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Aiden Osceola

Name Aiden Neamatha Osceola

Position Freshman


Character Information

Hero Name None
Gender Male
Nickname (if any) None
Date of Birth August 28,1997
Age 21
Place of Birth Wewoka Oklahoma
Race Seminole
Religion An eclectic blend of Lutheranism and Native traditions.
Sexual Orientation Demisexual
Physical/Bodily Health History He takes good care of his body. He works out a couple of times a week and spends a lot of time outdoors
Mental Health/History No mental issues, though at age 12, he had to deal with the loss of his family.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 185
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos Tattoo of a wolf in the center of his chest
Physical Description Aiden is a full-blooded Seminole, and it is easy to see his Native American heritage. His hair is coal black and falls well below his shoulders. He usually wears it loose, but will sometimes put it into a ponytail his eyes are a rich warm cognac brown that tends to absorb and reflect the light. He’s a good looking young man with a copper complexion. He stands just under six feet tall and weighs one hundred eighty-five pounds He goes to the gym a few times a week to work out, so he’s in good shape, with well-defined muscles.


Spouse or Significant Other None
Relationship Status Single
Children None
Father Holata Osceola (deceased)
Mother Manipi Osceola(deceased)
Brother(s) Daniel Osceola(deceased)
Sister(s) None
Other Family, Relatives, or Significant Others Elsu Osceola

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aiden enters college when most of his peers are graduating, but he enters as an LVN and having spent a year with Doctors Without Borders in Guatemala. While there he saw things that most Americans don’t see. Horrors and atrocities that would be normal in a war zone, but not in a country that was supposed to be at least marginally democratic. Politically he identifies as Independent, finding blame, and sometimes credit on both sides.

He is passionate, without being overzealous or radical about the environment, immigration and Native rights He is politically active, but too involved in his studies (he’s planning a double major in Pre-Med and Indigenous Studies, to be a political activist.

He’s not quite asexual but he’s more obsessed with emotional intimacy than physical attraction. He is quick to smile, point out his own weaknesses, and take a stand for justice and equality.

Hero Powers/Abilities None
Strengths & Weaknesses While Aiden would be uncomfortable with the label of angry Native American, or any label for that matter he is very outspoken about the things he believes in. On the one hand, this is a strength because he truly wants to make the world a better place and he is totally fearless when standing up to a professor, or any authority figure who makes some disparaging or racist remarks. On the other hand, it can be a weakness, because he will speak up even at inappropriate times. Additionally, while he wouldn’t lash out at those who support Trump (and he’s far too confrontational to have to find a “safe space” when he hears something he’s uncomfortable with or doesn’t want to hear) simply because of their support, he does tend to put them, at least internally in the same boat as the conspiracy theorist who deny mass shootings and believe that the Deep State is poisoning the air with chemtrails

While he is generally calm under pressure and deals well with stressful or dangerous situations, he does have a temper and can become confrontational because of it. His parents while not trying to hide the fact they were Native Americans just wanted to blend in and be Americans (i.e White), he lost them when he was twelve and he was raised by his grandfather who was very traditional and even a bit radical. That has caused Aiden to balance between the two worlds in everything from religion to politics.

He is seeking a real, true, intimate relationship, the gender doesn’t matter, the person behind the gender does. Once he finds it, he will immensely loyal to that person, that will be a strength. The weakness is that quest is still under the surface and he doesn’t fully realize that he is seeking it.

Ambitions Aiden wants to make a difference in the world. He would one day like to become a doctor. Not because he wants the big bucks, though he’s not opposed to wealth, he’s just not driven by it, but because he wants to help. Specifically, he’d like to become a surgeon. On a personal level, he would like to find someone to settle down with that holds the same values he does. Someone willing to go to a crowded Reservation or a remote part of the globe.
Hobbies & Interests He likes any outdoor activity; hiking, camping, swimming, white water rafting etc. He works out and keeps fit. He enjoys the stomp dance and Green Corn Ceremony and other aspects of his culture.


Usual Style/Clothes He’s worn a suit twice in his life, once to a wedding and once to a funeral. He usually wears jeans and tee shirts. He's not especially fashioned conspicuous, being far more concerned with comfort and durability than how good something looks on him.
Hero Costume None

Personal History Aiden’s parents had moved off of the reservation and into Tulsa shortly after Aiden was born. Holata was a salesperson. He primarily sold cars, eventually getting his own small used car lot, but he sold a variety of other things in his career. Manipi was an ER nurse and an EMT. They assured their family, including Holata’s father Elsu that they weren’t abandoning their people or their culture, but he didn’t see it that way especially when they began to adopt the ways of the Anglo.

The family wasn’t estranged from each other but things were definitely strained between the two generations. Daniel was a good son who loved his parent and modeled their behavior becoming very much an Anglo. He was more of a bookworm than Aiden and a better student. He was also a bit of a computer geek. He was very deeply involved in the church and even wanted to be a Lutheran pastor.

The two brothers would spend summers with their grandfather who had ties who was an Elder to both the Florida and Oklahoma tribes. And they would spend time on both Reservations. They both loved their grandfather, but Daniel put up with being away from home and out in the “sticks” and Aiden loved it. He was drawn to his Native roots and heritage where his brother was not. That was not to say that he was totally absorbed by it, nor did he outright reject his parent's way of looking at things.

He at a very early age, perhaps younger than he should have been, found himself trying to balance between the two worlds.

The summer he turned twelve he went to live with his grandfather as usual, but Daniel stayed with his parents and went to a more traditional Summer Camp. While driving home from that camp, the family was killed by a drunk driver.

This was devastating to Aiden and he spent several years going to counseling.

When puberty hit, he wasn’t like most of his counterparts who though and talked about sex most of the time. It wasn’t that he didn’t think about it at all, he did. Just far less often than his peers. He is in fact, still a virgin at the age of twenty and he’s in no particular hurry to change that in the near future. Yes, if the right opportunity presented itself he would be open to it, but only with a person that he was emotionally connected to. He’s really looking for that emotional connection and gender isn’t a concern for him, the person is.

He lived with his grandfather on the Reservation through his High School years. He still tried to maintain the balance between the Anglo and Native worlds It was difficult because he found himself pulled in two directions at once, but a Doctors Without Border team helped with that and gave him something to latch onto.

He gradually came to find the purpose of his life. He wants to become a doctor. He became an LVN and spent a year working with Doctors Without Borders and now is at GCU as a pre-med student.