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Danielle Michaelson

Name Danielle Michaelson

Position Freshman


Character Information

Hero Name Kenesis, none, D, TK - not sure yet
Gender Female
Nickname (if any) Dani, D, Dan
Date of Birth April 15, 2000
Age 18
Place of Birth Dallas, Texas
Race Caucasion
Religion None, her parents are Southern Baptist
Sexual Orientation Strafight, never experienced anything else
Physical/Bodily Health History Dani is in great physical condition
Mental Health/History Average young woman of her age. Not a lot of worries other than getting her homework done and deciding on what to wear to the occasional party.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 119 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Danielle is a beautiful young woman with a slim build that she tries to maintain. She carries herself with confidence and is considered quite fashionable, never leaving the house without at least the basic makeup and hair done. If she is going out with friends or on a date Danielle dresses for the situation, but always tried to look her best. .


Relationship Status Single
Father Samuel Michaelson, CEO - Michaelson Financial
Mother Regina Michaelson, CFO - Michaelson Financial

Personality & Traits

General Overview Danielle is a pretty normal young lady of her age, she has plenty of friends and was pretty popular in high school. High school was 75% social event and 25% education for Danielle and many of the kids in her group of friends, most of them jocks and cheerleaders. She also finds herself feeling protective of other and usually plays the ‘party mom’ at parties. An only child that came up to a very upper middle class family, she had pretty much anything she could want. Her parents were usually to busy with their financial advisement business and their social events to care about what their child was doing as long as she didn’t fail
Hero Powers/Abilities Telekinesis or the ability to move things with her mind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Danielle is very social and was said to demonstrate great leadership skills by several of her high school instructors.

The young woman is slightly squeamish at the sight of blood or other bodily fluids
Quirks Sometimes comes across as snobby
Favorite Quotes/Mottos You're born naked the rest is just drag.
Ambitions Danielle would like to obtain a degree in business or marketing and possibly help her parents with their company
Hobbies & Interests Music, cheer, boys, working out, learning to cook.


Usual Style/Clothes Pretty fashion forward
Hero Costume Unknown

Personal History Samuel and Regina Michaelson went to University Texas, where they met in their junior year. They dated the rest of the time they were at UT Dallas and fell madly in love, both graduated with close to top honors in their respective fields. Right after college the couple started working for financial advising companies and enjoyed pretty lucrative careers.

In their mid thirties the Michaelson's branched out and started their own financial advisement company, Michaelson’s Financial started off slow. However just past ten years into their business they had made a name for themselves and were doing quite well. The couple just purchased a rather nice home and new cars for themselves their teneth year in business had been their most successful yet and this was the year they decided they finally wanted to have a child.

Regina took a few years off to have her daughter and raise their young daughter, Danielle. Both sets of Danielle’s grandparents lived in Dallas as well and were always willing to help out with the baby. Regina however found herself becoming restless and decided to hire a nanny and get back to work, it helped the nanny was her best friend and the Michelson’s decided to invest in her daycare center.

Danielle attended private school throughout her young school years, making average grades in her studies all the way through eighth grade. In the eighth grade she discovered she wanted to be a cheerleader and became a much more social butterfly. That year on Christmas break her family, including her grandparents took a trip to Hawaii and had the time of their lives, it was an odd experience spending so much time with her parents. Danielle enjoyed the experience, but was rather glad to get back to her friends and a guy she had been flirting with that year, it never turned into more than that.

A normal high school experience for a popular kid, who’s parents made decent money is the experience Danielle had. Her parents bought her a brand new Nissan Altima for her sixteenth birthday, which gave her more freedom and her grades ended up dropping more. However again her parents were to busy to even become involved, they would just sign off on her report card as long as she was passing and happy and mostly not causing them any issues.

Danielle actually wanted to do well in college and her parents would help her financially as much as they could. They told her as long as she was passing they would leave her credit card active and continue her monthly allowance while she was in college. Her parents didn’t know that Coastborne had a reputation for a ‘fun’ school and as her mother and father both kissed her goodbye, loading her suitcase, a few personal items, and what her dad called emergency college food into the car she was on the road toward her future.