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Katherine Rankin

Name Katherine Elizabeth Rankin

Position Freshman


Character Information

Hero Name Stealth
Gender Female
Nickname (if any) Kit
Date of Birth May 11, 2000
Age 18
Place of Birth California
Race White
Sexual Orientation Hetro

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 125
Hair Color Dark Brown, with hints of red and gold during the summer months
Eye Color Greenish Grey
Physical Description Kit is of average height and slender with fair skin and thick dark hair. She keeps it long and considers her hair her best feature -- not that she's vain or fussy about it; rather that it's relatively carefree for its length, is smooth but holds curls or plaits well, and looks good loose or styled. In short, it's rare for her to have a bad hair day.

Kit tends to dress absurdly simply with as few layers as possible. Usually t-shirts and jeans, if she's attending class or doing field work, or t-shirt and sweatpants if she knows she will be staying home and no one but her family will see her. Those that don't know her assume she has no sense of style or simply raided Drew’s store of outgrown clothing. Few are aware that she designs and makes jewelry and clothing that she sells through a small consignment store in town.


Spouse or Significant Other N/A
Relationship Status Single
Children N/A
Father Daniel Rankin
Mother Abby Rankin
Brother(s) Drew Rankin (Twin)
Riley Rankin
Sister(s) Kallie Rankin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kit has a cheerful and even-keeled disposition but tends to keep her innermost thoughts, as well as darker emotions, to herself. She loves reading, especially historical romances and fantasies, and often has a book or a bit of craftwork (needlework or jewelry) in hand or at close reach. She's equally comfortable alone or with a group, and although friendly, is not the bubbly type. Kit’s slim but wiry and stronger than her slight build would suggest due to her love of archery and horseback riding, both learned at summer camp. Despite her skill with the bow she's rather a klutz when it come to catching thrown objects, and Drew learned the hard way to hand things to his twin sister instead of tossing them to her. There's still a funny stain on the kitchen ceiling evidencing one such mishap.
Hero Powers/Abilities Animal Shapeshifting: Can shapeshift into any animal. When in an animal's form, she has access to the strengths but is subject to the limitations of that particular form. If she takes the form of an animal far larger than herself, Kit is in danger of losing her human mentality. Shifting form is very taxing and when Kit runs out of energy, she is "kicked out" of the animal’s form naked and weak, if not actually unconscious.

Empathy: With Drew she has the ability to feel to a limited degree what he does emotionally and physically.


Personal History Drew is the elder by a mere seven minutes, a fact that he never lets her forget. He’s very protective over her as well as over their younger sister Kallie, it must be an older brother thing. She is smarter than he, so there is some truth to his joke that she got the lion share of brains, the true source of her good grades is her eidetic memory and her study habits. She is not fond of being the center of attention, tending to prefer being behind the scenes, supporting those who do actually enjoy such things, like her twin Drew.

Like Drew, Kit is a better than passable dancer, as her inability to catch things tossed her way doesn’t translate into two left feet. But despite her ability to dance she doesn’t usually enjoy it, since she hasn’t had much luck finding a partner that she wanted to dance with. There was a guy she had had a crush on for most of her high school career, Adam Vaughn but he was older and never ever noticed her. That she didn’t attend parties very much, instead more often than not staying home or spending her free time at the library.

She spends her summers working at a local independent bookstore, called the Bookworm earning her own spending money because she isn’t happy with her father because of how he’s treated Drew since he came out of the closet. Perhaps it’s the twin bond, but Drew’s sexuality doesn’t bother her at all. It’s merely a part of who he is. Kit’s love for her brother is unserving and without limits. When he decided to apply to colleges out of state, it was a given that she would go with him wherever they both get accepted.

Unlike her father, Kit made it to at least one of each of Drew’s performances, even the one that changed his life, The Laramie Project, since she had suspected the truth about his sexuality even before he did. Kit knew the tragedy of Matthew Shepard, and while she hated what was done to the poor young man, Kit never dreamed that their father would have reacted as negatively as he did when Drew told the family he was gay.

Like Drew, Kit hasn’t really been speaking to their father since the day eighteen months ago, he struck Drew for being true to himself about being gay. The relationship between Kit and their mother is strained, but it’s better than the relationship between the twins and their father.