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Andrew(Drew) Rankin

Name Andrew(Drew) Joseph Rankin

Position Freshman


Character Information

Hero Name Phantom
Gender Male
Nickname (if any) Drew
Date of Birth May 11, 2000
Age 18
Place of Birth Stockton CA
Race Caucasian
Religion Christian(Baptist)
Sexual Orientation Gay
Physical/Bodily Health History He rarely gets sick and is great health
Mental Health/History No mental health issues

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 155
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos None
Physical Description Drew will never be an NFL, or for that matter College quarterback. He’s just a shade under 5’9” and weighs just 155 pounds. He has a lithe, sinewy, gymnast’s build. with tight abs that come tantalizing close to a six-pack. His hair which he wears moderately short is sandy brown nine months out of the year, but in summer it lightens turning almost blond. His eyes are the blue-green of the Gulf of Mexico on a Spring day.

Many of the girls and more than one of the boys at Lincoln High would describe him as cute, or easy on the eyes, though he’s not exactly handsome.


Spouse or Significant Other Single
Relationship Status Commited Relationship
Children None
Father Daniel Rankin 41
Mother Abigail (Abby) Rankin 39
Brother(s) Riley 12
Sister(s) Katherine (Kit) Rankin 18 Kallie 15
Other Family, Relatives, or Significant Others Grandparents, various cousins, aunts, and uncles Hayden Stafford ex=boyfriend

Personality & Traits

General Overview Drew is, by seven minutes, older than his twin sister is very protective of her (she would say overly so) and others that he cares for. He’s always joked that she is the brains and he’s the brawn. It’s true that she is brighter than he is, but he’s far from the dullest blade in the drawer either. He is gregarious and the very definition of a social butterfly. In High School, he easily navigated and made friends with those of all the different cliques. He excels in any event where he is in front of people. Debate, Drama, Speech, are his favorites. He’s not going to win the Voice, though he’d at least he’d have a chair or two turn. His dancing is his weakest talent and he’s not going win or even enter too many of those type contests. But at least he doesn’t embarrass himself when he’s on the dance floor.

Hero Powers/Abilities The accident will give the ability of Phasing and Air walking. These powers together, along with his natural skills and training, help make him a successful roguish type who likes to avoid detection and stealthily attack his opponents.

He has the power to accelerate his molecules to acquire a ghost-like effect. He can pass through solid objects In addition, when he is phasing and not passing through an object he can walk through normal space, walking on air. This is not flying per se as he has to be relatively close to a surface but it means he can walk up the side of a building or avoid traps or alarms that might be pressure sensitive.

Power limitation: Some things are easier to do than others. For instance, phasing himself through a normal wall is pretty easy to do and takes little energy to accomplish, but the thicker the wall, the more energy it takes.

When phasing, he can only affect himself, or objects he can hold in one hand, the upper limit being his quarterstaff. He can’t bring someone else along with him(though as his power develops he will be able to bring someone with him)

When walking through the air he must remain 8 meters or less above a surface. He can move at whatever speed he would normally walk or run. He could phase through a train(with a lot of effort) but he couldn’t fly faster than one.

While he can phase through almost any object there are two things working against him Time and Energy. For most objects like walls and doors, this isn’t much of an issue. It takes him no more time or energy then it takes a person to open a door and walk through it. But anything thicker than a meter or two becomes problematic because of the expenditure of time and energy.

He doesn’t have to breathe while he is phased, but his molecules can only remain stable for so long. He can stay phased for up to ten minutes before he loses the ability to control his molecular structure and then those molecules bond with wherever he is phased. Passing through two meters takes about four minutes and every meter beyond that doubles the time it takes to get to the other side.

He can stay in a solid object and remain hidden there but is subject to the same time constraints as when he phases through an object If he ever becomes unconscious while phasing, his body will get shunted to the nearest open space, which may or may not be to his benefit. He also would fry most computers, smartphones etc, that he would pass through, hide in because as he scrambled his molecules to phase he would also scramble circuits.

In addition, he has a very high metabolism and has to eat four or five meals a day, just under normal circumstances. If he uses his powers he has to eat another meal or two. This too happens right away and won’t go away, no matter how long he has his powers.
Strengths & Weaknesses Drew is very good when it comes to performing in front of people whether that is one on one or in a group He is creative with a vivid imagination. He struggles mightily with math or hard science courses, and if not for Kit tutoring him and his ability to sweet-talk his teachers he’d probably flunk those type classes.

He is estranged from his father, which has caused trust and intimacy issues. He and his sister, on the other hand, are so close they can answer each other’s sentences and they can still talk to each other in their “twin speak”

He sometimes comes off cocky and arrogant, but that is only because he is so sure of himself and he would deny what he considers to be a baseless accusation, On the other hand, those who claim he’s a smartass are met with a wink and a nod. Sometimes his tongue, which usually gets him out of trouble, places him in it. He has a strong moral compass, just one with his own headings. He isn’t afraid to bend or even break the rules if that is what it takes to get the job done. He likes people and likes to play the diplomat and doesn’t like conflict. On the other hand, he is very protective of those he cares for, or the oppressed.

He is a skilled practitioner of Silambam. He can fight unarmed, but he uses a quarterstaff as his main weapon. He can also use the sedikuchi, which is a three-foot long staff, that is more concealable than his regular staff which is about five and a half feet long He would prefer to talk his way out of a situation when he can

He has excellent hand-eye coordination. But barely knows one end of a gun from the other.
Quirks Social butterfly
Favorite Quotes/Mottos Life is not a dress rehearsal, the curtain is up and you are on, so get out there and give it your best shot

All the world is a stage, but the play is badly cast
Ambitions Drew wants to act professionally in either New York or Hollywood
Hobbies & Interests gymnast, martial arts, puzzles


Usual Style/Clothes His clothing style is thrift store chic, (Thrift store chic is often composed of vintage T-shirts (striped tees and anything with vintage graphics, in particular), sweaters, flannel ‘lumberjack’ shirts, and worn and torn jeans.)
Hero Costume His uniform is fairly simplistic and understated and, at least in his opinion, fits well with his powers. It is quite literally black and white. It is black down the center of his chest, his thighs, arms, and legs. The outside of his chest, arms, thighs, and legs is white, except for a very thin strip of contrasting black on the far outside of his thighs.

Personal History History

On June 13, 1998, Daniel Rankin who was just launching his insurance career met Abigail Douglas at a singles class at First Baptist Church in Stockton California. They were married a little over a year later and moved into modest Craftsman-style home near Swenson Park

On May 11, 2000, they welcomed Andrew and Katherine into their lives. Andrew was the oldest by seven minutes. From a very early age, Drew did well in sports, especially those that require good hand-eye coordination like baseball, tennis, and golf. By five he lost interest in most of those, with the exception of watching them on TV. He became fascinated with gymnastics. He loved watching the performers, there was just something about them especially the male ones that fascinated him. He wanted to be like them. So he turned, on the charm with his parents and begged and pleaded and finally they let him start taking classes.

A year later he started showing an interest in a rather rare martial art silambam and all other sports and activities, aside from his gymnastic went by the wayside. While Kit was doing her special activities he was doing those. Their mother was usually at all their events, shows and presentations, though sometimes she would have to split time between them when they had something going on at the same time. Their father’s business was growing by leaps and bounds enabling the family to afford the luxury Mediterranean home they now live in, so he rarely saw them in action or attend their very different events.

He would often drink after a particularly hard day, or when he just needed to relax and he’d get drunk once or twice a month on average. When he did, it was almost impossible to know whether he would generously give them something out of the blue, simply pass out, or explode in anger. It made for very uncertain times

He didn’t make life easier for either of the twins, which only brought them closer together. He was especially hard on Drew finding fault in almost everything he did. Yet at the same time he wanted him to follow in his footsteps, and from the age of eight or nine was telling him so and quashing any of his ideas to do something else

On August 8, 2003, Kallie the third child and second daughter is born into the Rankin Family, giving Drew two younger sisters to look out for.

On November 17, 2006, Riley the fourth and final member of the Rankin family was born.

In the Spring of 2016, the Stockton Community Theater planned to put on a play called Spring Awakening that summer and sent out notices to all the schools in San Joaquin County announcing an audition. Not knowing anything about the play at first, Drew just saw it as an opportunity to compete and perform in front of a larger audience than at his local school, Lincoln High. He got the part of Ernst Robel Hayden Stafford, a fellow student at Lincoln got the part of Hanschen Rilow.

They weren’t lead roles exactly, but they were important and even his father was proud of him since most of the other parts went to college students. Then Daniel found out that both characters were gay. That was enough to set him off. But when he found out that Hayden was gay and that there was a scene where the two boys kissed, he went ballistic. He didn’t want his son playing some “loser faggot” and he most definitely didn’t want him to be seen kissing another boy for the whole city to see. But since Drew had committed, he wouldn’t make him bow out, nevertheless, he refused to come. Drew was used to him not showing up so it didn’t really phase him.

He still didn’t see himself as gay and was reluctant to kiss Hayden, partially because he didn’t want others to think he was gay, but mostly because he didn’t want to upset his father. The director eventually convinced him to do the romantic scene for the sake of the play and because it was the professional thing to do. But, after three rehearsals where things just weren’t coming together Hayden and Drew tried the scene in Drew’s room.

At first, things went just as badly as they had during the rehearsals. But then something clicked and he gave into the moment and the kiss worked. It became even more heated than the script called for and he realized that he was gay, just like Ernst. Kit saw them but didn’t didn’t tell him at first what she’d seen. He did tell her, right before opening night thinking she might be grossed out, but she confessed what she’d witnessed and told him she was okay with it and said, “I know who you are, I’ve known longer than you.”

In October of 2016 after watching a lot of youtube videos about coming out Drew called a family meeting when he made his confession. It went nothing as it did in the majority of those videos (except for Kit, Kallie, and Riley). His father even hit him and called him names. If not for the interference of Abby and Kit a real fight may have taken place. As it was, it was mostly just words, which hurt Drew almost more than a fist could.

It was shortly after that that Drew and Kit stated planning their exit. They each continued to attend school and church as well as their other activities, Drew his performances, gymnastics and martial arts and Kit her writing and artwork.

Kit did a lot of research online and eventually found a school that was perfect for them. They offered scholarships for gymnastics, with an excellent drama department and offered programs in art and fashion design which are the fields she’s most interested in. Plus it was in Texas far away from Daniel Rankin (the best attribute of all for Drew) They applied and got in. Drew’s academics, especially in the classes he struggled with, were thin, but he was an outstanding gymnast and had glowing recommendations from his Drama teacher and the Director of the Stockton Theater and Kit with her straight As was a shoo-in.