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Violet Vines

Name Violet Hyacinth Vines

Position Freshman


Character Information

Hero Name Singularity
Gender Female
Nickname (if any) Vi or Vivi (very rare on Vivi)
Date of Birth January 15, 2000
Age 18
Place of Birth White Plains, New York
Race Caucasian
Religion atheist
Sexual Orientation bisexual
Physical/Bodily Health History Excellent
Mental Health/History Undiagnosed - see personal history

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 130 lbs.
Hair Color black
Eye Color green
Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos None yet.
Physical Description Thin, long legs, extremely attractive – Victoria Secret model type body.


Relationship Status single
Children none
Father Stephen Allen Vines – deceased
Mother Daisy Alissa Vines – deceased
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family, Relatives, or Significant Others Aunt – Mildred Ellen Fowler

Personality & Traits

General Overview If she could be described in one word, it would be “reckless.” Violet is a thrill seeker. She’s constantly seeking ways to show that she’s still alive since she managed to survive the accident her parents did not. Also, while she is friendly, she refuses to show vulnerability or allow another individual to get close to her to conceal her pain.
Hero Powers/Abilities Singularity can an affect gravity in any area of a couple feet or larger, limited to approximately a ten yard diameter, at this time. She cannot, for example, increase the gravity on a heart to kill a person. While Singularity can control gravity in a certain area as noted above, she tends to have greater effect/certainty, when she points with her hand or finger towards an area. Also, she tends to lose control of her abilities when she is highly emotionally charged (positively or negatively). Extreme happiness, pleasure, and/or excessive laughter will cause the gravity in her area to lighten, causing gravity to lessen. Extreme aggravation, anger or frustration will cause the area to get quite grave, literally.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Fearless, Certain, Unrepentant

Weaknesses: Reckless, Lack of Foresight,
Favorite Quotes/Mottos “I’m out of my mind. Please leave a message.”
Ambitions Leave earth with no regrets.
Hobbies & Interests Whatever the latest thrill is


Usual Style/Clothes Violet likes black, dark purple and dark green clothing. She tends to wear risqué clothing and clothing that clings to her body, leaving very little to the imagination.
Hero Costume None thus far.

Personal History Violet grew up as normal as any New Yorker grows up, accent and all. There was absolutely nothing amazing about her except her striking appearance. Adult guys hitting on her, even at 13 was nothing new. She was tall, with nice long legs and a tight ass. Her breasts were perky. She loved the attention and she quickly learned how to open doors with a smile, as they say. Life was good and she enjoyed all that there was to being a typical high school teenage girl.

However, when her parents were driving her back from a football game, where she was cheering at for her high school, tragedy struck. Their car was struck in a head on collision. She remembers nothing of the collision or anything more than leaving the game. When she woke up, Violet was surrounded by people. One cried out, as she opened her eyes, “It is a miracle. A miracle, I tell you.” She sat up and asked, “Huh?” Another hushed the person who cried out and said, “It is too early for her to know now.” Violet replied, “Know what?” Sad eyes surrounded her. She knew the answer. Her parents were dead.

Equally surprising, Violet suffered no injuries from the car accident. She was left without a scar. While others deemed her lucky, Violet found nothing lucky about being without her parents or her former life. Violet’s only living relative was her mother’s sister, Mildred Fowler. Mildred, a spinster was given guardianship. The only problem was that Violet’s aunt, Mildred Fowler, lived in the burbs Houston, Texas. Violet had no contacts there and Mildred was extremely eccentric. She never married and lives alone with her three Lhasa apso dogs: Larry, Curly and Moe. Mildred works as a freelance reporter.

Life in Texas was not as kind to Violet. She still cheered but without the thrill. She was an outsider and had more acquaintances than friends. Her grades dropped and she found that such trivial matters were unimportant. If there was a risk, she would take it. After all, she must be invulnerable. How could she survive without a scratch when her parents did not? Therefore, she has sampled many drugs and has engaged in risky behaviors testing the theory. To date, she has not been proved wrong.

Violet's parents did not die with money. Therefore, Violet did not have a great deal of means to attend college. Mildred insisted that Violet go to college and in state to get educated. In state would mean that tuition would be cheaper, which was important as Violet had no scholarships. Mildred hoped that Violet would grow out of her wild streak and that college would focus her onto a career. She was less than impressed that Violet chose Gulf Coast University, a known party school, but the deal between the two had been an in state college and passing grades. Consequently, Mildred allowed her to go.