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Cleaning Up

Posted on Sat Aug 24th, 2019 @ 12:37pm by Violet Vines & Deserae Freely

Mission: Mission 1 - From Normal to Super
Location: En Route to Hawkins Hall
Timeline: 08/31/2018 2300

Violet led Des to the pier. In the distance, she could see the boat with the men in black disappearing into the distance. It made no sound. The wind was reducing in its violence and the pier creaked and croaked. Violet bent down, careful not to fall in and splashed some water on her face to get rid of Des' puke. "Not that I think either one of us is in a good state but did I get your puke off?" she asked Des.

Des peered at her in the darkness. "I think so..." she said after a moment of studying Violet. Feeling ill again, she knelt down on the pier and splashed water on herself as well. The cold water along with the cool breeze was quite refreshing, but it didn't help with the headache or nausea. "I want to go home now..." she said softly.

The salt from the Bay's water probably was not doing Violet's skin any good, but Violet felt that she could figure that out another time. Most likely she would have to find a way to pay for dry cleaning her clothes. Who knew? Maybe she could give a laundromat boy some pleasure in exchange. She shrugged at the thought. "Do you still need help walking?" Violet asked Des.

"No... I'm ok," Des said, pulling herself up to a standing position. "I can walk... I just don't know where to go... I don't remember the path Candy brought me on and it's too dark...." She peered through the inky blackness and tried to orient herself, but it was no use. She could only see the pier and Violet.

"I think I'm sober enough to remember," Violet replied mostly certain. "So, who is this Candy and where is she?" Violet asked, leading Des back into the warehouse and then out the side she was fairly certain she entered.

"Roommate... probably left early to get fucked..." Des shook her head and instantly wished she hadn't. Seeing stars, she put a hand to her forehead and blinked a few times. "And I mean sex, not drugs..."

"Either way, it is probably a good time," Violet admitted. "Though, the ditching you part, probably wasn't really cool. Of course, she could have been scared off by the guns. Not everyone's as stupid as us to challenge the assholes. Right?"

"Mmm... you're alone on that one," Des said finally clearing the stars and dropping her hand. "I happened to be out of the way, near the wall, ran when they couldn't see me. Dad's a cop, I know better than to stay in the line of fire..."

"A cop?" Violet asked, now worried that she might be getting herself into trouble. However, she noted that Des was at this rave and drinking, too. Perhaps she was a bad girl, too. "Have you been in many lines of fire?"

"Uh.... this makes the third?" Des shrugged. "I came from a small town in Indiana. Not a ton of crime, but still some things happened..." As they walked, the gravity of the situation and the fresh air helped Des sober up some and she could think clearly. "Oh man... Dad would kill me if he found out about this..."

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him, I promise." Violet cackled insanely for a moment. "My aunt really prefers that she doesn't know what I have been up to. When she finds out, she wishes that she never asked."

"I don't think I want to know what else you get up to," Des shook her head. Normally she didn't talk this much to others, but she was still kind of drunk and stuck somewhere she'd never been in the middle of the night with someone she'd never met before now. "So long as I don't end up arrested, he won't find out..."

"Smart girl," Violet complimented Des. "I've gotten into a lot of things," Violet admitted. "Doesn't matter when you're invulnerable."

"Uhmmmm... pretty sure you're still soft and squishy like most humans are," Des said with a giggle. "Means you're pretty vulnerable."

Violet laughed eerily at that comment. "You don't get it. That's OK. You'll see it is true. I survived a car crash that I never should have. Both my parents were killed. I've survived just about every drug I've taken, alcohol, fights, and apparently now this. I'm invulnerable."

"That makes you lucky, not invulnerable, but whatever," Des shrugged and kept walking. "Where are we?"

"Nobody could have as much luck as this, Des. You'll see." Violet chuckled wildly. "As to where we are, somewhere between campus and the shack. Road should be coming up soon." In a mischievous voice, Violet asked, "Are you scared? Boogie man going to come and get you?"

"Hah, no," Des rolled her eyes. "I just like having a sense of direction. I feel weird without any bearings," she peered through the darkness, as she had been for a while, trying to find something that looked familiar. "Wandering through this area in the middle of the night with a stranger isn't exactly my idea of fun..."

"Getting lost could be fun," Violet told Des. "But not tonight," she concluded. "I smell like shit and probably look like it too. And I promised to see you back." She tilted her head at Des, "I don't think you can call me a stranger anymore. You know my name. I know yours. You've barfed on me and we've both washed together." She gave Des a wild grin. "We're practically bosom buddies."

"Lovely...but your name and the fact that you believe you're invulnerable are all I know about you," Des pointed out.

"I'm an open book," Violet replied, spreading her arms out wide. "Ask and I shall tell. What do you want to know?"

Shrugging, Des continued walking for a bit without saying anything. Finally, after a long silence she shrugged again and said, "I don't know... where are you from?"

"Originally New Yawk," Violet replied, purposely emphasizing her old accent. "But then when my parents died, I survived, I was taken down here by my Aunt Mildred. Lucky me!" she replied with a sarcastic tone to the exclamation. "You said you're from Indiana, right? Is it civilized there."

"Mostly," Des shrugged. "Mostly just farmland though." She thought about it. "Though, there's some ... clans that operate somewhat openly back home. They're not the norm though. Generally happy, mostly civilized farmers. Couple of small towns. I lived an hour or two from the big cities. Nothing much of interest there either."

"Sounds dull," Violet sympathized. "Whatever did you do for fun? Cow tipping?"

"Parties, bonfires," Des said. "There was a movie theatre that played older movies for a dollar, it had an arcade and a carousel, so lots of people hung out there. But bonfires were the most popular thing to do. Nothing like making a two foot tall tower of flames in the middle of the pasture."

"I could into that," Violet admitted. "Fire can be a lot of fun. Maybe one day I'll even learn a bit of fire magic."

Des looked at her like she was crazy. Since her pointing out that there was no way Violet could be invulnerable didn't go over well, she decided not to point out that there was no such thing as fire magic. 'This girl is beyond weird... does she really think magic is real?' she thought, still staring at Violet like she'd grown a second head.

"What?" Violet asked, seeing the look. "You've never wanted to play with fire? Do magic with it? Or, perhaps do some serious dancing with fire? It could be fun!"

"Can't say I have," Des shrugged. "I'm more into writing than playing with dangerous things."

"Awww!" Violet uttered at Des in a tone that suggested Des was deprived. "How do you know whether you live unless you've pushed yourself?" She shrugged. "I guess that might depend on what you write. So, what do you write?" Violet asked curiously.

"Mostly fantasy stories, some Star Trek stuff," Des admitted, wondering why she was divulging this information. "Like, not fanfic, but I write with an online community of people. It's called play by post role playing..."

"So, like fake sex and stuff like that?" Violet asked curiously.

"Uh... no..." Des shook her head. "It's like we write episodes like you'd see on tv. Well, cable tv, not like those Netflix specials." She shook her head. "I mostly make up new mythology and stories kind of like the Grimm's Brother's fairytales."

"I guess that could be interesting.... So, you get to play God, then?"

"Err... in a way, yes?" Des shrugged. "So, uhm... what are you enrolled in?" she knew Violet probably wasn't going to study at all.

"Enrolled in? You mean major? Or just my classes this semester?" Violet asked.

"Major," Des said. "From what you've said, you won't be studying much..."

"I'll do what I have to," Violet responded disdainfully. "If I don't get at least a 3.0, I lose my funding and I really have no desire to pay for this experience," she confessed. "But, I haven't picked a major."

"Fair enough. I've chosen visual arts as my major. I want to go into graphic design," Des shrugged. "And I don't have funding, between my college fund and my high school job, I'm paying for this myself."

Violet whistled appreciatively. "My dead parents and my aunt are my college fund," she told Des. "If I don't do well, I have to pay for this experience on my own. I really don't see that as the best idea, do you?"

"No, it's not fun to lose funding," she agreed. "I had gotten a scholarship to Princeton, but overzealous colleagues of my dad's who just wanted a reason to find fault with him charged me with vandalism just for being on school property to pick up a friend when the senior prank went a bit too far. Charges were dropped, but Princeton didn't like the whole scenario, dropped me like a hot potato and, well, I ended up here, without a scholarship because lazy officials haven't cleared my record yet."

"The story would have been better if you meant it," Violet told Des. However, sensing that Des was serious, Violet asked, "So, you're done with this place once everything is cleared up, then?"

"No, schools like Princeton are too stuck up," she shrugged and looked over to Violet. "I like a more relaxed atmosphere for my learning. I don't know where I'll end up, but I'm staying here until I finish my diploma."

"Not transfer after your freshman year?" Violet asked surprised.

"No, why would I?" Des asked, confused. She didn't understand why Violet was so surprised by this. Was this what Violet planned to do? Had she done it before? "Are you going to?"

"No, but I would think that someone with your credentials would not want to settle for," she stretched her hand out at the swampy landscape that was turning into more solid land as they neared civilization, "this."

"To be completely honest? Princeton was what my dad wanted for me," she shrugged. "Me? I don't care where I get my education, so long as I can make a living off it when I'm done. Besides, I can learn more about myself here than I could at a stuffy school like Princeton." Des stumbled as she tripped over something on the ground, but regained her footing. "Living in a small town, it isn't easy to fully be yourself, or even figure out what that is."

"This isn't exactly Houston," Violet replied. "Nor is it DC or New York. This is pretty small townsville here. You sure that this is where you want to be?"

"For now," Des shrugged. "It's bigger than where I was. It's good enough for now. I'll get my education and move on to something bigger."

"As you wish," Violet told Des. "My experience is that people who stay here for long enough get stuck here."

"Are you trying to convince me to leave?" Des asked, wondering why Violet was saying this to her. "I mean, you've been questioning my decision to get my education here. What is it?"

"I just know that if I had my choices to go anywhere, that I would not be here. I suppose that it is not a bad place to be, but if I had your brains and my looks, I'd be at some Ivy League school or overseas. Texas sucks. I mean, this school is alright. It has a party life but there's nothing around for nearly two hours. We're isolated. I don't think anyone knows or cares that this place exists."

"Well, it's only temporary. Get through our studies and we can go anywhere," Des said with a shrug. "And if you're worried about getting passing grades enough to land a good job somewhere more glamorous, I can help you? I mean, I won't do your work for you, but I can tutor you?"

"I guess your company would not be the worst I ever had," Violet conceded. "Just promise not to barf on me again."

"Promise not to let me drink that much, and you've got a deal..." Des said with a slight chuckle. "At least I'm not going to charge you for my services."

"Do you really want me to promise to not let you drink that much?" Violet asked disappointed. "I mean, where's the fun in that? Maybe I should just bring a paper bag and attach it around your neck for when you want to barf?" Violet started laughing hysterically at that thought.

"I'll still drink, I just don't want to get to the point of barfing again," Des rubbed the area of her stomach and diaphragm as she spoke. "Doesn't feel great, and well, things like that are bound to happen again... which I am sorry for... I didn't see you there, and I was trying to hold it in..."

"Probably would not have been there if it weren't for those men in black. Let's consider it their fault." She paused for thought. "Did any of that make any sense to you, anyways?"

"No... they stormed in, shot up the place and then retreated..." Des scratched her arm idly. "None of it made any sense."

"So, what do you think it was all about, then?"

"I don't know... maybe they were after something someone else left in the warehouse?" she shrugged and sighed. "Your guess is as good as mine. I'm just glad we weren't hurt."

Civilization started to appear as the girls continued to walk. "Well, you've made quite the sight of me. Wish I could say that this happened after we fucked, but, such is life."

"I mean, it could always happen still," Des shrugged, not really looking at Violet. "But I'd rather not vomit again, especially on you, or someone else..."

"We'd have to clean up before we fucked, if you're serious," Violet told Des. "I bet we both smell like shit but right now, I can only smell the sea water on me." She gave a wicked grin at Des. "Though, I don't seem to have acquired a roommate yet, or didn't as of when I last checked."

"You're lucky," Des shook her head. "I have one, she's nice enough, but I wish I didn't. Also, fucking would probably be fun, but I need a shower first," she wondered why she was talking so freely with Violet. It's not like she'd ever had sex with a woman before, but she had thought about it. Again, she figured it was the alcohol affecting her.

"Who's your roommate?" She then shrugged her shoulders and said, "I have no problem with both of us cleaning up and fucking. Might put a better spin on the night."

"Candy... uh... I forget her last name... she's quite... out there. Sexpot is how my dad would describe her," Des shrugged. "And yeah, it would put a better spin on it. Your room or mine? Though, I don't know if Candy's taken a guy back to ours or gone to a guys."

"Not that I would mind additional participants, I have the feeling you would, so mine works."

"Uh... yeah... I'm not exactly experienced in... all of this... so one on one is better," Des admitted. "Uh... how far out are we? This is all looking sort of familiar, but that could just be the alcohol in my system..."

Steak N' Shake came into view. "Few minutes at this point to Hawkins Hall." Violet turned to Des with a ravenous grin. "My, are we getting anxious? Just a bit horny, are we?"

Blushing as she smiled Des shook her head. "One of the side effects of alcohol, I think.... it goes straight to my nethers..." she grinned cheekily. "And you're a beautiful woman talking about sex, so yeah, a bit horny..."

"I'm definitely going to keep that in mind," Violet reflected, looking at Des greedily and taking her hand. "So, let's get to the shower and then my room."

Des laughed as Violet took her hand and started leading her toward the showers. "Don't have to tell me twice," she said, picking up the pace a bit. It wasn't long before they reached the showers, which were completely empty at this hour. Still feeling quite bold, Des disrobed in the middle of the room before stepping into a shower and turning on the water, making it just a tad cooler than 'instantly melt your skin' hot, but not enough to burn.

Violet did not hesitate at all to undress. Her clothing fell professionally from her and she strutted up to Des. She did not bother to feel the shower before she walked in and grabbed Des' face by both sides and kissed her hard. The heat became noticeable on Violet's back and she grinned. "So, you like it hot, do you?" Violet asked, the innuendo more than obvious.

"Damn," Des managed to say after the kiss ended. She grinned at Violet. "Apparently so do you," she said, kissing Violet, hard and lustfully. Her one hand tangled in Vi's hair, the other moved between them and ran over the soft flesh of her breast, rolling Vi's nipple with her palm before pinching it.

Violet gave a small moan of approval when Des rolled her nipple. Simultaneously, Violet grabbed Des' ass with her left hand and let her right hand tangle in Des' hair pushing her forward for a stronger kiss. Her left leg snaked between Des's legs and curled behind Des' right foot, opening Des' stance.

Des allowed Violet to move her leg and open her up for better access. A slight growl emanated from her throat as the kiss deepened. The hand that had been in Violet's hair came down and rolled the other nipple before she pinched and gently tugged on both at the same time.

Violet did not hesitate. Once access was granted, her right hand immediately moved to Des' vulva and she started to massage it. When her nipples were pinched, Violet smiled and kissed Des harder and more desperately, occasionally catching Des' tongue between Violet's teeth.

Des moaned and arched her back enough to push her vulva into Violet's hand. It had been far too long since she'd last had someone else touching her. She and her 'secret girlfriend' had broken up shortly after the senior prank gone wrong, and she'd not dated since then. Which meant the only hand to massage her clit was her own.

Not wanting to be selfish, however, she pushed her own hand down to Violet's vulva. Carefully parting the labia majora, she ran a finger over Vi's clit and then flicked it back, wondering how kinky the other woman was. The kisses growing desperate caused her to groan as the feelings coming from her clit began to grow more intense.

Violet gasped when Des found her clit. "I thought you were a virgin," Violet accused Des between gasps. "It appears you stretched the truth. Therefore, I must punish you!" Violet announced reaching behind Des and slapping Des' ass hard. She lowered herself to her knees and said, "No moving, or you get more spankings." Violet kept one hand firmly on Des' ass and the other parted her nether lips as Violet buried her face into Des' pussy. Violet's tongue flicked furiously but lightly over Des' clit. A mischievous smile formed on Violet's face as she waited for Des to squirm.

"Technically...oooooh" Des gasped as Violet's tongue lashed her clit. "Only....oooooh.... had my clit touched.....fuuuuck," she tried to talk, but was having a hard time. Her hips bucked slightly and she squirmed. "Only ever....uhnnnn....touched nipples and clit.....mmmmm....gods....yesss!" She groaned and a hand involuntarily reached down to tangle in Violet's hair. The sensations she was feeling were almost overwhelming and it took almost all of her willpower not to push Violet away.

"I said no moving," Violet told Des with sadistic pleasure as she slapped Des' ass harder. To make it even more difficult on Des, Violet sucked hard on Des' clit and simultaneously removed her hand off Des' ask and placed a finger at the entrance to Des' vagina. In slow circles, she played with the opening, touching all of Des' most sensitive spots there. Her rotations were soft and smooth. As Des widened, a second finger joined the first. Violet stopped sucking on Des' clit and once again started flicking her tongue furiously and teasingly across it.

Moaning Des couldn't help but move. The sensations were growing more and more intense and she was afraid she'd come well before Violet did anything to her vagina. Her hips moved forward as though trying to push the two fingers in further. "Oh... goooood.....fuuuck..." Her throat started tightening up and her head went back as ecstasy began to flood through her.

Violet muttered, "You're definitely going to have to pay for all of this movement." Forcefully, she shoved her fingers up into Des' vagina. She curled them back towards Des' G-spot and started to massage it quickly. After Violet had completed her speech, she went back to sucking hard on Des' clit, smirking all the while.

Unable to hold back any longer Des came hard, the muscles of her vagina closing tight around Violet's fingers. A slightly choked cry of pure pleasure echoed in the shower room. Her back arched even more, causing the top of her head to be on the wall of the shower. The hand on Violet's head gripped her hair, but didn't pull, while the other one sought purchase on anything to grab hold of to keep her upright.

Violet gave a throaty laugh. "My, my, my. You are a naughty one, aren't you? I was not so certain when I first met you but you have potential," Violet informed Des. "I wonder how long it will take to completely corrupt you."

Growling slightly, Des shook her head. She was still panting and shaking slightly. "You... are horrible," she muttered though had a huge grin on her face.

"Horrible?" Violet asked laughing, putting the fingers that she used to pump Des in her mouth and sucking Des' juices over them. "That's definitely not what your body's taste says, nor that shit eating grin on your face."

Sliding herself down the wall, she laughed. Then she leaned forward and grabbed Violet's nipple with her teeth, moving her right hand between Vi's legs. She gently eased her fingers between her labia majora and rubbed along the inner edge with two fingers, down either side of her clit. She went down to the opening of her vagina then came back up and began making slow circles over Vi's clit. As she did this, she used her left hand to tease the other nipple.

Violet gasped with surprise and pleasure when Des took Violet's nipple in her teeth. "You're a naughty girl, aren't you?" Violet asked as pleased as punch. Violet tried to act as if she was not receiving any pleasure but the quickening of her breath told a different story. Violet mastered her voice and said, "Not a bad start, rookie."

Smirking, Des increased the pressure and speed of the fingers on Violet's clit. Then, she held Vi's nipple between her teeth and flicked it with her tongue. The hand on the other nipple pinched and pulled slightly.

"Oooh. Now...oh, yeah, that's really naughty," Violet told Des between quickening breaths. "I, ohhh... Yeah.... Just keep doing that...."

The position was too awkward for Des to push her fingers into Violet, so she gently pushed the other woman backwards enough to get some room. The hand teasing Vi's nipple slid down and took over rubbing her clit. The one that had been on Vi's clit slid down and into her wet opening. Gently at first, she pushed two fingers in. Then added a third as she gained more access.

The fingers within Violet began moving in and out at a fast rate, hooked slightly so they would rub along the top of her vagina, hoping to hit the g-spot. Meanwhile, her other fingers continued to rub Vi's clit, fast and firm. Her teeth continued to grasp Vi's nipples, alternating between the two. When she would move from one nipple to the other, she trailed kisses along the soft, supple flesh of Vi's breasts. When she would pinch the nipple with her teeth, she would also flick it with her tongue.

Violet grabbed the back of Des' head, pulling her closer to her as she started to gasp and moan. Her sex became wetter as Des continued her work. "Oh...that...that...YES!" she cried out as Des found Vi's G spot. "Don't stop!" Her fingers caught themselves in Des' hair as she now simultaneously pulled Des' hair and pushed her in closer. "So close...."

Surprised by her own efforts working so well, Des picked up the speed. Violet was close and she could feel herself getting wet again as the other woman's excitement ramped up. It was getting slightly harder to breathe, being pushed into Vi's chest, but she wasn't going to complain. Instead her tongue circled the nipple in her mouth, alternating with flicking and suckling.

First it was one tremor. Violet knew that she was close. Her legs started to give. She forced Des' head closer. The sensations became overwhelming as the next moment her body shook, orgasm completely overwhelming her. She braced on the wall and against Des, her body convulsing all the while. Violet squeaked each time that her body involuntarily wracked itself. As she settled, words formed, "You...oh, you...have...promise."

Panting from both the exertion and being suffocated in Violet's breasts, Des grinned at the other woman. When Vi's muscles relaxed, she pulled her now soaked hand from between Violet's legs and sat back against the wall. "Do I now?" she asked finally.

"I'd say. Haven't had that kind of orgasm in a good, long time. I truly lost control," Violet told Des weakly.

Des laughed and shook her head. "You are weird Violet, but fun," she concluded. Standing, she turned the heat down a bit and grinned as she turned the shower head to spray Violet with the lukewarm water.

"I've been called worse," Violet told Des before opening her arms and took the lukewarm water. "You're going to make me get up and kick your ass, aren't you?" She gave a wild, mischievous look at Des.

Grinning, she turned and wiggled her ass at Violet before upping the heat on the water to a nice, just barely scalding hot. Then she brought the shower head back down so the water cascaded down her own body. "If you think those legs of yours would work instead of quiver like jello..." she taunted.

Pressing a hand on the wall to steady herself, Violet rose. "Yeah, well, I'm not buying that virgin bit. Then again, I suppose you're not now, sort of?" Violet cocked her head and asked Des, "Have you ever found it odd that de-virginizing only seems to refer to heterosexual intercourse?"

"Then I'm still a virgin," Des grinned. "And I'm serious, before tonight I'd never had anyone else insert any part of their body or another object into my vagina. Nor had I done so to another woman. And I've never been with a man." She shrugged. "But I never said I hadn't watched porn to get an idea of how it's done," she laughed.

"There's a lot more to you than meets the eye," Violet informed Des seriously. "So, I guess I'll keep you around."

"Small town girls either get knocked up by fifteen from having sex out of boredom, or they learn how not to do so," she shrugged. "I learned that boys don't really do it for me that much, though they still can be fun. And sex with girls can't get me pregnant. But, you taught me some new tricks... I look forward to learning more."

In a moment of pure boldness, Des leaned forward, kissed Vi somewhere between softly and passionately, then stood and made her way out of the showers, not caring that she was both soaking wet and completely naked as she scooped up her clothes made her way down the hall toward the stairs.

Violet watched as Des left. "Definitely going to keep that one around," she said as Des left. Before Des got out of sight, she called out, "Thought you were going to spend the night...."

"I don't remember agreeing to spending the night, but also, you never said where your room is," Des said, stopping in the middle of the hall.

"I didn't," Violet admitted. "But I can show you," she told Des with a presumptuous smile.

Rolling her eyes dramatically, she waved her arms. "Then do so," she grinned back. Most of the alcohol was out of her system now, but she was having fun and that was all that mattered.

Violet took Des by the arm and led her to room 347. She opened the door and led Des inside for more fun and games.


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