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Charles Keading

Name Charles Matthew Harper Keading

Position Freshman


Character Information

Hero Name Hedge
Gender Male
Nickname (if any) Charlie
Date of Birth March 13 2000
Age 18
Place of Birth Astoria, Oregon, United States of America
Race Mixed/Multi
Religion Catholic (marginally)
Sexual Orientation Bi-Curious but also demi-sexual about the whole thing
Physical/Bodily Health History Hedge is a typical teen boy in terms of health. He has a high metabolism that keeps him thin and probably prevents bulky muscle growth. His approach to athleticism is centered around chasing a bus he's about to miss mmore than conscious effort in sports. He is a thin gamer, not an athlete.

Charlie's most serious health concerns is a predisposition to myopia (he wears contacts, but had glasses if he needs them) and some minor allergies to molds and grass (so he takes a daily allegra).

Mental Health/History Charlie has overall good mental health, though prone to clinical (biochemical) depression. He doesn't bother to take a pill for it, not knowing that feeling slightly numb inside from time to time isn't usual. He tends to withdraw during those times and buries his nose in a computer or console games.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 156lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos Nothing of worthwhile note. He considers getting a tattoo or piercing sometimes, but it fades after a few hours. He has an appendix scar.
Physical Description Charlie is a study in perspectives: to many he is an innocuous crowd filler. He easily blends in. He's just some teenage boy. But if you give him a second look, its not hard to find something you like. He's inoffensive, and slightly exotic in a way that is hard to pin down. He likely lands on the sweet or cute side of the sweet-hot spectrum. He does little to make himself stand out either.

Charlie has a twinkish build which appears a little shorter than he actually is: he tends to stoop and put his hands in his pockets. Exoticness rests in his naturally darker skin than your typical Oregonian, and the shape of his eyes. He has hooded, almond-shaped eyes with a coffee warmth to them. His nose is large and straight, a good Grecian nose with an upturned tip. His lips are quite full, but he tends to tuck them together when he's concentrating. He doesn't have a strong chin, sort of a hairless bow on a narrow jaw.

Charlie is an ordinary teenage boy in most respects. In build he is formed not by purposeful athleticism, but by his natural environment and metabolism. He has a strong core and legs because he has lived all his life in a very hilly coastal town without decent bus service. He has excellent balance and sense of his own gravity-center because he is used to the unpredictable nature of boats. He runs well, but that is less a conscious choice and more because he chronically runs late. He also comes from a state with a certain cult fascination with running track. He can't put much weight behind the strength he does have.


Spouse or Significant Other None
Relationship Status Single
Children None
Father Bill Keading, a semi-retired Crabber and Sailor, ex-Coast Guard
Mother Agatha Keading, an Elementary School Teacher and school rep for the local Teacher's Union
Brother(s) Ryan Keading, older brother living in Portland and works in one of the micro-breweries there. He hopes to open his own distillery someday. Charlie worships the ground his cool older brother walks on.
Sister(s) Piper Keading, older sister. Lives in Seattle and works at Zillow. Piper and Charlie have a typical sibling relationship, with some tense overtones. Piper is a driven individual and Charlie's lack of focus or ambition irritates her.

Billie Keading, younger sister. Still in High School in Astoria, Oregon. Billie and Charlie have a generally good relationship, and share the most personality traits in common. They present a united front at home, but inwardly sometimes chafe because they are so alike.
Other Family, Relatives, or Significant Others Two sets of Uncles and Aunts on his Mother's side; three cousins. Three living grandparents. His maternal grandmother is First People from the Haida. She named her daughter- Agatha- after her favorite mystery character: Agatha Raisin. Charlie also had a great grandfather who was Siuslaw.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Introverted but not necessarily shy. He is idealistic, though sensitive enough to be crushed by the horribleness of the world. So he vents that with sarcasm and snarking online. He is far more guided by his principles than by logic, fun or practicality (though he wants to be more practical- he just isn't very good at it). He is a flexible, open minded person as long as it doesn't violate his core principles. Otherwise he's a real live and let live kind of guy.
Hero Powers/Abilities Force Field Generation: Charlie can project or “throw” force field balls which will then “latch” onto any hard surface (or else retain an enveloping spherical shape). The upper limit of size would be a sphere that could retain an automobile or lorry truck. He can throw up a broad “shield” by anchoring the ground and pulling up, with limits on height (as it affects size).

- He must have free movement of his hands. He must be able to throw, roll or flick in the direction he wants to create a field.
- Fields can deflect kinetic energy or light/heat energy, not both at the same time. Defeating kinetic energy is much, much easier than light or heat.
- Normally his kinetic fields are invisible until something interacts with it (it may have a slight “heat shimmer.”). An energy field that has total resistance to light/heat has an ambient temperature of extreme cold when near it and will appear non-reflective black.
- The force fields are anchored: once projected they are immovable. He essentially “throws” them and forms them by mental image. They must be line of sight (if he can’t see the space, say from behind a wall, he cannot project a field). He cannot project fields within someone’s body (though in theory he could create a force field to contain a wound or throw a “mask” over someone’s eyes, nose and mouth- his ethics probably prohibit using this in a lethal way and if they turned around, he'd have broken line of sight).
- The larger the field, the weaker its resistance powers. He can effectively block a normal door or window, but something like a garage door is more penetrable.
- The larger or more resistant the field to penetration, the more intense the concentration required. Charlie cannot throw up a field and then allow it to exist without effort. As fields scale in largeness and total resistance, the demands on his focus grow. A medium field may prevent him from carrying on a conversation or moving much. Total resistance in a large field is potentially deadly: it calls on his autonomic functions and may disrupt breathing, reflexes, metabolism, cell division and heart rhythm.
- Charlie must remain conscious and relatively pain free. If he is knocked out, falls asleep, suffers shock or is grievously injured, his fields will drop.
- “The slow blade penetrates the field.” Fast-moving objects/light are much easier to refract than slow, constant and deliberate motion that he must resist.
- Emotions seem to play a role: when angered, feeling vindictive or hostile, refraction of a field will cause pain, dramatic physical rebound (i.e. throwing someone backward), soft tissue damage or minor burns. When filled with notions of protecting, love or empathy, total resistance is easier.
- He can effectively detain or contain a person, either for detention or protection and increase resistance enough that the field is air tight. However, he cannot vacate a force field of its atmosphere (and thus cause decompression or instant asphyxiation- however an airtight sphere would have limited atmosphere and a person could suffocate after awhile).
- Charlie can divide his attention between two fields, but neither can be large or possess total penetration. It is extremely taxing (he cannot talk or take further action). Both must be in his line of sight.
- Charlie can act reflexively/instinctively. He could in theory parry a fist or blade coming at him (or another) with a short-lived field. Refracting bullets or lasers is much more difficult on reflex (if not impossible). It is easier to pre-emptively raise and sustain a field in that case. In order to parry a bullet or laser aimed, he must know exactly where it is aimed and where his field will meet it in space once fired; an all but impossible feat.
- He can cause conscious, deliberate refraction/rebound within the field against an object resisting his field. It serves to throw whatever is attacking his field back. However, this is deeply taxing and the act (usually) cancels the field (he can throw up another though).
- He can change the nature/resistance of a field but doing so requires momentary total concentration.
Strengths & Weaknesses - He has no prior self-defense or martial arts training.
- Phlegmatic. Doesn't really stick up for himself, but he'll stick up for others (with mixed success)
- Clinical depression. Some days it wins, and he must exert enormous effort to get himself going.

+ Has been trained in first-aid and CPR (his father's one insistence, as he is ex-Coast Guard)
+ Excellent eye-hand coordination and reflexes, probably thanks to all those video games.
Favorite Quotes/Mottos "I hate when I go to the store and buy organic food, then come home and realize they're just regular donuts."

"I have a lot of hidden talents. Problem is, I can't find them."
Hobbies & Interests Although Charlie is a product of his generation, one dominated by screen time, he was never wealthy enough to have the best of it. He likes video games, console games, computer games, phone games. And any idle time he has between classes and when he's procrastinating is easily filled by staring into a glowing screen. He's not that entangled by social media and his life isn't dictated by how many likes or comments he can get some some video he posts. He's more of a social media lurker.

Music is another constant for Charlie and a wide variety of it. He reads a lot (mostly Fantasy and Sci-fi). He also like Photography (and is interested in it beyond a selfie or the limits of a camera on the phone). He has a lot of interest in Architecture, but right now he's floating through the ambition required to make much of it beyond admiration.


Usual Style/Clothes Charlie comes from the land of hoodies and layering, and he tends to do exactly that. On all but a hot Summer day, there's a plain, usually black or cool-colored hoodie that looks a size too big on him. Under that are, interchangeably, different plain or decal-dominated t-shirts, henleys and flannels. He usually wears jeans in relaxed but not over-loose cuts. Around the dorms he is perfectly happy in flannel or fleece PJ bottoms and t-shirts. He comes from part of the country that cares little for fashion or formality.

Personal History Charlie (and his Father) jokes that his Dad must've owed a lot of people money, why else would he have two middle names and a Christian name that have never come up in the family before? Dad couldn't pay up, but said he'd name a son after the guy he owned. Charles Landry, Matthew Buff and Harper Jackson are all still Dad's favorite gambling buddies, all ex-Coast Guard who have stayed in and around Astoria.

That is probably the most colorful anecdote to Charlie's life so far.

Charlie's life is what you'd expect from a small, pretty rural coastal town in the ever-depressed economy of northwestern Oregon. He is working class and his first job- at Age 16- was pumping gas. For the first third of his life, his Dad was home on weekends or the odd weekday, but most of the time he was down the coast in Newport with the Coast Guard. His father is a man he admires and appreciates, but except for the fact that they have the same sense of humor, Charlie doesn't really know his Dad. He knows his Mom more.

A rare vacation was to some state park or maybe on a fishing boat reeling in Tuna or Lingcod. A real splurge was going to Portland and spending every waking moment in the Super 8's swimming pool. During the earliest Sundays of his life, when his dad was still habitually on the high seas, there was always Church. But it all seemed to fall to the wayside about the time that Ryan and Piper stopped wanting to go, and they quietly faded until they went for Christmas and Easter Mass, at most.

About half of Charlie's life was tethered to the mountainous Oregon coast, in the harbors of Astoria. He lived on a house boat and shared with his older brother. When his father left the Coast Guard they sold up and bought an ordinary midcentury split level several blocks from the elementary school.