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Michelle Cohen

Name Michelle Carolyn Cohen

Position Professor


Character Information

Hero Name White Lily
Gender Female
Nickname (if any) Lily
Date of Birth 05/15/1987
Age 32
Race Caucasian
Religion Jewish
Sexual Orientation bi-sexual
Physical/Bodily Health History Michelle heals faster than normal and rarely gets sick.
Mental Health/History None

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0"
Weight 110 lbs.
Hair Color light brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Michelle is petite but do not let the looks fool you. As a former gymnast who once held Olympic aspirations, she is compact and powerful. She still tends to tie her hair back in ponytail, as she did in high school but will stylize it as appropriate. For Michelle, style, appearances, and money are extremely important.


Children none
Father William Andrew Cohen
Mother Miriam Esther Cohen (maiden name, Ruskin)
Brother(s) Robert Marc Cohen, 34
Sister(s) Melissa Ann Cohen, 37

Personality & Traits

General Overview Michelle is best described as a Jewish American Princess. She likes money, style, and power. She is highly manipulative, especially when she wants to achieve something she desires. She firmly believes that people are out for themselves and thus looks after her own needs first. Despite all that, she has a very good heart and is loyal to her friends. Michelle exudes confidence externally but has a number of insecurities, because she always has to make herself look good. She is highly embarrassed by her bi-sexuality and will hide that at most costs. Also, she is extremely frightened of being out of control or being controlled, so seeks to place herself in positions of power where that cannot happen.
Hero Powers/Abilities White Lily has siren like powers. They are much more effective on males than females, but they will work on both. This power is defeatable by use of complete sound blockage, such as noise blocking headphones. She also has the dead eye shot ability and is a superior archer. She heals more quickly than normal. She has angelic wings that she can fold inside her body. Even she is not certain how that completely works, as her wings are quite large and she is tiny.
Strengths & Weaknesses Michelle has a very strong constitution. When she's determined to learn something or do something. She will generally find a way to get it. Her siren abilities work much stronger against males than women. Her siren abilities work much stronger when she sings or when she has more skin revealed. Of course, if someone cannot hear her, her siren abilities are negated.

Michelle is terrified of being confined, is claustrophobic, and is deathly afraid of being out of control. She also is easily swayed by money and power.
Favorite Quotes/Mottos "Knowledge is power."
Hobbies & Interests Gymnastics


Usual Style/Clothes Michelle loves to be in cutting edge, stylish wear, whatever it might be.
Hero Costume White "leotard" and eye mask. White lush angelic wings, white gymnastic shoes, and white gloves on her hands.

Personal History Michelle was little more than a social upstart at Rancho Bonito High School until she learned that her brother was secretly dating cheerleader, Anima, also known as Barbara Clemmings. Barbara was parading Robert around at the time as her nerd servant. Michelle met with Barbara after school one day and told her that she wanted to be a Bee (cheerleader team name). There was a lengthy discussion which Michelle caught on her micro recorder and was going to use to blackmail Barbara into letting her onto the Bees. However at a Bee party that Ryanna took her to, Michelle gave the tape to Barbara to show that she could trust Michelle. At that same party, Michelle unknowingly charmed her desire, a senior baseball player named Ty, away from two other girls in a private room. They started to fool around and when partially undressed he tried to rape her. She ran out and was seen by many. Ryanna took Michelle to Ryanna's home and spent the night there. Thereafter, Michelle and Sandra Dee White soon became the leaders of the JV Bees after two JV Bees, Paula and Valerie, were thrown off the squad after painting a nerd's butt and leaving him out to dry, literally. The JV Bees did not like Michelle and Sandra at first; but, they persevered and the two saved the squad. Michelle and Sandra became good friends during this time. Michelle was invited to the White Estate and there was taught elf dancing by Sandra. They kissed after the lesson and soon thereafter became lovers. Life became more difficult for Michelle when her barely "A cup" breasts became "D"'s and she suddenly became able to sing well. She blamed the breast change on witchcraft. She had caught Ryanna and Sandra studying it in school and extrapolated from there. Her gymnastic meet for the Olympic qualifying rounds was the next day. Sandra came to watch late and motioned for Michelle to use her elf dancing techniques to offset her changed balance. She finished well but not good enough to qualify for the Olympics. Later, Michelle met Soulsteel, an alien posing as a high school student named Mickey, at another Bee party. Michelle made it her purpose to have Mickey take her to the prom, which he agreed to do. After the prom he took her in the limousine and revealed that he was an alien. He took her to his lab to discover why Michelle's breasts suddenly increased in size he found out that her blood was not entirely human and she was in actuality a siren. After assuring Michelle that by being naked in the pool that he would not rape her, he accelerated the process of her wings coming out and her powers developing. After prom, Michelle demanded to be let on the Angels, the high school gymnastics team. She was not well received because she considered high school gymnastics beneath her. Yet, she wanted to stay in the sport. A spot opened on the team after an injury and she was a late addition before the high school championships. Unfortunately for the angels a supernatural Cherry from the alternate 1973 caused all the Angels to fail in their efforts.

Michelle went on to cheer at UCLA.