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Ch - ch - changes ...

Posted on Fri Nov 15th, 2019 @ 9:26pm by Michelle Cohen & Geoffrey Quinlan

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: Campus Grounds
Timeline: 09/01/2018 0630
Tags: Bill

Geoff woke slowly. The night before had been a blur of colors, noises, and motion. One moment he was straining to hear, saying things he hadn't wanted to, and pretending he wanted the beer in his hand. Next their were figures in black, people being injured, fog ... He'd finally made it back to the dorm.

A walk. That's what he needed. He started a mug of tea, performed the morning ablutions, dressed, and took his thermos mug outside. He'd stared enough at the campus map to wonder what was in the negative space not represented by cafeterias, dorms, and meeting halls. Time to find out.

He started off at a brisk pace. The area actually reminded him a bit of coastal Nigeria. Different flora, of course, the the seacoast and humidity was comfortingly familiar after all the changes. He turned back through some low scrub pines on a hill overlooking wetlands when the tremors hit.

It felt like the earth was moving. An earthquake? Orienting on the horizon, it didn't seem like anything else was moving. He tripped, hit the ground. What caught his foot? Nothing there. His foot was ... huge? He blinked. No, looked normal.

He stood back up and tried to continue his walk when he banged his head on a branch. How did he not notice that? The branch was 3 feet over his head how did he manage ... his left arm and right leg were twice the length of their opposites? For a few moments, he writhed on the ground, unable to control his limbs, praying for guidance or intercession.

Finally, the spasms subsided and he regained some control. Except ... he was tall. I mean, not basketball tall. TALL. He stood back up, slowly. The mature trees he'd been among were suddenly his height. He was ... like 6 meters tall? That wasn't right. As he thought about it, he returned to normal size.

Had he accidentally ingested something mind altering at the rave? Had someone slipped him something? Could he do it again?

Concentrating, he started to grow. More slowly this time. More controlled. 3 meters. 4. 5. 6. Exhausted, he paused, trembling and sweat drenched. He felt like he'd run a marathon. He shrunk back down to normal and drank half his thermos. After practice and trials, pushing himself, he estimated he could hit 9 meters for seconds, but then he felt he'd pass out.

He shrank back down to normal height, finished his thermos, and made a terrible realization. The growth had shredded his clothes. He had gained an amazing ability at the cost of his pants.

Who could he contact for help? He picked up the new cell phone he'd just acquired and ran through the contacts. There was exactly one person at Coastborne U who he could contact. Shaking, he hit dial.

"Uhm, hello, Bill ..."

Bill answered the phone groggily after recognizing the number. He simple responded in more of a question than a statement. "Duuuude?" There was clear disappointment in the way he asked his word.

"Bill, it's Geoff. From the dorm. You took me to the party last night. Uhm ... I know you don't know me well, but I'm in a bit of a jam. I'm in the woods just east of campus. Could you ... could you bring me some pants?"

It was a long few seconds before there was a response. "You got hazed, didn't you? Snipe hunting, right?" He chuckled. "Alright, I'll bail you out this time. Do you have any landmarks?"

A weight he hadn't fully processed lifted from Geoff's shoulders. "Yep, that's it, Bill. Much appreciated. I'll text you a GPS pointer to my position."


Bill walked into a small clearing on a hill to find Geoff sitting in the tattered remains of his clothes, filthy, and scratched all over. He shook his head and said, "You weren't made for the great outdoors, were you?"

Geoff couldn't suppress a giggle. "No, Bill, I guess I wasn't. Thank you so much for the clothes. I ... uh, I hope you won't mention this to others."

"Why would I do that? Nobody talks about anyone else's hazings until after the fact, and even then, it is usually not discussed. Hope it was worth it." He slapped Geoff on the back hard.


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