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Nomie Kajal

Name Nomie Jaylin Kajal

Position Freshman


Character Information

Hero Name Elemental Elixir
Gender Female
Nickname (if any) Nome (pronounced like Gnome)
Date of Birth 12/26/1999
Age 18
Place of Birth London, England
Race White
Religion Not Religious
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Physical/Bodily Health History -Physically completely healthy.
Mental Health/History -Went through depression after her mother died, wishing she’d not turned as rebellious as she did before her mother died. Still on medication. Nomie has her good days and bad days.
-Depression pushed her friends away, causing Nomie to hide away for a year before she decided to try to pull herself out of the hole she was in.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Switches between brown and black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos None
Physical Description -Randomly changes her hair between brown and black
-Very skinny for her height


Relationship Status Single
Father Kevin Kajal
Mother Isebel Kajal (Karme) - Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nomie is a shy tease/flirt. Will flirt with anyone, guy or girl, that she fancies. Overly caring and wears her heart on her sleeve after her mother died. She is a wiz at computers. Her parents did not approve of her sexuality choices when she was younger prior to her mother dying and threatened to disown her on multiple occasions.
Hero Powers/Abilities Healing
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
-Can tell when someone is feeling down/saying they are okay when they really aren’t and will stay with them, even if they don’t want to talk.

-Can get overly emotional and it hinders her from being able to focus.
Hobbies & Interests -Medical Research
-Computer Hacking
-Computer Programming
-Website Development


Usual Style/Clothes Nomie can be found in an assortment of clothes, typically will do up her makeup as well. But if she's in a depression episode, she is likely in a hoodie with no makeup on.
Hero Costume Coming Soon

Personal History Nomie grew up for ten years in London, where she was born, and was never one of the popular ones. She was teased for her extremely dark hair, and for being taller than most of the girls. She was always tall and skinny, but also grew up extremely shy.

That was until her father’s company moved them to the US and they ended up in this strange place called Kansas. She didn’t like it much at all, nor was she a fan of the US. But, as it was a permanent relocation, and she was quickly made a US citizen, she knew she would have to figure it out.

Her accent, strangely enough, made her extremely popular. It was thick and she sounded odd if she tried to hide it. So, she embraced it and used it to her advantage. It also wasn’t until she was in high school where she realized something that she never thought was possible: she had a thing for both guys and girls, and they had a thing for her.

But there were things happening in her family that she didn’t know about. Ever since she was in 8th grade, Nomie’s mother had been falling ill. Caught up in her own things, it didn’t hit her until 10th grade, when her mother would barely leave the house. Growing concerned, Nomie tried her best to find out what was. She dug through any computer article she could find.

As her mother got sicker, Nomie took time off school, staying by her bedside. She’d never been extremely close to her mother, but that didn’t mean she wanted to lose her. She hoped every night that her mother would get better, but that wish never came true. When Nomie was 16, she lost her mother, but it was never known what it was that took her life.

After that, her world changed. She was still rebellious, though was diagnosed with severe depression. A year later, she let people get close again. But something had changed that she didn’t expect: she felt more emotionally attached to others. If they were hurting, she wanted to help. If they seemed like they were trying to force themselves to be okay, she’d stay with them to make sure they actually were.

She gained many more friends because of this, but when she was moving away for college, as they all were, Nomie slipped back into her depression. Her father tried what he could do to help, but she had to work it out on her own. Before leaving for Coastborne, she was given a higher dosage of her depression medication, just in case she slipped into another time of wanting to close herself off.