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Ben Kemper

Name Ben Kemper

Position Freshman


Character Information

Hero Name Zephyr
Gender Male
Nickname (if any) Benny, BK
Age 18
Race Caucasian
Religion Christian
Sexual Orientation Hetero
Physical/Bodily Health History Not a peak physical specimen, but not exactly at death's door
Mental Health/History None

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos Tattoo of initials on left wrist. Gray wire rim glasses
Physical Description A little bit of muscle tone, but not exactly ripped.
Has to wear glasses
Still some moderate acne, but clearing up


Relationship Status Single

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ben is a pretty good guy once you get to know him,

He may look like a nerd,but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy that good party.
Hero Powers/Abilities Wind.manipulation. creates breezes with his arm movements
Strengths & Weaknesses Among Bens strengths are that he has knack for finding easy solutions to hard problems
Also something that could go either way is that he has a big heart. If you if you're his friend, he's always there

Quirks Ben's a bit of an anime nut, always eager to talk about

Favorite Quotes/Mottos If you can't have fun why do it
Ambitions Maybe be a doctor someday
Hobbies & Interests Ben reads a lot


Usual Style/Clothes Casual. Mostly shorts or a t-shirt
Hero Costume Undecided

Personal History Not much to say about Ben's history. It's been pretty much typical after all.
Born. Spent time as a baby. All that jazz

Ok being serious.

Ben was born in a moderate sized town in Virginia an only child to a lower middle class family. They weren't poor, but a paycheck didn't exactly scream big bucks