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Hayden Staffard

Name Hayden Jeffery Staffard

Position Freshman


Character Information

Hero Name SilverStreak
Gender Male
Nickname (if any) Speedy
Date of Birth 09/12/1999
Age 18
Place of Birth Stockton Ca.
Race White
Religion Buddhist
Sexual Orientation Gay
Physical/Bodily Health History Hayden is physically fit and cares about his body. He runs and swims every chance he gets, He us also a kick-boxer
Mental Health/History He has a fear of rejection so he his an overachiever

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 185
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos Except for the mole on his backside. Hayden has no marks what so ever
Physical Description Hayden, is your all-american boy. He is very good looking. He walks with his head held high despite all the slurs and slander that comes his way


Spouse or Significant Other Drew Rankin aka Phantom(boyfriend)
Relationship Status Taken
Children None
Father Bobby Stafford
Mother Susan Stafford
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family, Relatives, or Significant Others None all passed away

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hayden, can be shy sometimes, despite his need to be in the spotlight. Hayden is your typical overachieving College Freshman that is Majoring in Music Theater
Hero Powers/Abilities Hayden gained the ability of speed. He can run abnormally fast. He can run so fast that he has the ability to run across water and up buildings, defying gravity.
Strengths & Weaknesses Hayden is very loyal to his friends and family and his highschool boyfriend Drew Rankin. Since he has no siblings, he also is very protective of Drew's younger sister Kit, that he treats like a his own kid sister, even though he is dating her 7min older twin brother
Quirks He is always singing in some sort of form or fashion
Favorite Quotes/Mottos Why drive, when I can run? Powered up motto: "I feel the need. The need for speed.
Ambitions To be next big Broadway Star
Hobbies & Interests All things Broadway(quiz him on any musical)
Drew(his boyfriend)


Usual Style/Clothes He perfers button down shirts and dress shoes and jeans when he is class. Board shorts and muscle tees on the weekends. Sweats ans hoodies, when he works out and traditional Wushu uniform when he practicing.
Hero Costume Silver Spandex suit that covers his entire body, with a emblem of a Jet Stream on it. His hair and eye color also changes when he becomes SilverStreak to the color of silver. He also has a silver mask with black trim that outlines his face.

Personal History On December 15th 1998 Bobby Stafford met his lovely wife Susan , when Susan was working in a florist ship in Stockton CA, where they both lived. After a 6 month romance, they we wed. Bobby was Buddhist and Susan controverted to Buddhism after they were married. About one year later, they had their only son. His father loved the name Hayden, so that is what they called him.

Hayden was his mothers little star. He had a passion for all things dealing with stagecraft and acting when he was very little. His mother took him to auditions to auditions for roles as soon as Hayden turned 6. Some of the roles that he played was Aladdin, Peter Pan, Pippin, The Cowardly Lion, Oliver Twist. Those roles and performances took him from 6 to 12.

He went to a private school when he was in Jr High. Where he loved science and of course music.

Moving on to high school. Now that was the height of Hayden's academic career. Where he got offers from Julliard and Fame, both of the performance school in New York. Now his parents could afford to send him, so he missed out to study under some of the most accomplished actors and actresses in musical theater.

So he went to Lincoln High School. Where, during his four years he continues to perform. He added to his already overwhelming schedule Show Choir, where he was the star soloist. He also met his boyfriend Drew. Now that is a long story, but Drew and Hayden are happy together.

Hayden was the person that Drew ran to after his coming out. Drew was a bloody mess after the fight he had with his dad, so Hayden brought him in and took care of him for the rest of their senior year.

Hayden graduated with drama and choir scholarship to the college in Texas. So Kit, Drew and Hayden all piled in to Hayden's truck and left behind their life in Stockton, for College in Texas