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Girls night in

Posted on Tue Jun 11th, 2019 @ 7:32pm by Danielle Michaelson & Alexandria Cranford

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super

Danielle had went out and hit up the pizza joint and red box and made it back to the dorm hoping her roommate was home. She came in the door with a smile on her face and tossed the dvd at Alexandria "I have pizza" she said with a smile.

"That's very thoughtful of you," Alexandria replied. "And a DVD? Girls night in, then?" she asked hopefully. Perhaps this roommate is going to be pretty cool after all!

"Pizza, PJ's and a rom com" she smiled and headed off to get into something comfy. She still had a headache after the other night and so far Tylenol wasn't cutting it.

Alexandria needed no further encouragement. She went to a dresser drawer, pulled out some PJs and immediately changed. Maybe she is going to work out better than I thought. Alexandria flopped herself on a futon that she had made into a couch that she faced towards a TV. "So, what do we have tonight?"

As she finished changing she started back toward Alexandria "I got half cheese and half peperoni, I didn't know what you liked." Danielle grabbed two paper plates, the pizza and some napkins and sat them down beside her roomie, she was making an effort to make every friend possible after that night. "I'll put this in" she grabbed the movie and quickly stuck it in the dvd player.

"I'm really quite easy. Either would have been fine," Alexandria told Danielle. "This was really sweet of you, Danielle. Do you have something for drinking? If not, I've got some Coke in the fridge."

"Coke is great" she smiled, that's what she forgot something for them to drink with dinner. You could tell the movie was going to be funny just from the intro.

Danielle brought out two plastic cups and a two liter bottle of Coke. She poured some in each cup and smiled at Danielle. "I think this is just great!" Alexandria said more excited. "I was worried about you going out the other night. You did not say anything about it. Did you have fun?"

"It was okay" Danielle shrugged her shoulders "I guess" she hit play on the DVD player and smiled at Alexandria, she wasn't quite sure what the hell happened to be honest and wasn't sure if she should tell anyone.

Alexandria gave Danielle a worried look. "You guess?" she asked concerned. "Did something happen to you? You weren't raped, were you?" Alexandria asked really concerned. "You should never protect a boy from that sort of thing!"

"No no" she sighed "nothing like that" she smiled a half smile as the movie started to play "just the cops, I guess it was the cops" she looked at Alexandria "any way they crashed the party."

"You guess?" Alexandria asked with an odd look on her face. "What do you mean that you guess? How could you not know?"

"It was just really weird" she took a bite of her food "they were in all black and had what I guess would be pretty heavy weapons for cops" she paused "but I don't remember seeing a badge" she shrugged her shoulders "and I haven't really felt great since the party."

Alexandria paused the video. "What's wrong?" she asked, her mothering instincts kicking in. "Do we need to take you to a doctor?"

"Nah" she tried to smile "just have a horrible headache today, I think it's getting better and maybe just sinus related."

"I have some allergy pills if you want." She thought for a moment and then continued, "Or perhaps some ibuprofen?"

Danielle smiled at her roomie "that would be great, thanks."

The mothering Alexandria got up from the floor and moved to her purse that was sitting on a desk. She reached in, grabbed a bottle of ibuprofen and brought it back to Danielle. She shook the bottle and tipped it over to give Danielle a couple of pills. "This should help, she assured her roommate.

With a soft smile Danielle gave a soft "thanks" and got the medication down. "So what have you been doing?" she asked taking a bite of her pizza.

"Not a heck of a lot," Alexandria admitted. "I made sure that I bought all my books and got all my syllabi online. Then I started working on my classwork."

"Dedicated" she smiled at her roomie.

"I'm not the smartest person in the world," Alexandria explained to Danielle. "If I were, I probably would not be here, now would I?" She gave a self deprecating smile. "So, I am trying to work smart. After all, I have to rely on myself out there someday, right?"

"Very true" Danielle smiled "perhaps we can study together, it definitely wouldn't hurt."

"You mean it?" Alexandria asked, a twinkle of excitement coming into her eyes. She held her breath, hoping that it was true but she dared not force the issue.

"Yeah" she smiled "I can definitely use the study time and if all the parties are like the last one" she rolled her eyes and then smiled at her new friend "I think I'm safer here with you."

Alexandria squealed joyfully and hugged Danielle. "I think that's just wonderful! However, not tonight, alright?" she replied with a smile. "I'd rather watch the movie with you.

"Well DUH!" Danielle said playfully.

More animated than ever Alexandria withdrew her arms and asked, "Want me to nuke some popcorn?"

"I'm good with the pizza, but if you want some" she smiled and took a bite of her pizza. Danielle was a bit tired, but was going to try and make it through the entire movie with Alexandria.

"I'm alright," Alexandria told Danielle contentedly. "Just let me know if there's something you want." She settled in, drinking some more Coca Cola and grabbing another piece of pizza.


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