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Kasper van Acker

Name Kasper van Acker

Position Freshman


Character Information

Hero Name Aegis
Gender Male
Nickname (if any) Kas
Date of Birth April 9th, 1999
Age 19
Place of Birth Breda, Netherlands
Race Caucasian
Religion Unitarian Universalist
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Physical/Bodily Health History Excellent health and constitution
Mental Health/History Often finds some way to feel guilty

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos Has a surprising amount of tattoos he’s glad to show off
Physical Description Kasper is a tall young man with a pale complexion and athletic looking build. Though not very bulky he’s obviously fit from years of exercise. There’s warmth and intelligence in this jock’s eyes that can seem stormy or blue depending on his mood, and he smiles easily. Kas’ thick chestnut hair is generally kept to a medium length and styled, while a pointed nose is likely his most noticeable feature.


Spouse or Significant Other None
Relationship Status Single
Children None
Father Nicolaas van Acker, 39
Mother Evertje van Acker, 39
Brother(s) Dirk, 16
Sister(s) Sara, 14
Other Family, Relatives, or Significant Others Numerous relations but mostly overseas

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kasper, or Kas to his friends, may be a jock coming in on his sports scholarship, but he’s got some brains to back him up, and a whole lot of heart. He sees his way through the world with emotion, compassion, and a quirky faith in humanity that sets him on an unshakable path of helping others. Luckily, he knows how to relax too, capable of switching from a passionate and driven idealist to a wild free spirit on the dance floor with shocking suddenness.
Hero Powers/Abilities Force-Field Generation - Kasper has the ability to create fields of manipulated energy in a limited radius around himself, manifesting mostly as shields, walls, domes, and other kinds of barricades to start. The shape seems to come from his imagination and experience, a glowing blue-white and transparent energy that gives off a soft illumination. While his force-fields can withstand some impressive punishment, there are some significant limitations Kas hasn’t figured out any way around.

Capable of shrugging off small arms and equivalent energy attacks without issue, for perhaps ten minutes at his best, anything heavier will more quickly deplete Kasper’s endurance. His physical health is tied directly to the strength of his force-fields as well, starting out strong but declining as he does. Outside of a distance of five-feet, Kasper’s fields become pathetically weak and difficult to control, making anything beyond relatively useless. He can best wield this ability to shield himself or just a few others close-by who need protection as the field works both ways and attacking from inside Kas’ powers will be equally deflected.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kasper has a naturally curious and observant mind, willing to step out of his comfort zone to experience life and new points of view. Imaginative, open-minded, he sees all things as part of a big, mysterious, and beautiful puzzle called life. As he observes and learns connections he won’t hesitate to excitedly share them to anyone willing to listen with sometimes infectious enthusiasm. Kasper’s love to communicate comes with strong people skills, an easy bedside manner that is both calm and stalwart, and an enthusiastic friend whether the conversation is light or deep.

However, Kasper tends to overthink and overanalyze a lot. He has a strange ability to find some guilt in just about anything he does or doesn’t do, often thinks about how he could have been better, and that can sometimes frustrate others or be misread as having some sort of atlas complex as he tries to take on all the problems around him. Surprisingly independant too, he loathes being micromanaged or restrained by heavy-handed rules; living in a world full of checks and balances is a hard pill to swallow.
Quirks Adventurous and willing to try just about anything once, absolutely terrible singer.
Favorite Quotes/Mottos “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.” - John Wayne

“For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson
Ambitions To become a paramedic, a healer out in the field where the action is and people need help fast.
Hobbies & Interests Soccer is Kasper’s sport of choice, but he hikes, goes fishing, and rock-climbs too. Partying, socializing, and campaigning for causes. Emotional movies and stories.


Usual Style/Clothes Blue jeans, sneakers or hiking boots, t-shirts and hoodies are his go-to outfit. He’s got plenty of colors to mix and match for his tops but overall the theme doesn’t vary much at all.
Hero Costume None yet

Personal History The oldest child of a family of immigrants, Kasper van Acker was born in the Netherlands but he and his family moved to the United States in time for middle school. Seeking opportunities and the American Dream, all of that, they wound up setting roots down in Colorado Springs, Colorado. While Kasper remembers a bit about Europe, The Springs was where he grew up, the place he calls home.

With two younger siblings and a wholesome, middle class upbringing, Kasper never suffered any significant losses or setbacks growing up. He was close to his family, made friends easily, had an open mind for both people and learning. Kasper was naturally athletic too, having started to play football back overseas and then joining local soccer teams in the States. The outdoor lifestyle was appealing and easy to take up in a place like Colorado too, and Kasper easily spent more time running around outside than he ever did planted inside, stuck in front of a TV.

School was pretty straightforward for Kasper. He studied hard when he needed to, picked up most of his subjects easily enough, was one of the popular kids in high school that everyone seemed to know. Never one for much arrogance or bad behavior, perhaps he could have been more annoyingly good if not for how genuinely the young man seemed to care about everyone. A bit of an overachiever perhaps, but he always meant well.

If there was one gift he seemed to have, Kasper was compassionate, always interested in a young age to help others whether it was nursing an injured bird back to health, backing up a friend against a bully, running for student government at school, joining a humanist church, and volunteering his time into the Boy Scouts and other community service groups. Despite never suffering much loss in his own young life, Kasper seemed devoted to helping just about anyone less fortunate.

The senior year of high school saw Kasper secure a valuable sports scholarship for his performance that year on the soccer team, along with some of his other work, and off he went to figure himself out at college. Though it meant leaving a lot of friends and family behind, Kasper headed out of state, applied to Gulf Coast University and was accepted. A paramedic’s training was no surprise as a choice for the young man, though he planned to fill out the rest of his years picking something else up along the way.