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Nathan Sinclair

Name Nathan James Sinclair

Position Freshman


Character Information

Hero Name Corvo
Gender Male
Nickname (if any) Nate
Date of Birth 31 March 2000
Age 18
Place of Birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Race Caucasian
Religion Agnostic
Sexual Orientation Mostly Straight
Physical/Bodily Health History Slightly shorter than average and narrow build. Slow runner.
Mental Health/History Nate lost his parents when he was a young teen, and he has not gotten over their deaths. He occasionally suffers from homesickness.

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 7”
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos Wears glasses
Physical Description Nate is not particularly tall. He has a slight build, which comes from a lifetime of avoiding sports and other physical activities.


Spouse or Significant Other None
Relationship Status Single
Children None
Father Richard Sinclair (deceased)
Mother Lisa Sinclair née Carrington (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Jane Sinclair (older sister, age 24)
Lara Sinclair (younger sister, age 15)
Other Family, Relatives, or Significant Others Emmanuelle Larose, his best friend in high school.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nathan is a rather shy young man from Toronto, Canada. He is interested in travel, and wants to work in an international field one day. He tends to make friends with women faster than with men, but has a hard time talking to women he’s attracted to.
Hero Powers/Abilities Teleportation. Nate can blink himself out of existence and back into reality at a place of his choosing. His range is limited to where he can see, and at most a few hundred meters away (at least at first).
Strengths & Weaknesses +Great listener
+Great memory

-Fears bullying and would want to avoid conflict instead of face it
-Oblivious to the signs that a woman is interested in him
-Lacks self confidence, especially around women he’s attracted to
Quirks Nate expects a degree of culture shock, but anticipates a life of international travel in his future. He feels that moving to Texas now will help get him acclimated to culture shock.
Ambitions Part of Nate wants to use this opportunity to redefine himself. No one in Texas knows him, and maybe that will give him a confidence boost.
Hobbies & Interests Nate is a comic book nerd, his favourites being X-Men and Thor. He also loves playing video games, particularly open world adventure games and roleplaying games. He left his collections at home with his sisters, doing most of his reading and gaming on his tablet.

He is not interested in athletics, though will accompany friends to watch a game if that’s what they choose to do.


Usual Style/Clothes Nate has a poor sense of fashion for himself. He tends to wear T-shirts with some logo on them (sometimes nerdy, sometimes not) and either jeans or khaki pants. He virtually never wears long sleeves, even in the cold, which he owes to his Canadian heritage.

However, his sisters taught him well what looks good on women, which makes him a great helper when his women friends shop.
Hero Costume None yet

Personal History Nathan was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 31 March 2000. His mother was a trader at the Toronto Stock Exchange, while his father was an accountant with a Canadian mining company. As a result, the family was fairly well off, and he was taught the value of saving money instead of overspending.

Nate has two sisters, one older (Jane) and one younger (Lara), with whom he was always very close.

Growing up, Nate didn’t get along with other boys most of the time. He didn’t care for sports or other physical activities, so he didn’t share most young boys’ interests. That led to some bullying, and he receded into himself. But his sisters encouraged him to make friends with girls instead. He gradually came out of his shell and by junior high was by no means popular but at least part of a comfortable clique. He rarely dated (and never dated any of his closest friends), but learned how to be a perfect gentleman. He is not at all concerned about the so-called “Friend Zone”, content to be a friend instead of a significant other if that’s how a woman feels about him.

At age 14, his parents were tragically killed in a car accident. His big sister Jane, now an adult, took custody of her siblings. Their inheritance permitted a full education wherever they wanted, but not much beyond that. Jane finished university before getting a job to continue supporting the teens.

Nate took an interest in the humanities and took numerous courses in geography, history, and psychology. He discovered his true interests lay in political science and international affairs. At age 17, a teacher gave him the book “No Tin: How Natural Resources Shaped the World” by Professor Alice Rios, and he became obsessed with war studies. As he really did have enough to pay for tuition anywhere, he chose to find Professor Rios at Gulf Coast University.

Nate's best friend through junior high and high school was Emmanuelle Larose, a pretty blonde girl from Montreal. They were together almost constantly for over six years, talking about school, dating, sex, basically anything. They bonded over a shared love of video games and comics, though they disagreed on which were the best. During the summer before university, they agreed that neither wanted to go to off to school a virgin. During the August Long Weekend, Nate's sisters made themselves scarce and he invited Emmanuelle over, where they spent a couple of nights experimenting, in an effort to figure out what sort of thing they were into. They were deeply saddened to separate when Nate moved to Texas. Only with hindsight and his sisters' annoyed explanations did he realize how Emmanuelle has been into him for at least two years at that point, and he continued on oblivious.