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Elena Sokolova

Name Elena Sokolova

Position Freshman


Character Information

Hero Name Elemental
Gender Female
Nickname (if any) Ellie
Date of Birth January 7, 2000
Age 19
Place of Birth Kiev, Ukraine
Race Ukrainian & Russian
Religion Russian Orthodox
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Physical/Bodily Health History Extensive history of untreated broken bones and other physical trauma
Mental Health/History Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Panic Disorder and a history of suicidal ideation and substance abuse.

Physical Appearance

Height 1.66m
Weight 54kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos A tattoo of a dragon on her lower back
Physical Description Elena is a woman of average height and with a curvy but thin figure, she has a very pale skin and somewhat curly brown hair. While well hidden, some scars from her past abuse can still be found on parts of her body if one were to take a close look. A tattoo she was branded with forms one of the most obvious reminders, and one she always keeps covered with clothes. She has full lips and bright green eyes.


Relationship Status Single
Father Yuri Sokolov (Deceased)
Mother Anastasia Sokolova (Deceased)
Brother(s) Vladimir Sokolov (Deceased)
Sister(s) Anastasia Sokolova (Missing)
Other Family, Relatives, or Significant Others Oleg Fyodor (Legal Guardian)

Personality & Traits

General Overview With her entire family lost at the age of 6 and the life in servitude that followed, Elena had to grow up fast. Despite treatment from some of the best experts in the world, she remains mentally unstable and has suppressed many of her memories as a defence mechanism. To an outsider this makes her seem distant and aloof, something only worsened by her difficulty to trust people. To the outside world she attempts to put up an appearance that all is well and tries to cover her true self by looking like someone else. Once someone does get through her walls however, they will find a friend for life and one who will literally go through hell to protect them. She remains committed to finding her sister and freeing her from wherever she is trapped.

At heart she is a nice girl, while the public face she uses easily allows her to be part of the popular groups, she really hates being mean to anyone. That does however not mean she doesn't know how to have fun.
Hero Powers/Abilities Initially following the accident Elena will not seemingly have changed at all beyond constantly feeling cold, as the days and weeks progress her surroundings start to cool down until eventually her first real power appears. The ability to freeze things by touch as well as to channel a concentrated ‘beam’ of ice at a target. At the core her powers work by being able to convert one element into another. With a lot of work and time she can expand her powers from frost to others as well. Using these powers however takes both a physical and mental toll. Physically the process is incredibly exhausting and as such early on she will only be able to use her powers for seconds before needing to recover. With training and discipline she can eventually extend this to a few minutes. Not using her powers for a prolonged time results in a strong pain as she needs to absorb heat from other objects to survive. Mentally, her powers require incredible concentration and focus, even the smallest distraction can in the best case scenario result in her powers just failing while in the worst case it can result in her accidentally hurting someone she was meant to protect. A final initial weakness as she gains power will be controlling them, with direct ties to emotional state sudden bouts of anger, fear or other powerful emotions can have her manifest her powers against her will and beyond her control.

As development progresses it will become clear her powers fundamentally allow her to convert energy, frost and fire simply being the easiest to use where frost is more the absorbing of heat energy and her fire powers are dumping that same energy in the most immediate method.


Usual Style/Clothes She can usually be found wearing tight-fitting brand clothes though on occasion will also wear more loose fitting clothes. Skirts are included in as many outfits as possible.

Personal History Elena was born in Kiev in the winter of 2000 as the second child and first daughter of the Russian oligarch Yuri Sokolov and the former ballerina Anastasia Sokolova. As owners of Sokolov Industries, a major conglomerate in the weapons industry as well as resource extraction, the family was not lacking in any financial means. Elena’s early childhood was one of extreme warmth and comfort, despite his busy job her father always made time for the family and with her mother having retired she was fully dedicated to the household. All of that would change as the Orange Revolution hit in 2005. Prior to the election Yuri Sokolov had aligned himself with Viktor Yanukovych, the chaos that followed the protests upon his initial election allowed for rivals of Sokolov Industries and old enemies from the KGB times to seek retribution. On the 5th of december 2005 a group of rioters, who were in reality goons hired by the primary rival Ivan Kournikov, entered the family estate outside of Kiev, in the chaos her father and mother were shot to death while the estate was burned to the ground with her older brother still inside. Elena and her one year younger sister were taken to Kournikov by the men. Rather than killing them as well, the mobster instead sold them to a Romanian gang as slaves. Now also separated from her sister, Elena was beyond hope. For the next ten years of her life she was forced to work for the gang and constantly exposed to drugs to keep her docile. Any attempt to resist, not earning enough money or even not fully satisfying a client would result in severe punishment.

On her 16th birthday however things were about to change, the Sokolov family still had friends. While they originally believed that all of them had died in the fire, Oleg Fyodor previously the director of a subsidiary of Sokolov Industries and now an oligarch in his own right had gained information that both Sokolov daughters had survived the fire. Having hired private investigators throughout Europe and Asia he managed to track down the warehouse where Elena was held. In cooperation with German police the warehouse was raided and Elena was freed together with a dozen other girls and women. After initial medical treatment and an expedited detox regimen in a private clinic, Elena returned to Ukraine under an assumed identity as at first as she was still in danger. Oleg together with other family friends had secretly been buying back former Sokolov Industries properties and holdings but Kournikov remained a strong and influential presence. Only when things were just right did Elena publicly reveal herself as the long missing daughter and accused Kournikov of the murder of her parents and brother. With the tables having turned Kournikov was arrested and as the heir to Sokolov Industries the renewed company was passed to her ownership. The next few years of her life were filled with processing what had happened, worrying about the state of her sister and catching up on all the years she had missed. While she technically owned the companies, she left the management up to its directors. When she was 19 she decided she finally felt ready enough to pick up her life fully. She needed to do so far away from Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe in general though. While most of her education consisted of tutoring in the past three years, her life story, significant financial means and natural intelligence probably still meant she could get into any Ivy League university, however she did not want to be famous for what happened to her and most of the horrible details were only a Google search away. Instead she searched for a university that was still good but likely to do less research into applying students, that way she ended up at the Gulf Coast University to reinvent herself.

Despite the presence of subsidiaries on United States soil, her access to Sokolov resources remains limited due to ongoing federal investigations. Beyond this, to avoid research into her background and showing up on the radars of those still looking for her she decided to use as few of her financial resources as absolutely needed.