, then again while I was asleep. It’s taking time to get control over it. It seems like hers must have manifested while she was asleep. Maybe she doesn’t have much control when she’s in an animal state.” He then leaned against the wall. “But neither of us hurt anyone. It’s possible she did. We’ll need to pay attention. I already heard someone spreading a rumour about a tiger being spotted on campus. If that tiger is linked to an injured student...” he dared not finish the sentence.

"I know my sister, if she hurt someone, even if it's really not her fault she'll blame herself she, she, I'm not sure what she'll do."

Nate nodded silently. “We’ll just need to be there for her then. And think harder about these powers.”

It was then that Kit finished her absolutions in the bathroom and emerged, blissfully unaware that she was the subject of a hasty whispered conversation between her twin brother and Nate. Forcing a quick smile, she pressed her hand to her stomach. "Let's eat. I'm starved." She told the two young men. Though Drew was right in that she would blame herself if she'd hurt one of her fellow students. But in this, her first shift she'd gotten lucky. The only person hurt had admitted to stalking a female student and was in the psych ward with superficial wounds considering he claimed to have been attacked by a fully grown tiger.

"Right," Drew said unable to keep the concern (and a little guilt) off his face. "I'm buying. How about Steak N Shake? I hear the food is really good and they have big portions. I'm really hungry too."

“Sounds good to me,” Nate agreed. “I enjoyed the food I had there. Perfect for when you haven’t eaten all day and need two thousand calories at once!” he joked. “I know where it is. Let’s go.” He grabbed his phone and wallet and gestured to the door.

"I'm in." Kit said with a shy grin. She may have been in Nate's borrowed clothes and shoes but she didn't really care. All she needed was something to eat and fast! She crossed to the door Nate had gestured towards and opened for them all. "I'm starving. Lets go!"


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