The Sim

Gulf Coast University is known as a party school and is a mid-level college. Think of it as on par with Ball State University or Bowling Green University. It is located in the city of Coastborne, which is just under a two hour drive from Houston. The student population is around 15,000 and is about half of the population of the city of Coastborne. Coastborne becomes a heck of a lot quieter during the summer. The Coastborne natives, a much more conservative lot, are not thrilled with the college population and they're fairly segregated across North Gulf Road, the school on the West side and the native population on the East.

Coastborne is located off the Gulf of Mexico that is between Gottschalk Lake, Mine Lake (though the natives are to the South and East of it), and the East Matagorda Bay. In real life, this is a mostly forested area of Texas and seems to have a distance of approximately 2.5 miles between the lakes according to MapQuest. Plenty of room for a college town. In real life, there is a nuclear plant STP (the plant is west and north of where we would be) which is near the Colorado River. As the crow flies, it appears that it is 6 miles from Gottschalk Lake to the cooling reservoir. Houston would be north and east of Coastborne and it is approximately 100 miles away to the center of Houston from Coastborne (96 one way and 101 or 103 another. Mapquest says 1 hour 45 minutes to 1 hour 51 minutes by car).

Coastborne’s native (non-college student) is predominantly a white population (65%) but there a heavy influx of Hispanic/Mexicans (25%). Blacks make up 6%, Native Americans make up 1%, as do Asians. The remaining 2% are from other races. Most of the population is either involved in the oil industry or maritime industry. It is a poorer, blue collar town where the median salary for a man is approximately $27,000 and a woman is $24,000. The median family income is $38,000. Consequently, nearly 35-40% of the native population is at or below the poverty line. There are lots of wharfs and bars. The bars mostly do not care about who is who, as they will take anyone’s money but there are definitely bars that cater to the natives opposed to college students. Similarly, there are bars that will not be entered by the natives, where the college students reign supreme.