Status Update - November, 2019 Edition

Posted on Tue Nov 5th, 2019 @ 10:26pm by Violet Vines

General News - Status Update - November, 2019 Edition

The following is a news item from Violet Vines/Michelle Cohen.

Normally, I send these out on the first of the month (give or take a few days) to give an overview of everything that happened in the month before and of what our goals are for the upcoming month.


This month we increased to 9 characters with the addition of Kasper van Acker. Geoffrey Quinlan has come off of LOA.


We're going to continue improving upon the site to make it attractive and informative for all. I will be having Rachael create a Wiki for us while I just try to become competent at Nova. I know she has some other projects in the works, so please bear with us here. If you have any thoughts or want to assist, let us know!


We had three posts this month, one short of last month. However, we do seem to be more active, despite the lower post number. In fact, we already have two posted in November and I'm aware of about six posts sitting in the hopper/being worked on. If anyone has ideas, please let me know.

Mission Recap

Our students have recently found their abilities and starting to develop them. In the meantime, Gulf Coast University is under attack and our students have their first opportunities to use their powers publicly. The heroes repelled the attack and killed at least one men in black. The rest were captured and one potentially got away.

The Provost of the University sent an email to everyone at the University and suggested that anyone who assisted contact White Lily of the Rancho Bonito Alliance. Most heroes are meeting with her individually. The following day, all the heroes will have a meeting at the top of Crockett Hall with White Lily, en masse. They decided to name their group, Coastborne Champions and also have been naming themselves. Several are skeptical of White Lily but are willing to take her help for now.

Nathan and Kat have walked out on the meeting, Kat feeling insulted by White Lily. Kasper is feeling the brunt of Lily's ire for showing late while Violet seems to be flirting with just about everyone left in the group.


Form a hero group and set up training.

Player of the Month

Kasper is our player of the month this month! He has really embraced his role as the dirt underneath White Lily's feet.


If anyone has any ideas for character development or even some subplots, share them with us. (I know that I received a doozy of one from my XO by accident and I'm going to have fun with that.) I know that my door is always open. Any questions, comments, or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

That’s it for this month’s Status Update!



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